Waft over Grizzly Bear Peak in a Soaring Sports Oakland balloon!

Soaring Sports Oakland is a full-service ballooning company that can make the elusive colors and beauty of the East Bay come to life for its customers in balloons floating over the rugged coastline of Oakland, with jewel of San Francisco glittering in the distance on the other side of San Francisco Bay. Imagine sipping champagne with your lover, or watching the sunrise with ten other people in a shared balloon. Soaring Sports Oakland. We choreograph memories. Call us at 510-671-1471 to schedule a ride. Experience Oakland Balloon Rides today!

Oakland Balloon Rides – We bring the East Bay to life!

Keep your eyes open for the USS Potomac

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Waft over Grizzly Bear Peak in a Soaring Sports Oakland balloon!
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Waft over Grizzly Bear Peak in a Soaring Sports Oakland balloon!
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Soaring Sports Oakland is a full-service ballooning company that can make the elusive colors and beauty of the East Bay come to life for its customers in balloons floating over the rugged coastline of Oakland, with jewel of San Francisco glittering in the distance on the other side of San Francisco Bay. Imagine sipping champagne with your lover, or watching the sunrise with ten other people in a shared balloon. Soaring Sports Oakland. We choreograph memories. Call us at 510-671-1471 to schedule a ride.

Keep your eyes open for the USS Potomac Call 510-671-1471

Soaring Sports Oakland: Find Yourself at 2000 Feet!

Let Soaring Sports Oakland show you Oakland like you’ve never seen it before. Give in to your other side. The side that wants to drink in the rolling hills of Oakland, the rugged coastline, the cobalt blue of San Francisco Bay, and of course the shimmering skyline of San Francisco on the other side of the Bay Bridge off in the distance. And do it with a beautiful friend or loved one beside you. Floating. Exuberant. As you relish the adventure and excitement. That’s why you called Soaring Sports Oakland to begin with. 510-671-1471. To let your inner self, emerge.

Oakland Balloon Rides - Balloon Rides near Oakland, California

Shared Hot Air Balloon Rides

Shared Balloon Rides over the Oakland and the East Bay. The most affordable option you can choose to experience the color and cultural heterogeneity of Oakland, the western-most end of the Transcontinental Railroad. Just short of the Pacific Ocean. But replete with visual thrills. If you choose this option you’ll share your experience with from four to 12 folks as excited to be floating over the canals and waterways that cut through the peninsula before running into the Pacific, as you are.

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Oakland Balloon Rides - Private Balloon Rides in Oakland, California

Private Hot Air Balloon Rides

Private Balloon Rides are for true romantics! Float over Oakland in a smaller basket, just you and your significant other. Perhaps you’ll order a champagne complement. Soaring Sports Oakland can make this dream come true for you. We’ll make the hour into an unforgettable memory. The panorama of Oakland and the East Bay that bursts into a panoply of sights and sounds that will crack open when you compare Oakland 2000 feet up with the architectural marvels of the city on the ground.

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Oakland Balloon Rides - Tethered Balloon Rides - Oakland, California

Tethered Hot Air Balloon Rides

Tethered Balloon Rides. Open your business up to new sales and marketing opportunities. Let Soaring Sports Oakland plan an outing for you at your office building or a site of your choosing. You can even design a balloon to symbolize the nature of your product or service, whether it’s a commercial product, or social event, or a charitable or non-profit event. Whatever you decide, we’ll make it happen. Safely. And with the panache that meets your business or social needs!

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Oakland Balloon Rides - Balloon Ride Gift Certificates - Oakland, California

Balloon Ride Gift Certificates

We offer Soaring Sports Oakland Gift Certificates. So, you can gift your employees or friends an hour that you’ll remember for a long time. And in the Oakland area, your friends or business associates can take advantage of a sunrise over Alcatraz or a sunset admiring the Golden Gate Bridge. It’s a lifetime in a memory. Ordering Soaring Sports Oakland Gift Certificates couldn’t be easier. Call us at 510-671-1471 and an experienced specialist ready to answer all your questions about hot-air ballooning!

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Soaring Sports Oakland offers thrilling balloon rides that heighten our senses to the beauty of the East Bay

When you’re ready to balloon with us, you can so that we can cater to whatever kind of ballooning you prefer. So, contact us to take advantage of our wide range of options and services, and let us customize a balloon experience for you that approaches the ages. Whether you want to balloon at sunrise or sunset, we can accommodate your needs. Add to that we offer group and holiday discount packages that are available to you as well. If you’re uncertain what you want, call our friendly and knowledgeable experts at 510-671-1471 to discuss the wide array of packages and services that we offer, and whether our discounts apply at those times. Don’t worry about safety. Or the beauty you’ll waft over. Take them for granted. But be aware, as you climb into the basket attached to the balloon, that safety is always our number one priority. So, take a deep breath as the balloon climbs into the aether and don’t be surprised when you’re swamped by the intimidating awe of the panoramic vista as the clouds swirl around you like cream. And you dream as white pelicans dart about, or a fog rolls in from the west across the Golden Gate Bridge. There’s so much to see as you glide five miles over Oakland for the hour or so you are up in the air. But remember, our goal is to make sure that when you’re with us you’ll have the safest and most enjoyable time possible. And feel free to use our Soaring Sports Oakland Gift Certificates. They’re transferable, they’re good for two years, and you can use them at any location around the Soaring Sports network of balloon sites throughout the United States.

The Gorgeous Oakland

Oakland is a vibrant Northern California city, the eighth largest in the state, with a population of less than half a million people. It’s divided into the flatlands and the hills. Socioeconomically, it’s more affluent in the hills, than the flat plain of the East Bay range, which comprises two-thirds of the city. Oakland has a warm-summer Mediterranean climate with an average of 260 sunny days per year. Summers are usually dry and warm while the winters are mild and damp. It’s warmer than San Francisco and cooler than San Jose. There are early morning fogs that cool the city until they burn off by noontime. The hills tend to have more fogs, which then drift down to the flatlands. Oakland is also situated along the San Andreas Fault.
As for the city itself, it has a striking architectural signature which accentuates the cultural heterogeneity of the population. There are glamorous movie palaces, the Oakland Museum of California which was designed by Kevin Roche, and Mills College which features Beaux-Arts and Spanish Colonial Revival buildings set among eucalyptus trees on a sprawling 135-acre campus. Then there is the old railroad station which is the western end of the Transcontinental Railroad. The waterfront has been revived. Go see the USS Potomac, Franklin D. Roosevelt’s presidential yacht, moored on the Bay. Oakland has a thriving arts scene and, surprisingly, has the highest concentration of artists per capita in the United States. There are many galleries throughout the city, and there is a First Friday Artwalk (6-9pm) that features dozens of galleries and venues as well as a street party that displays the spirit and cultural ethos of this diverse city.
The culinary scene is considered excellent. One restaurant worth noting is a direct descendant of the Berkeley jewel, Chez Panisse. It’s called Camino, and is run by a chef who worked at Chez Panisse for 20 years. If you’re in Oakland, you will want to make a reservation for dinner, though beware the prices are steep. There are other excellent choices of chefs offering innovative approaches to diverse cuisines that often feature locally grown produce. Cuisines such as French, Italian, Iberian, Asian, Hispanic/Latino, African-Caribbean, and others reflect the city’s ethnically diverse population. Add to this is the vibrant musical scene, featuring West Coast jazz and blues, as well as hip-hop, R&B, funk, rap, and others. So, welcome to a city that should keep you busy during your visit.

Come see the diversity of Oakland, from the air.
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Oakland Balloon Rides - Hot Air Balloon Rides near Oakland, California

Balloon Over Calming Waters!

Soaring Sports Oakland will float you above one of the most exciting metropolitan areas in the United States and, as you gaze out over the balloon basket to the adjoining areas, you’ll admire rugged coastline, man-made structures, and waterways interconnected and flowing across the peninsula into the Pacific Ocean. You’ll be in a shared balloon with 12 other people 2000 feet up, along with the whispering wind, the sun, the mountains, and your imagination. Five miles of fascination ahead. An hour of magic powered and steered by the wind. The balloon never choosing the same route twice, because the wind has no shadow to follow, so the topography you are flying over on this trip is unique. and to some extent is the geography in focus, for you. Though because balloon pilots are trained navigators, they understand that by changing altitude until they find a wind blowing in the direction they want to fly. You enter the balloon with your family. The pilot turns levers, burners shoot a flame into the balloon heating the air inside the large cocoon and suddenly the hot-air balloon inflates. And, zippity-doo-dah, the balloon rises into the realm of the magical, and you’re sharing five miles of sky with the animated spirits who thrive on the wings of the wisps of air before returning to terra firma an hour later.

Sharing not only the balloon, but the wind, the sun, the mountains, and the canvas painted on your consciousness as you wiggle about five miles before returning to terra firma an hour later. The wind brushes your cheeks as it nudges the balloon forward. The reactions of the other people in the basket strike you. There’s a childlike glee on the faces of the adults as the balloon rises into the sky. And you are now aware of a hidden reason people have taken this shared ride. To be amazed. To see nature confounded by a big balloon. And now you’re off the ground and even you’re amazed. Your kids are screaming and they’re clutching you. Scared but astonished. The sun is shimmering off the water, off the edges of buildings in Oakland, and as you turn your head and look across the bay, you can see glimmering edges in San Francisco. Everything seems so perfect. A white pelican floats past, as if it has never flapped its wings before.

Contrary to a flock of geese perhaps a mile away flapping and honking with great exertion on their way somewhere nearby. Or are they merely out for their morning constitutional? Other than the birds, it’s eerily quiet. Of course, the balloon is floating with the wind, not against it, so there’s no whoosh as you move ahead. And you begin to realize something else, this tranquility breathes an inner peace into your body. You can almost imagine the sound of a pianist dancing a Chopin etude across a keyboard. Notes flowing in a precise path. You’re shivering, slightly. More notes flitter up and down the keyboard, then a pause.

That’s the spiritual nature of the flight filtering into your consciousness. It is sacred up here. How much more will strike you? There are still about 30 minutes left of the ride. So far, its shocked you. The majesty of the natural world. The mortals going about their business below you in the cars hurrying over the Oakland Bay Bridge or along the roads in Oakland. People running along the coastline. Movements. You feel a vigor in your body. The contours of geology on the tip of your tongue. Buildings and homes like tiny jewels below fill your sapphire skies and emerald waters. The sheer range of natural wonders calm you, like a glass of ruby red liquid. To see this part of the world nourishes the breadth of your inner experience like a stimulant. The truth is you’re a different man this morning. You’ve learned something about nature. Who you were. Who you are. Wow! It’s time. Touch down. The ride is over. You shake hands with the people beside you. Soaring Sports Oakland has surprised you. This is value. You get what you paid for. Maybe you’ll book this trip once more. Just you and her.

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Oakland Balloon Rides - Private Balloon Rides in Oakland, California

Just You and Me in the Clouds, for Once!

You know what you did. You made that call to Soaring Sports Oakland. You dialed 510-671-1471 and booked a sunrise private balloon to experience the crescendo of morning colors as they burst across the tableau of the sky, right before your eyes. As you’re sipping champagne. Ice cold. The bubbles are just right in the morning. The coffee awaits. Hot in a thermos, when and if you’re ready. Your wife wants champagne. She can have coffee anytime. That’s why you brought an extra bottle. Always be prepared, learned that in the boy scouts. Orange sections. Delicious. You put your arm around her and gaze out around you. The pilot was right yesterday, you’re taking a different path. Over the East Bay, heading toward the Bay Bridge. Lights twinkling. Fresh air. Salt. You can smell a briny edge to this special moment you’ve worked hard to earn. Truth and beauty are intersecting, and this is one of those aesthetic interludes you just had to experience one more time. Funny how it happens up here. Not what you expected. Cars spin over mountainous roads. Mansions snuggle into tight squeezes in the hills. Inflections of pigments glisten off fractured rock. Words whisper into your ears. She kisses you. And again, as a ferry boat crammed with morning commuters drifts across the bay. What a wonderful way to celebrate your fifteenth wedding anniversary.

Could anything be better? She looks so beautiful in this morning light. You take a selfie. She takes a selfie. Birds are calling. Kisses you again. Some of the others giggle. And right there she posts to Facebook so all your friends can see the two of you in this light, in this sky against the glimmering orange of the Golden Gate. You taste her salty tears as they drizzle down her face. Years later, she still tastes the same as the sounds of dusk murmur in pastels of chilly stabs of air. Even in a balloon 2,000 feet up. Hoots and caws ride the murmurs. You put your arm around her. Lean into the fabric of the basket. Geese honk past. Beauty intoxicates. The closer the geese come the louder their wings flap against the air. No need for any words for several minutes. Their honks squeak louder as your eyes flash signals to each other. You can feel the majesty of happiness. A silent throb. Her eyes agree. There is an unobtrusiveness to the folds of the natural world. Thank goodness there are no motors disturbing the essence of this aesthetic. You hold each other tighter, sharing moments of love, that will be relived again and again in the days and years ahead.

The privacy is wonderful. Worth the price of admission. To be up here alone. You want to do it again. Another city. Soaring Sports has locations all over the country. Remember to ask them about their locations, and maybe this time you’ll buy her a Soaring Sports Oakland Gift Certificate she can use whenever she wants to. Let her go up into the sky with her ‘A’ team of friends. Why not? They said the Gift Certificates were good for two years from the date of purchase. And she can use them anywhere in the Soaring Sports network of balloon sites. And then she said that if her friend decides she cannot use the gift, for whatever the reason, Soaring Sports Oakland will allow her to transfer the Gift Certificate to a different person, whomever that is. No questions asked. How much easier could this be? Give her gift to a friend. It sounds so easy. There’s no reason not to do this! What a wonderful surprise this will be, and what a grand gift. You’ll be giving her the gift of spirituality. The gift of nature. The gift of finding a part of herself up here. Without you. And why the heck not! Why shouldn’t she experience this with a friend? So, if you’re ready to balloon with the best, or you want to give the gifts of ballooning to loved ones or friends, call Soaring Sports Oakland at 510-671-1471 today and give the gift of beauty and truth to your friends and loved ones. They’ll never forget who left them with those powerful memories. YOU!

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Oakland Balloon Rides - Oakland Tethered Hot Air Balloon Rides

Ground Your Business so it can Reach New Heights!

Tethered Balloon Rides. Shared balloon rides. Private balloon rides. Each ride is a different experience, at a different price, and offers feelings of contrasting color. Tethered Balloon Rides are tethered to the ground, essentially stationary. Tethered Balloon Rides are essentially colorful symbols for all sorts of events, from business and marketing events, to non-profit and charitable evenings, and social occasions. They are the signs that an event is taking place on a site, a flying calling card, so to speak. And for those who choose to go up in a tethered balloon when it rises above the event and ascends into the wind, it’s not only a sign of the event swaying in the sky, it’s also a thrilling chance to scan the horizon for a few moments as the balloon is gently pushed here and there by a breeze sliding across it.

That’s why weather is such an important consideration in the business of tethering a balloon at your event. It’s also why you want the experts at Soaring Sports Oakland to setup your installation, because they have the experience to understand when it’s safe to set up a tethered balloon, and when it isn’t.If it’s safe, you’ll see your balloon tethered outside your building, standing tall above your expansive lawn, or meeting site, or home, proclaiming the purpose of your business, social event, or foundation boldly on the side of the balloon.The message on this tethered balloon can raise the excitement level and stakes of your meeting or celebration–whether it’s an annual board meeting or a wedding. No wonder that Soaring Sports Oakland has found that tethered balloons can be fabulous opportunities to work in tandem with their design group to customize the balloon message to display whatever kinds of specialized information that your business or organization or family gathering decides they want to characterize their event.

Whatever your choice, Soaring Sports Oakland will make it happen, safely. Whether you choose a quiet, conservative style or a bolder, more flamboyant message. Whichever you choose, we’ll create a style you will be proud to see lingering above your event. Defining your business or family event. So, after Soaring Sports Oakland assesses the safety of your installation, and estimates the weather on the date you have chosen, they will determine if your balloon can be installed. Once installed, they will monitor it closely, should any unexpected issues arise, or the weather conditions change for the worse. Once Soaring Sports Oakland installs your tether balloon, you can feel confident the installation is safe, the weather conditions will be ideal, and your guests will thrill to the balloon ride. And as you will see, once the balloon is up, your brand, your message, will proudly proclaim your presence. Or if it’s a social event. Your tenth wedding anniversary, everyone in the neighborhood will be in on the big day. It will soon become a lingering memory that’s more effective than any alternative advertising or marketing.

Tethered balloons present broad business flexibility. You can craft your message, the look of your message, and exactly where you want your message to be positioned. What better way to design an unconventional business platform to catch your client’s eye? So, work closely with Soaring Sports Oakland and let them help you design a custom logo for a client that can be adorned on the side of a balloon tethered to your client’s building exhorting the vibrancy of their products. Heads turn when your customers see our tethered balloons. So, let us cause a sensation every time you tether a balloon outside one of your events. Let us launch additional balloons for your event, so your marketing campaign gains that much additional power and effectiveness.

And if you choose to add professional video and photographic services to your installation, we can help you broaden your message to social media services, television, and print media, leveraging your brand and your balloon. So, if you think out of the box, imagine how much attention and income can be generated taking advantage of an opportunity like this. That’s why you should call Soaring Sports Oakland for your chance to host a marketing extravaganza. 510-671-1471.

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Oakland Balloon Rides - Oakland Balloon Ride Gift Certificates

Let Soaring Sports Show YOU for the Ride of Your Life!

You enjoyed your ballooning experience with Soaring Sports Oakland. Both the shared and private ballooning rides you took. So, it’s no wonder you’re ready to share the joy you felt in the balloons with close friends and family. You’ve decided to purchase Soaring Sports Oakland Gift Certificates. That will make gift giving special. No sweaters or wallets or video games this year. Nope. You want a more personal statement. And you already understand how to fit it all together.

You’re giving a gift that can be used anywhere in the United States. So, no matter where your friends or family want to take their vacation, they can work a balloon trip into their equation. Whether they choose a shared trip, or a private balloon, they’ll experience the spiritual allure of being 2,000 feet above the Earth, slowly undulating ahead at five miles per hour. You already know how special the hour in the balloon is. Now they will, too. That’s why you called 510-671-1471, to speak to one of Soaring Sports Oakland’s expert professionals about their Gift Certificates.

Now you know that the Gift Certificates are good for two years from the date of purchase. And you can use them at any member of Soaring Sports Oakland’s network of more than 100 partners. Add to that you can transfer ownership of the Gift Certificate. So, there’s no reason to rush into a quick decision.

If you decide not to use the Gift Certificates, Soaring Sports Oakland will not rush you. Take your time. And if for whatever reason you cannot use it, you can transfer the Gift Certificates from your name to the name of anyone else you choose. No worries. Just call us and we’ll transfer a Certificate either to you or to whomever you choose to assign the privilege to. No questions asked. There is only condition. If you transfer a Gift Certificate from Oakland to another Soaring Sports Oakland network city will incur an additional fee. Call us at 510-671-1471 seven days a week. Talk to any of our customer service representatives about any issues that you might wish to resolve. Shared balloon ride, private balloon ride, we’ll customize a package for you. So, call us today and find out why we’re the best.

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Oakland Balloon Rides - Oakland, California

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Soaring Sports Oakland offers the exciting geography, natural wonders, and man-made attractions of the East Bay from 2,000 feet in the sky over an hour. Sit back and relax as the unmistakable allure of Oakland and San Francisco comes alive in shared or private balloons wafting across the Bay. From the splendors of the sky, to the pigments of earth, there’s a panoply of sights to digest. And Soaring Sports Oakland makes it easy to balloon, with discounts, Gift Certificates, and convenient departure times so you can leave when you want to. So, when you’re ready to see the East Bay at dawn, as the sky explodes in colors and the water changes the tonality of its character, pick up the phone and call Soaring Sports Oakland at 510-671-1471.

Soaring Sports Oakland services Oakland, California, as well as the following surrounding cities:
Piedmont, CA – Alameda, CA – Berkeley, CA – Albany, CA – Orinda, CA – Moraga, CA – San Leandro, CA – San Francisco, CA – Richmond, CA – Lafayette, CA – Tiburon, CA – Ashland, CA – San Pablo, CA – San Lorenzo, CA – El Sobrante, CA

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