Glide the skies with Cleveland balloon rides!

At Soaring Sports Cleveland, you’ll find the widest variety of Cleveland Balloon Rides, set to satisfy the heart of the true adventurer! Take advantage of affordable experiences, as you discover the adrenaline rush that is the best balloon ride experience in Ohio! Our certified experts make your immediate safety and enjoyment their sole priority, creating long-lasting memories you’ll never want to forget! Make the easy decision to ride with us today, and strike an incredible hot air balloon ride over Cleveland from the top of your bucket list. Discover the “prime of life” high above the landscape of the gorgeous Midwest!

Cleveland Balloon Rides – The clouds are calling!

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Glide the Ohio skies with Cleveland!

Glide the skies with Cleveland balloon rides!
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At Soaring Sports Cleveland, you’ll find the widest variety of Cleveland Balloon Rides, set to satisfy the heart of the true adventurer! Take advantage of affordable experiences, as you discover the adrenaline rush that is the best balloon ride experience in Ohio! Our certified experts make your immediate safety and enjoyment their sole priority, creating long-lasting memories you’ll never want to forget! Make the easy decision to ride with us today, and strike an incredible hot air balloon ride over Cleveland from the top of your bucket list. Discover the “prime of life” high above the landscape of the gorgeous Midwest!

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Don’t wait another moment to book your life-changing ride with Soaring Sports Cleveland. When it comes to the holistic balloon ride experience, our agency is second to none. End the indecision: call us today at 216-452-7402, or schedule your visit with us online! Experience the privilege of ballooning over Ohio’s best sites! The winds are gentle, the staff is always friendly, and the feeling is indescribable. Witness the unparalleled sights at comfortable altitudes. Upgrade your outlook on life: the difference between who you are and who you can become is now only the distance between you and Soaring Sports Cleveland!

Cleveland Balloon Rides - Balloon Rides near Cleveland, Ohio

Shared Balloon Rides

Partake in a premium Soaring Sports Cleveland experience together with other participating balloon enthusiasts, with our Shared Balloon Rides! Enjoy the fullest extent of our midwestern hospitality, where you and other riders are provided ample basket space; each member is also reserved copious, cushioned railing space, by which to marvel at the surrounding sites and sounds. Enjoy our affordable shared balloon ride options, and together with other adrenaline thrill-seekers fall in love with the privilege of a shared balloon ride!

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Cleveland Balloon Rides - Private Balloon Rides in Cleveland, Ohio

Private Balloon Rides

Save the best for yourself with our Private Balloon Ride packages! Join a close-knit number of friends and family of your choosing, and together enjoy the uninterrupted glory of Cleveland beneath your feet. Take the family for a ride they’ll never forget, or set the right romantic mood with an intimate private balloon ride for only you and your significant other. Conclude the ideal day the right way: with a toast to your exploits, complete with fine champagne!

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Cleveland Balloon Rides - Balloon Ride Gift Certificates - Cleveland, Ohio

Gift Certificates

Now, you can present the gift of enjoyable balloon rides to friends and to family! Allow those closest to you to live out what otherwise might remain an unrealized dream, when you give them a Soaring Sports Cleveland gift certificate. Make sure that your gift is the talk of your loved ones, when you give someone the exclusive chance of a lifetime. This year, forget wrapping a present; grant the gift of a balloon ride experience with us.

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Balloon Ride in Cleveland

Why us for your Hot Air Balloon Ride?

There are few who can lay claim to the experience of a balloon ride. To exist among the clouds, to catch a glimpse of the skies and of the world as few will ever see it is, in itself, a glorious opportunity. The chance to include yourself among the few who have bared witness to life at balloon height is not one you’ll ever want to forego.

Your safety is our first concern

Rest assured that we ensure a safe, secure environment, from the beginning of your visit here with us to its conclusion. Our certified balloon experts have completed exhaustive training, and continue to update their credentials, to ensure they understand the full safety precautions in the unlikely event of an emergency. Find solace in the fact that above all else, we value your safety and wellbeing. We have taken extensive safety measures and precautions to ensure that the ballooning risk is minimal, and that your stay is nothing short of remarkable!

we offer a Full menu of ride services and options

Here at Soaring Sports Cleveland, we offer a complete array of unique balloon riding services, set to quench all the drive of even the most passionate adventurer. If you’re looking for the widest range of services in your area, let the quality and diversity of our services prove its own worth. We have both the variety and the excellence to more than satisfy your craving for adrenaline.

If you’re looking to join family or friends for this unique experience, you’ll be pleased to discover that we also offer group and holiday discounts, allowing you to take full advantage of our services at the lowest prices available. The only thing better than a Soaring Sports Cleveland balloon ride is the opportunity to share the memorable endeavor with those closest to you! Make sure to share the ride with loved ones, courtesy of our lower packaged rates!

Cleveland is the perfect city for balloon rides in Ohio!

If you know anything about riding the skies in a balloon, you know that the location makes the experience. So long as you’re dedicated to balloon riding in Ohio, our site is uniquely capable of providing you only the finest array of landmark sites and scenery! Soaring Sports Cleveland understands you have a choice when it comes to your balloon riding venue; for us, that choice is easy as no one can rival the Cleveland atmosphere we fly!

Our continental climate is characterized by our proximity to the Great Lakes; we have our prime location to thank for the summer’s ideal breezes, which make for perfect balloon riding weather! With an annual high temperature just under 60° Fahrenheit, the region plays host to ideal conditions, especially during picture-perfect summer months! Come discover why Forbes Magazine consistently ranks Cleveland among the nation’s top cities!

As you coast the breezes above Cleveland, you’ll have the opportunity to out unmistakable landmarks which decorate the metropolis below. See if you can identify the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo, home to iconic outdoor elephant, bear, and cheetah exhibits, as well as the renowned Boomerang Line train ride! Spot the outdoor giraffe feeding area and the location’s events center, complete with its Waterfowl Lake!

Cleveland Balloon Rides - Cleveland, Ohio
Cleveland Balloon Rides - Cleveland, Ohio

Soar above Progressive Field, home to the hometown favorite Cleveland Indians, before gliding over Quicken Loans Arena, which plays host to Lebron James, Kyrie Irving, and the NBA champion Cleveland Cavaliers! Capture the essence of this city of champions from far above.

On clear days, pay your respects from the skies to the USS Cod Submarine Memorial. Docked now in Cleveland for tours, this educational encounter once patrolled the seas at the height of World War II, under Commander James C. Dempsey. A Gato-class submarine used during the filming of war documentary Hell Below, the Cod is now a National Historic Landmark, the perfect treasure to spot from above!

After identifying the unique setup of Cleveland’s Little Italy, turn your attention to the massive structures which characterize the region’s skyline. 57 stories tall, the Key Tower is the unmistakeable center of Cleveland’s bustling downtown. Nearby, Terminal Tower, the tallest building outside of New York until 1964, was the fourth-tallest building in the world when commissioned in 1930.

Soaring Sports Cleveland, tucked along the crown jewel of the Lake Erie shoreline, allows you the chance to identify the best the area has to offer, in a climate leaving little else to be desired.

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Cleveland Balloon Rides - Hot Air Balloon Rides near Cleveland, Ohio

Join the fun with shared balloon rides!

Take to the skies with our Shared Balloon Ride packages! Perfect for first-time balloon riders, this opportunity pairs you and the other members of your party with those who also want to enjoy a vintage experience in the air. This is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of affordable balloon riding rates, while meeting new balloon enthusiasts who share your passion for adventure and adrenaline!

Our balloons are especially designed to carry baskets of varying weights. As a result, the larger your shared balloon ride group, the larger your basket! This size differential will allow each and every member of your shared balloon ride experience the chance to take his or her spot at the railing once in-air, to enjoy the gorgeous views of the surrounding sights, without space becoming an issue. You can put fears of a crowded, unpleasant visit to the clouds to rest; with Soaring Sports Cleveland, we ensure that each and every visiting group is allowed more than enough space per balloon ride to derive the fullest balloon riding experience around!

The safety of you and your fellow shared balloon riders is our first and utmost priority. We take all of the precautionary measures to ensure that you will enjoy a risk-free, uncompromised experience when you frequent our Cleveland site. Furthermore, our trained ballooning experts, thoroughly educated and continuously updated in the art of balloon piloting, possess the expertise and the experience to escort you on your journey to the clouds and back.

You will first be briefed by our friendly staff as to what you can expect from our scintillating balloon rides. This planning period will tell you everything you need to know about launch points, in-air maneuvers, and landing procedures. Our staff is also available to answer any and all questions you may have during pre-launch.

This is also the perfect opportunity to break out the camera, and snap as many pictures as your heart desires! The period of time before the flight commences is the ideal chance for photos of the setting, the flight group, the balloon itself, the staff, and your own smiling face! Feel free to take advantage of our flight crew’s photography expertise, because no balloon riding pursuit is completely captured without a picture of you to remember the day! We do the work; you enjoy the ride.

Count on your shared balloon riding endeavor lasting about an hour, once your basket is in the air. Groups of up to ten people are taken at a time into the skies with our shared balloon riding packages, provided that the weather cooperates with our efforts. Though we of course offer year-round flights, rest assured that if weather proves to be an issue, we will wait for ideal skies before we resume activity. Sunrise to sunset, our goal is to provide you with a memory worth sharing!

After your flight is completed, you can expect to ride the short distance back to our site in one of our climate-controlled vehicles, alongside those with whom you enjoyed the shared balloon ride. Once you arrive safely back at the original launch point, we will procure your choice of beverage, as well as a light snack, to celebrate your efforts and the realization of your accomplishment! Make sure to pick up and frame your authentic flight certificate, commemorating your journey to the Cleveland skies!

Contact us at the earliest possible notice, in order to ensure the availability of your preferred dates. And don’t forget to bring your camera, in order to capture the moment for future enjoyment! Soaring Sports Cleveland aims to bring you closer than ever to the elusive skies, in the process connecting you to life above the ground, and providing you with sweeping, panoramic views of the majesty below you. Don’t make the mistake of waiting another moment to book an exciting ride with us! The shared balloon riding experience is the ideal package for first-time balloon fliers, and promises to be an undertaking you’ll want to share with others for years to come! From flight to landing, the difference is evident: book Soaring Sports Cleveland to see the skies like never before!

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Cleveland Balloon Rides - Private Balloon Rides in Cleveland, Ohio

Personalize the experience with private balloon rides!

Looking to share the privilege of balloon riding at Soaring Sports Cleveland with select loved ones, for the fullest experience? Want to impress those who mean the most to you? You’ve found an answer with our private balloon rides, where we take you to altitude surrounded by choice friends and family, allowing you to share special moments with all those involved. If you’re looking to share an unforgettable moment with those closest to you without the added company of unfamiliar faces, our Private Balloon Rides are the way to go!

Private Balloon Rides are the perfect romantic experience! Share the skies with your significant other, in what becomes an intimate setting once your basket leaves the comfort of solid ground. Together share in the joys of an exclusive, private balloon ride characterized only by amazing sights and the company of a loved one, in what private balloon riders say is a top-notch experience from beginning to end. Show someone how much you love them with a private balloon ride, courtesy of our dynamic Cleveland site!

Start the experience the right way, commemorating the day with as many photos as you deem necessary! While our fully trained flight crew completes the process of ensuring that the balloon and basket meet all safety specifications, you and those with whom you will share a private balloon ride are more than welcome to take pictures of everything and everyone involved in the experience. including our friendly Soaring Sports Cleveland staff! Our trained balloon experts are also fully capable when it comes to photography, and are more than happy to fulfill any and all picture requests.

After a short informational session, you’re guided into the basket for imminent departure. Suddenly, you’re in the air as the flight begins! Your personal basket comes complete with high padded walls for added safety and comfort, in a private experience exclusively offered by our agency. Once you arrive at a comfortable altitude, take in the full extent of the Cleveland landmarks beneath your feet, while in the company of just loved ones! Your guide is also happy to answer all questions during the entirety of your thrilling experience, as well as to point out local landmarks.

It’s not a complete balloon riding experience without a toast to your accomplishments! Once comfortable at a consistent altitude, Soaring Sports Cleveland has something special in store. The undertaking becomes truly unforgettable when our balloon expert, flying with you, breaks out the champagne, and while in-air, you will enjoy a personal celebration. Take time to enjoy the drink in your hand, the quality company by your side, and the satisfaction in your soul during this life-changing experience! The world stands still when you fly above it.

Upon your comfortable, gradual return to earth, you will first be congratulated by our staff on the completion of your endeavor! Then, once comfortable with the ground beneath your feet, you will be escorted via an air-conditioned, private vehicle back to the original launch site you frequented at the day’s onset. There, surrounded by members of our dedicated staff, you will receive your flight certificates during a presentation, a physical token of our gratitude and of your accomplishments! Certificates are conducive to frames, allowing you to display your capabilities to the public, for the world to take notice. Also, feel free to indulge in post-flight food offered upon your safe return, compliments of our agency!

The Soaring Sports Cleveland private balloon ride experience is one for all ages. From start to finish, you will enjoy the fullest degree of our hospitality, all of which contributes to an unforgettable day while among unforgettable people. Make the balloon ride a romantic one with a loved one, or take adventure to the next level by sharing a balloon basket with your wedding party, family reunion, or birthday companions! Take in the majesty of Cleveland air well above the earth’s surface when you select our agency as your next adventure. Let us prove our status as the state’s finest private balloon riding opportunity! Make our Private Balloon Rides your next adventurous conquest, and book your visit today to ensure that your ideal date is available!

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Cleveland Balloon Rides - Cleveland, Ohio Tethered Hot Air Balloon Rides

Heighten your expectations with tethered balloon rides!

Make the unforgettable experience come to you, when you take full advantage of Soaring Sports Cleveland’s Tethered Balloon Rides! Looking to minimize set-up and maximize your fun? Now, you can enjoy the full balloon ride experience with no concern for logistics, and without the necessity to travel to our Cleveland site!

During a tethered balloon ride, a pilot will first arrive at your specified location, and will set up the balloon at your request. He will tether that balloon to the ground after identifying secure tethering points, and for the duration of time you establish, will provide abbreviated balloon rides into the air and back to the ground. This, allowing for anyone and everyone gathered for a wedding, birthday, reunion, or other occasion to experience the thrill and the excitement of tethered balloon rides! The process is as easy as a phone call or a visit to our website!

This method of balloon riding allows participants to get straight to the heart of the adrenaline, and right to the fun of the experience, with more of a focus on safety than ever before! Logistically the safest form of balloon riding in existence, tethered balloon riding allows for peace of mind and security for all involved, while allowing for everyone in your party to enjoy an unforgettable endeavor. In that your balloon will remain relatively low to the ground for the entirety of your event, you can enjoy panoramic views of your surroundings, while maintaining a close distance to the earth below.

Tethered balloon rides provide large groups of people the fun and the enjoyment of in-air balloon adrenaline, without the hassle of returns to a landing site, pre-launch safety demonstrations and information, or payment for a full balloon ride. The same staff which expertly leads full balloon rides onsite at Soaring Sports Cleveland will allow for your tethered balloon ride package to impress all those involved, with no logistics in which you must involve yourself!

All that is required to order a tethered balloon ride is ample time and generous space. Make sure to call ahead to ensure that your preferred destination is compatible with tethered balloon riding, and that there is a certified tandem balloon pilot available for your day in question. Once he or she arrives at the site and introductions have been completed, you will need to allow for a 250 foot by 250 foot space for takeoff and landing, as well as enough space to physically tether the balloon firmly to the ground. Because winds are usually calmest during the hours immediately before or after sunrise and sunset, you will most likely be asked if any of these times are compatible with your schedule on your suggested day.

The balloon can achieve altitudes of over 100 feet, easily providing distance between those in the basket and onlookers on the ground. Factors that determine the exact height to which the balloon may fly when tethered include wind, location, and climate, all of which are subject to change. Make sure to select a location clear of immediate impediments, items like streets, power lines, and bushes. Also required are four points at which to securely tether the balloon to the ground; these points could include fence posts, trees, and vehicles, and here at Soaring Sports Cleveland, we always make sure to bring at least one large vehicle along with us!

You can expect two full hours of fun with a Soaring Sports Cleveland tethered balloon ride experience, depending on fuel supply and weather conditions. Anyone who exhibits passable health can ride, and baskets accept up to four people at a single time! The pilot and flight crew always reserve the right to decide the right combination of participants for each balloon ride, to ensure that the basket is always properly weighted and balanced. Please note that in order to participate, you will need to sign an informational waiver. Tethered balloon rides are the perfect outlet for adventure and adrenaline, and work well to foster an informal, party atmosphere! Put Soaring Sports Cleveland to work for you when you sign up for a Tethered Balloon Ride experience, courtesy of the finest balloon ride agency statewide!

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Cleveland Balloon Rides - Cleveland, Ohio Balloon Ride Gift Certificates

Give the gift of the skies with our gift certificates!

Why would you wrap a present, when you can provide that special friend or family member with the gift of an unforgettable experience? Make sure that your gift is the talk of the area, when you present someone with the opportunity to experience for themselves a view from the clouds! That kind of an amazing present is exactly what a gift certificate from Soaring Sports Cleveland represents: the chance for a loved one to partake in an activity which could otherwise remain a dream for the rest of his or her life! We don’t have to tell you that our balloon rides are a complete thrill; let someone you love discover the privilege of a ride to the skies, when you give them a gift certificate valid at our agency!

Our gift certificates are valid and available for use for up to two years after their initial date of purchase, allowing whomever receives the gift certificate the privilege of ample time to take full advantage of such an opportunity. On the off-chance that he or she understands they will be unable to utilize the gift certificate, they are not to worry! Soaring Sports Cleveland gift certificates are also fully transferable, allowing an individual with time enough to ride in our quality balloons the opportunity to do so at their own leisure! Please note that the transfer of a gift certificate from one name to another does not include a fee however, the transfer from one location to the next may incur a slight fee.

We look to minimize your hassle and maximize your enjoyment when you purchase one of our gift certificates, valid for redemption for a number of premium balloon riding packages! Purchase any shared balloon ride or private balloon ride with our preferred gift certificates! This means that no matter the package you desire or the date you most prefer, we have more than enough options to satisfy your drive for the skies. Share the skies with friendly adventurers when you redeem one of our shared balloon ride packages, or turn the clouds into your own personal paradise with our private balloon rides, made more affordable and enjoyable with the presentation of a gift certificate!

Does another site prove more convenient for gift certificate redemption than Cleveland? You aren’t limited when you purchase one of our gift certificates! Our gift certificates are valid at more than one hundred balloon ride sites nationwide, so you are sure to find the perfect location to host your balloon ride experience! Give the gift of adrenaline-filled enjoyment when you give a Soaring Sports Cleveland gift certificate, available for purchase over the phone and online. Your loved ones thank you!

Do you have questions about our gift certificates? Our dedicated customer service team is available seven days a week, in order to answer any and all questions which you may have. Our phone staff also wishes to allow you the luxury of acquiring for yourself or for loved ones a gift certificate over the phone, should that be your preferred mode of purchase.

Reserve A Gift Certificate

Hot air balloon ride gift certificates are available directly through! Be sure to call our team to make sure there aren't any current deals or discounts running!

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