Fort Worth is your place for Texas balloon rides!

Everything’s bigger in Texas, including hot air balloon rides! Make the Lone Star State your destination for the aerial adventure you’ve got to have. Fort Worth is the perfect city to make your hot air balloon dreams come to life. Color, awe and majestic views are sure to decorate your experience with memories that last forever. Fall in love with the skies. We have Fort Worth Balloon Rides that are sure to fulfill your desire for more of the exciting things life has to offer. There’s nothing to fear, except foregoing the incredible opportunity to ride in a hot air balloon!

Fort Worth Balloon Rides – Best of the west in Texas!

Soar effortlessly through the skies of Fort Worth!

Call 682-730-0442 Today Fort Worth is your place for Texas balloon rides!
Call 682-730-0442 Now! Fort Worth is your place for Texas balloon rides!
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Everything’s bigger in Texas, including hot air balloon rides! Make the Lone Star State your destination for the aerial adventure you’ve got to have. Fort Worth is the perfect city to make your hot air balloon dreams come to life. Color, awe and majestic views are sure to decorate your experience with memories that last forever. Fall in love with the skies. We have great balloon rides that are sure to fulfill your desire for more of the exciting things life has to offer. There’s nothing to fear, except foregoing the incredible opportunity to ride in a hot air balloon!

Soar effortlessly through the skies of Fort Worth!
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Balloon rides deep in the heart of Texas!

You’re not here just to casually go through life. You’re here because life is meant to be fun, adventurous and filled with new opportunities! You get that and more when you take a balloon ride with us. We have top customer service and an exceptional balloon ride staff to exceed your expectations. Bring family and friends so you can share a ride together. You’ll love it! We know you have plenty of options to choose from when it comes to hot air balloons. Let us show you why we’re your best choice for balloon rides in the Lone Star State!

Fort Worth Balloon Rides - Balloon Rides near Fort Worth, Texas

Shared Balloon Rides

Grab your friends and family for fun in the skies with a Shared Balloon Ride. Partner up with other passengers booking the same flight. You’ll meet people just like you looking forward to what this adventure has to offer. Whether you want to go as the sun comes up or as the sun comes down, you’re going to love the serenity of floating in the air. Learn more about why a Shared Balloon is the way to see western Texas!

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Fort Worth Balloon Rides - Private Balloon Rides in Fort Worth, Texas

Private Balloon Rides

Take quality time with a loved one up to a whole new level in a Private Balloon Ride! These balloons offer the romance and intimacy you’re looking for hundreds of feet in the air. Let all your cares slip away on this magic ride. Savor every chance you get to show why your loved one means the world to you. Change up your date night with a Private Balloon Ride! Click here to learn more about this offer!

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Fort Worth Balloon Rides - Tethered Balloon Rides - Fort Worth, Texas

Tethered Balloon Rides

If you’re looking to entertain a Texas-sized party, look no further than a Tethered Balloon Ride! Your guests won’t be bored with this opportunity! This hot air balloon ride is sure to be the feature of your next big event! Up to 100 people can take a balloon ride like this, so there’s enough fun for everyone. Make this the party of the year! Read more to find out why a Tethered balloon is perfect for you and your guests.

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Fort Worth Balloon Rides - Balloon Ride Gift Certificates - Fort Worth, Texas

Gift Certificates

Be the one who gives the best gift ever with a balloon ride gift certificate! Your recipient has the golden ticket to seeing Fort Worth, Texas in the best way possible! Our gift certificates provide great options to choose from, so your recipient gets the balloon ride they deserve. Choose from a Shared or Private Balloon Ride. They’re great for birthdays, anniversaries and other special celebrations. Learn more about what you get when you purchase a gift certificate from us!

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Your Balloon Ride Awaits!

Fort Worth: Where the West Begins

Uplift your life, elevate your outdoor experiences and let the fun takeoff in a hot air balloon ride! When you need a real breath of fresh air, this is it. If you’re looking for a great place to have a party, it’s in the sky. When you want to spark the romance, there’s no better way than in a hot air balloon. Who can make this all happen? Soaring Sports Fort Worth, the best that Texas has to offer in balloon rides!

It doesn’t matter what experience you have with hot air balloons; we make your ride enjoyable from start to finish. If you’ve never been to Fort Worth, you’re in for a surprise when you see this western city. If you’ve been here before, you’ve got to see it from an aerial view! Cowboys, cattle and rodeos are great, but a balloon ride takes your Fort Worth visit to new heights! We’ve got Shared, Private and Tethered to fit every interest. Make it a friends, family or business outing, and we have group discounts. We also offer holiday discounts to celebrate the season.

When you’re looking to take a balloon ride, safety and reputation are high priorities. You can be sure when you book your balloon ride with us, you’re getting certified and knowledgeable staff. All of our balloon ride pilots are certified through the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the top governing body for hot air balloon rides. They have extensive experience and can answer any questions you have about your flight.

Not looking for a balloon ride, but know someone who is? Purchase a gift certificate from Soaring Sports Fort Worth! Give someone you know an opportunity to soar over Fort Worth. Your recipient is sure to love your generosity!

Contact us, and we’ll help you make your balloon ride happen!

Fort Worth Balloon Rides - Fort Worth, Texas
Fort Worth Balloon Rides - Fort Worth, Texas Hot Air Balloon Rides
Fort Worth Balloon Rides - Fort Worth, Texas

How much do you know about Fort Worth, known as the “city of cowboys and culture”? What makes it a great place to visit? If you want to learn more about this Texas city and why you might want to come here, you’re in the right place! Fort Worth is the 16th largest city in Texas and partners with Dallas as a top tourist destination in Texas. From sports venues, a renowned zoo to currency, there’s plenty to see and do!

Fort Worth is home to exciting sports attractions like the Texas Motor Speedway, a race car track that features NASCAR races. It’s one of the largest sports facilities in the nation with the ability to hold nearly 155,000 people! AT&T Stadium is home to the Dallas Cowboys and has also been the location for major boxing, college basketball and college football events.

The Fort Worth Zoo was the first zoo in Texas when it opened in 1909. Today it’s known as one of the top zoos in the country. There are more than 7,000 animals, along with indoor and outdoor exhibits that are sure to interest an entire family. The zoo also features animals native to Texas with a petting zoo for visitors as well. For the serious zoo lovers, The Fort Worth Zoo offers opportunities for visitors to stay overnight for more fun and activities.

Did you know Fort Worth is also a main location for our currency? The U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing Western Facility is responsible for 60 percent of our paper money! You can take a tour of this landmark and even purchase uncut currency. That’s something you don’t get to do in most cities!

Other unique landmarks in this city include the Stockyards Hotel, which first opened in 1907 at a time when cotton and cattle were forms of currency. This hotel is part of the Stockyards National Historic District which features western saloons, cowboys and rodeos! Check it out to get a feel for the real wild, wild west!

You can’t go anywhere in Texas without checking out the food! Tex-Mex and barbeque are some of the staple cuisines in Fort Worth! Get your fill of chicken and waffles, brisket, ribs and other flavorful foods you can’t get anywhere else!

After all there is to see and do, the only thing that’s missing from your Fort Worth visit is a balloon ride!

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Fort Worth Balloon Rides - Hot Air Balloon Rides near Fort Worth, Texas

Share the Excitement in a Shared Balloon Ride!

Admit it. You’ve seen hot air balloons on television, social media or even in person, and you’ve wondered what it’s like to be in one. You’ve been curious about the sights. You wonder what it’s like to be that high in the air. What would you see below you? What’s above you? Who would take a balloon ride with you? You can keep thinking and asking yourself these questions. That’s for dreamers. Why not get your mind out of the clouds and into reality? You can be the one in a hot air balloon in real life! At Soaring Sports Fort Worth, we offer the Shared Balloon Ride that takes you to new heights, literally!

What’s to love about our most popular balloon ride? Soaring the skies hundreds of feet in the air is the best way to see Fort Worth. Take a journey through this western city with unmatched views in a beautiful, vibrant balloon. Hot air balloon rides are too much fun to share alone. Bring friends and family to join you!

What to Expect During Your Shared Hot Air Balloon Ride

Our Shared Balloon Rides give an experience in which you share the hot air balloon with other people who book the same flight. Make new friends with strangers as you enjoy a peaceful atmosphere in the clouds. Enjoy the sights below and gaze upon the limitless horizon ahead. Once you’re in a Shared Balloon Ride, you won’t want to be anywhere else!

No Shared Balloon Ride is complete without an exceptional staff. Our balloon ride experts make sure your ride is safe and fun. When you fly, your pilot for your hot air balloon is certified through the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). There isn’t a better certification to have when it comes to flying a hot air balloon. The balloon baskets are spacious with padded, high walls to ensure the most safety possible no matter who is in the balloon. The hot air balloon staff is your resource for everything you need to know about your trip. Ask them any questions! They’d be glad to tell you more about our balloons and what they do!

Your Shared Balloon Ride lasts for about three hours. This includes time to set up the balloon, one hour of flight time and landing the balloon. Every step of this experience is a great time to ask our balloon ride experts questions and see for yourself how hot air balloons operate. Once you’ve landed back down to earth, you’ll feel good about what you’ve accomplished with your fellow passengers. Flying in a hot air balloon is no small feat. Some people never get the chance to do it! Even as you’re reading right now, you could be one step closer to making one of the best decisions of your life by riding in a shared balloon!

Our balloon ride experts are also knowledgeable about the weather. When you book your Shared Balloon Ride, we ensure you get the best weather possible. However, sometimes nature can be unpredictable, making some conditions unsuitable for a balloon ride. Typically the best time to fly is within a few hours of sunrise or within a few hours of sunset. The weather during these times is usually the calmest, and for those familiar with the Texas heat, it’s cooler too. Your pilot will never risk your safety when it comes to the weather. If it impacts your flight, we can always reschedule.

Make Unforgettable Memories!

There is one must-have you’ve got to bring on a Shared Balloon Ride: your camera! Riding in a hot air balloon is great, but don’t you want to savor the moments forever? Take pictures that capture the awe of every aerial view. Share the photos with friends, family and on social media! Not the best photographer? Our balloon ride staff can take pictures too!

Shared Balloon Rides take you above and beyond the usual way of seeing Fort Worth. Make it part of your next family outing or cross it off your bucket list! There’s no reason to watch other people in a balloon ride again!

What are you doing now to uplift your life? Take a Shared Balloon Ride with Soaring Sports Fort Worth, and see your life take off!

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Fort Worth Balloon Rides - Private Balloon Rides in Fort Worth, Texas

Fall in Love with a Private Balloon Ride

When you’re looking to rekindle the spark between you and your loved one, look no further than a Private Balloon Ride. You won’t find a more intimate setting that says, “I love you,” than this! Think about it. Chances are, you’ve already done the romantic dinner, gone to the movies or taken a nice stroll through the park. When it comes to new romantic ideas, you’re tempted to try the same old things every other couple does. You’re mulling another dinner out or maybe adding a festival to your next date night. At the same time, you’d like to try something new, something that feels magical. The answer to what you’re looking for isn’t on the ground or savoring the Texas steak you’re about to eat. You’ve done that rodeo enough times. A Private Balloon Ride is the number one way to experience adventure, intimacy and fun at the same time!

Private Hot Air Balloon Ride Expectations

Soaring Sports Fort Worth’s Private Balloon Rides are the perfect opportunity to bring you and your loved one closer. With these rides you don’t share the balloon with anyone else. This gives you the privacy you want for that special kiss or showing how much you care. If you’re looking to go beyond a spectacular date and want a spectacular way to propose, the Private Balloon Ride is a great match! From “will you marry me?” to “I do,” it can all happen as the sun sets over Fort Worth.

Let our hot air balloon ride staff help make your Private ride everything you could ever imagine! We’ll keep a secret if you want to surprise your date and provide a champagne toast after the ride! There isn’t a better way to spend the most beautiful moments with someone you care about. Soar gracefully through the sky. See Fort Worth from an aerial point of view. Never forget a balloon ride like this again!

There’s other great things about Private Balloon Rides other than the romantic setting. You get experienced and certified pilots who have a lot of knowledge about hot air balloons. Their certification comes from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). This is the top organization for training and issuing hot air balloon pilot licenses. You can be sure Soaring Sports Fort Worth is always keeping your safety in mind with our FAA certified pilots. They’re not only informative, but friendly too. Ask them any questions. They’d be glad to share their knowledge of balloons and help maximize your romantic experience.

Your balloon basket is safe and secure with padded walls built high enough so you feel comfortable in the air. We’ll make sure you fly in only the most ideal weather conditions. Typically, the Private Rides are scheduled within a few hours of sun set, as the weather is usually at its best. That feels like calm winds, cooler temperatures and looks like clear skies. Plus, this makes for romantic scenery, a great appeal for a balloon ride.

You and your loved one will fly in your private balloon for about one hour. This is the time to take pictures, absorb the peaceful atmosphere or ask that life-changing question. Then your pilot will land the balloon before your champagne ending.

Why choose Fort Worth?

We’re confident our Private Balloon Rides are what you need to liven up your love life. Pair that with Fort Worth, and you get to experience the best that Texas has to offer. While the Private Balloon Rides are most popular for romantic outings, they can work for small parties too! Celebrate a special occasion with friends. Entertain your family or whoever you choose. Remember in a Private Balloon Ride, you only fly with the people you want to be with!

Do you have further questions about our balloon rides? Contact our customer service! They’re available seven days a week to provide you with the information you need about our balloons. No question is left unanswered! They’ll also help you book your Private Balloon Ride!

We know it takes time and effort to plan an unforgettable occasion. When a Private Balloon Ride is available, you’ve got to take a trip like this! What are you waiting for? It’s time to fly. Don’t let the sun set on this opportunity!

Love in the sky awaits by calling 682-730-0442 today!

Fort Worth Balloon Rides - Fort Worth, Texas Tethered Hot Air Balloon Rides

Lone Star State Tethered Balloon Rides!

The Lone Star State knows how to showcase big events like the Texas State Fair. If you want a show-stopping feature at your next event, a Tethered Balloon Ride with Soaring Sports Fort Worth is for you! Tethered Balloon Rides are the only way to entertain large parties like weddings, reunions and birthdays. They’re also suitable for big business events and get-togethers.

What is a Tethered Balloon Ride? With this ride, the hot air balloon is tethered by three or four stable posts to keep the balloon from flying away. This makes the balloon stationary in one location. The balloon can “fly” anywhere from 25 to 100 feet depending on weather and the number of passengers in the balloon.

What You Should Expect During a Tethered Balloon Ride

A great aspect of a Tethered Balloon Ride is you can help choose the location of the Tethered balloon for your event. There are just a few recommendations we have, to make sure you tether in the right place. First, make sure there is at least 300 by 300 square feet of open space. This open space needs to be clear of trees, power lines, poles or other obstructing objects. These guidelines are in place to make sure there is enough room to inflate, fly and land the balloon safely. Next, you’ll want to have three or four stable posts to tether the balloon. This can include large trees, fence posts or vehicles. Our balloon ride staff also brings a vehicle to your tethered event, which can be a post as well. The weather is the last determining factor for your Tethered Balloon Ride. Your pilot will make the final decision in case inclement weather is possible. It’s typically best to fly any hot air balloon within a few hours of sunrise or a few hours of sunset. This is when the wind is at its calmest. If unforeseen circumstances prevent your balloon ride, our customer service will help you reschedule so you and your guests get to experience a Tethered ride.

Tethered Balloon Rides are great for large groups because they can accommodate up to 100 people within a few hours. You can even book a second Tethered ride if your event features over 100 guests. The balloon takes a group of passengers up to a certain height where they stay for about five minutes. Then, the pilot lands the balloon down to earth for the next group of passengers to ride. Though the duration of flight time for this balloon ride is shorter, it’s still enough time to see aerial views of Fort Worth and the surrounding areas. Plus, you and your guests can still take pictures of the scenery. The Tethered Balloon Ride is also a great option for those who are apprehensive of heights, as the balloon stays in one place and doesn’t reach near the heights of a typical balloon ride.

Of all the balloon rides you can experience, Tethered Balloon Rides are the safest ones. At Soaring Sports Fort Worth, we guarantee you’ll get the best staff for your Tethered event. Your pilot is certified to fly a hot air balloon through the Federal Aviation Administration, so you get the best-trained pilot for balloon rides. Our staff also has extensive experience running Tethered rides, so you can be sure every question or concern you have will be addressed. Fort Worth Guarantee!

Think about the praise and compliments you’ll receive when you have a Tethered Balloon Ride at your next party. You’ll be introducing your guests to more fun than they could’ve ever imagined! Family reunions soar to new heights. Business meetings are uplifted. Wedding receptions takeoff. All of this is possible in a Tethered balloon! With these balloons, you can’t disappoint. Plus with the large area of Fort Worth, you have a great chance of choosing an awesome location for your Tethered ride. Change your party experience forever with this hot air balloon. It’s perfect for any Texas-sized occasion!

Now it’s time to make your Tethered Balloon Ride a reality for you and your guests. You can’t go wrong with this spectacular showcase. Contact our customer service now to book your Tethered Balloon Ride. They look forward to helping you make your next event the party of the year!

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Fort Worth Balloon Rides - Fort Worth, Texas Balloon Ride Gift Certificates

Texas-Sized Gift Certificates

When it comes to making a great impression with a gift, there’s nothing better than a balloon ride gift certificate from Soaring Sports Fort Worth. Our gift certificates are a must-have for people who want a new way to experience excitement. This gift can encourage anyone with a stay-at-home lifestyle to get up, get out and see Fort Worth from a hot air balloon! If you’ve been on a hot air balloon before, you know this aerial ride is something no one forgets. Give someone else the same opportunity with this gift certificate. Let your recipient experience what it’s like to soar through the sky and gaze upon the horizon.

We offer two gift certificates, which are for Shared Balloon Rides and Private Balloon Rides. Both give your recipient the entire three hour balloon trip, including one hour of flight time. The Shared Balloon Ride is the most popular gift certificate. Your recipient shares the balloon with other passengers on the same ride. The Private Balloon Ride gift certificate is catered to those looking for a romantic experience, as this ride isn’t shared with other people. Fort Worth Guarantee!

Whichever gift certificate you choose, know your recipient is taken care of with our balloon ride staff. Our pilots are certified to fly hot air balloons through the Federal Aviation Administration, the top governing body for flight licenses. That means they are well-trained in regards to safety, flight navigation and landing a balloon, among other things. Your recipient is more than welcome to talk to our staff about the hot air balloon. They’re friendly people and enjoy sharing their knowledge. They will always ensure the balloon is safe to fly, particularly when it comes to the weather. Trust that your gift certificate will not go to waste due to bad weather or other unforeseen circumstances when it comes to the balloon ride.

A great part about Soaring Sports Fort Worth gift certificates is they can be used within two years of the purchase date. This is so your recipient has enough time to plan the balloon ride, but also gives a deadline so they take advantage of the gift! The gift certificate is also accepted at 100 other hot air balloon locations. That’s plenty of options in case Fort Worth isn’t the choice for a balloon ride. While our gift certificates are transferable from person to person, there may be a fee to transfer to another location. By contacting our customer service, you get more information about this possible fee.

Our customer service is available seven days a week to answer your questions about our gift certificates and to purchase them! They want to make sure you choose the right gift for the one you love and have all the information you need. If you’re going for a Texas-sized gift, you’ve got to get a gift for someone who wants a bigger view of the world. A hot air balloon ride gift certificate does just that! Call our customer service to purchase one or two today!

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Hot air balloon ride gift certificates are available directly through! Be sure to call our team to make sure there aren't any current deals or discounts running!

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Fort Worth Balloon Rides - Fort Worth, Texas

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You’ve got many choices when it comes to hot air balloon rides in Texas. We’re glad you’re considering Soaring Sports Fort Worth as your top choice for this unforgettable experience. With knowledgeable customer service, expert balloon ride staff and the sights of Fort Worth you won’t find anywhere else, you’ve got to take advantage of this offer. If you’re not taking a balloon ride with us, purchase a gift certificate for someone who wants a trip through the skies. Trust us. There’s no better way to see Fort Worth than in a hot air balloon. You can visit the best rodeos, restaurants or enjoy family time at the Fort Worth Zoo, but a balloon ride takes you to whole new heights!

Soaring Sports Fort Worth is proud to service Fort Worth, Texas, as well as these surrounding cities:
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