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Take a ride in a nice hot air balloon piloted by the most experienced ballooning service providers in the area. We offer three options, shared, private, and tethered balloon rides. Plan to soar over the beautiful landscape of Omaha, Nebraska to see the sights. Hot air balloons are easy to reserve a space on and fun to experience. Gliding across the Nebraska skyline has never been easier than it is right now with Balloon Rides!

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Go for a Hot Air Balloon
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Go for a Hot Air Balloon
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Soaring Sports offers the perfect opportunity for you and your loved ones to have fun outdoors, and Omaha is a great place to visit and enjoy the fresh air and go hot air ballooning with said family and friends. We offer three amazing ballooning options so you’re guaranteed to find one that suits you. Give us a call today at 1-855-266-7627 to reserve a flight among the clouds! Get started!

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Take a ride in a nice hot air balloon piloted by the most experienced ballooning service providers in the area. We have three options, shared, private, and tethered balloon rides. Plan to soar over the beautiful landscape of Omaha, Nebraska to see the sights. Hot air balloons are easy to reserve a space on and fun to experience. Gliding across the Nebraska skyline has never been easier than it is right now!

Omaha Balloon Rides - Balloon Rides near Omaha, Nebraska

Shared Balloon Rides

Shared Rides are for more than one person. They are fun, safe, and can be easily reserved. They provide an ideal opportunity for you to engage in an adventure filled experience with a group of friends or loved ones or to make new connections with virtual strangers throughout the flight. The shared hot air balloon flights are our most affordable option as well!

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Omaha Balloon Rides - Private Balloon Rides in Omaha, Nebraska

Private Balloon Rides

Private Balloon Rides are perfect when you want a chance to get away from it all with that special someone. These private balloon flights can be used to make a great impression on a first date or make your relationship come full circle by taking your vows high above the NE landscape. Typically, the private flights culminate in a champagne toast to commemorate your experience, so there’s an added bonus to reserving one too!

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Omaha Balloon Rides - Balloon Ride Gift Certificates - Omaha, Nebraska

Gift Certificates

Want to really make an impact on your loved ones this gift giving season? Or anytime really? Give the gift of flight with a gift certificate for a balloon ride. Gift certificates can be purchased and are redeemable for either shared or private flights. What better way to truly impress family and friends than by giving them an opportunity to traverse the horizon on a hot air balloon flight?

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Omaha Balloon Rides - Tethered Balloon Rides - Omaha, Nebraska

Tethered Balloon Rides

Tethered Rides are an excellent choice for those who don’t wish to venture to far off of the beaten path, aerially speaking. As they are tethered to the ground throughout the duration of the flight, they are the perfect way for children and those who may have a fear of heights to partake in balloon flight. And, they can be utilized as impressive marketing tools as well!

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Hot air balloon rides are legendary and have been around for hundreds of years. Omitting the dangers of the ‘old’—helium—helped to influence the rise in popularity of this type of aerial sport. During the past 60 years, pilots have floated across the globe to challenge flight. Pilots and guests controllably float away to a marked destination where ground crews sit and wait to help celebrate their return. Pilots have endured years of training just to provide guests the ultimate in aerial activities. When you elect to take flight, you can expect to receive the very best in safety, security, comfort and exhilaration. Call us today to book your balloon flight!

As safety is a priority, the pilot do not put our customers in jeopardy by taking chances in inclement weather. In fact, even though we ourselves are true ballooning enthusiasts at heart, we are also consummate professionals and if the wind and weather are not cooperating, we simply will risk disappointment and not take flight. However, when the weather is accommodating, you can expect the most impressive balloon flight available in the area. From the comfort of the baskets we offer, with their high walls and padded sides, some sporting compartments for you to stow away your items, to the professionalism of our certified affiliate pilots and ground crew, you will encounter nothing short of a world-class experience on your flight. Regardless of if you book a shared or private flight or choose to employ the use of the tethered balloons, we guarantee you will not be disappointed! Our representatives are available to take your call right now, hurry and reserve your space on one of our balloons before the opportunity sails away without you!

Omaha Balloon Rides - Omaha, Nebraska Hot Air Balloon Rides
Omaha Balloon Rides - Balloon Rides in Omaha, Nebraska

Have Fun Seeing the Sights of Omaha

Omaha is located in the farthest eastern region of central Nebraska. This is Douglas county, which was incorporated in the middle 1800s. Omaha is approximately 130 square miles and is equipped with intriguing locations for monuments, local attractions, events, and interesting weather patterns for hot air balloon lovers and aviation enthusiasts. Chiefly, a land mass with 3.5 square miles of water at 1000 ft. above sea-level gives outdoors lovers and photographers perfect opportunities to catch amazing, scenic views of this city’s landscaping. The famous Missouri River runs along in Omaha—the largest city in Nebraska—about 10 miles north of the Platte River. This particular river serves as the border between Omaha and Council Bluffs, Iowa, thereby making Omaha the “Gateway to the West.” Also, there are over 1.3 million residents in the area with a downtown that stretches out in a 50-mile radius from Omaha’s city center.

The sky is usually clear in Omaha, but the temperatures tend to change from good and warm to freezing. Locally, January and July are still the most extreme months of this year. Unfortunately, those two vary from hot days in the hundreds, furnishing severe thunderstorms, to January’s freezing temperatures.

For scenic views, you can easily spot bridges, zoos, cathedrals, and parks with ease from our hot air balloon. For example, you can float over toward the east side of Omaha to overlook the views of the zoo then mozy further over to see the Missouri River. This type of variation in scenery may inspire conversations amongst yourself and your colleagues and pilot. Ask the pilot to take you somewhere to enjoy the views of special monuments and parks, he/she is sure to know where to find the most impressive viewpoints available over Omaha.

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Omaha Balloon Rides - Hot Air Balloon Rides near Omaha, Nebraska

Share your ballooning experience with those you love or those you don’t know!

Shared Hot Air Balloon Rides are ideal for groups of friends, loved ones or for you to have a chance to meet like minded people to perhaps make connections with. Maybe you will just have the balloon flight in common or maybe you’ll leave and head to one of their homes for a barbecue. Regardless, we know with this experience, you’re sure to have a great time exploring the countryside from aloft with your group of fellow ballooners!

When you arrive at the launch location, you may have the chance to partake in the inflation of the balloon. After which you will receive brief instruction from the pilot as to what to expect, you will board the basket and you’ll be on your way. You’ll spend roughly one hour gliding across the skyline, reaching several variations in altitude and being carried by the wind onto your final destination.

Upon landing, you will have a chance to engage in colorful discourse with the pilot and your group members and you may even receive a commemorative item as a keepsake to reflect upon your flight. Even though the flight lasts only about an hour it’s best to plan to spend at least three with us setting up and for the ride back to your vehicle. This option is perfect for those who want to take flight in a balloon but prefer to choose what is most cost effective as the more people we book for the balloon the more ways in which the cost can be split. The shared balloons can accommodate up to 10 people comfortably and sometimes culminate in a champagne toast with the pilot and ballooners.

On a Shared Balloon Flight, our partners bring the sky to the guests via a safe and exciting hot air balloon flight. Unfortunately, certain medical conditions are restricted. Ask Soaring Sports Omaha about any passenger restrictions before making your reservation, or list about who to bring on hot air balloon trips. For instance, if a friend wants to go but cannot take the risk because of anxiety attacks or the risk of becoming traumatized in such a small area, decide on another option, perhaps a tethered hot air balloon would be more suited to that individual’s needs. To get further information about pricing, reservations and restrictions, contact our friendly agents today.

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Omaha Balloon Rides - Private Balloon Rides in Omaha, Nebraska

Exclusivity is key on private hot air balloon flights

Privacy can be experienced to the utmost degree when you have an chance to fly with minimal distractions, like on the Private Hot Air Balloon Rides. Take this opportunity to reconnect with a loved one, form a bond with closest friends or get to know someone special even more on a romantic first date. The private flights consist of yourself and one other special person or a couple of your closest friends or family members and the pilot soaring amongst the clouds for roughly an hour or so in peace and tranquility.

You can also take advantage of our private flights for the purpose of discarding of traditional nuptials had in a church by saying your vows aboard one of our balloons. You, your fiance’ and the officiant can ascend while you pledge your undying love for one another. Or maybe you want to use a private flight option to literally start your official honeymoon following your reception. Wave good bye to loved ones as you climb higher into the sky and soar off into the sunset for the first time as man and wife.

The Private Flights are the perfect way to demonstrate to those you care for just how much they mean to you. For an hour or so you have the chance to glide gracefully above the outskirts of Omaha to take in the beauty of the scenery below, take pictures to remember your excursion and post selfies of your loved one and yourself high above the hustle and bustle of daily life below.

The hot air balloon pilots are terrific hosts and ‘tour’ guides as a result of the the years of experience they have had flying people all across the state of Nebraska. Finally, after descending back toward the land, consider taking the time out to gather and enjoy a ‘toast’ to successes for the future.
Are you looking forward to dreaming about piloting a hot air balloon? Taking private rides is a terrific way to begin this path to greatness. Hot air balloon pilots will take passengers on a trip, and private guests may take this moment to find out how hot air balloons fit into their own lifestyle. Flying alone or with a close observer is a fun and exciting method to use for beginner pilots. Soaring Sports Omaha is a cool start in realizing just how ready you are to fly gondolas across gorgeous and challenging terrains for prestige points and film artists. In fact, video record yourself from a device. This is one of the best ideas to find out just how much you are in love with aviation and the world of hot air balloons today!

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Omaha Balloon Rides - Omaha, Nebraska Tethered Hot Air Balloon Rides

Tethered balloons are great for any event!

Tethered Hot Air Balloon Ride are ideal to help get adjusted to heights and the sensation of flight. The tethered balloon flights are ideal for weddings, festivals, fundraising events, corporate parties, or to be used for the purpose of advertisement. They are great because if you have guest that are leary about flying or have small children in attendance, the balloon is tethered at 3 or more points throughout the flights, so it’s extremely safe.

Hot air balloons are beautiful creations, and the color of the balloon lights up the sky, like flames inside a lantern. Kids love hot air balloons. Tethered rides are amazing to experience at festivals because those hot air balloons represent greatness in finesses, spirit, and the motivation to be seen as an eligible aircraft. Because of this, festivals and hot air balloons will always be connected.

Beyond festivals the balloons can serve as conversation pieces for advertising your business or for the launch of a new product. Also, you can use them to provide rides to guests or donors at fundraising events to thrill and excite your patrons and get those donations rolling in.

It’s easy to reserve and set up the Tethered Balloons for events too. All you need to do is call and we will send our partnered ballooning experts out to do a complimentary site inspection. The area needs to be approximately 250 by 250 feet and free from obstacles that may prohibit safe balloon elevation. They will need to potentially bring their vehicles onto the area so be sure this is permissible as they need to transport the equipment and/or use our vehicles for anchor points if there are not stationary objects to theater to available. The tethered balloons are rented in two hour increments and in that amount of time, roughly 100 plus people can partake in a balloon ride. The rides last about 5 minutes or so each and 4 or less people can go up together at a time.

In respect to advertising, independent service providers can print personalized banners that can be attached to a balloon envelope or we have a catalog or various shaped balloons that you can select from as well.

If you think you may have interest in a tethered balloon, give our friendly reps a call today to discuss the details about how to get started.

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Omaha Balloon Rides - Omaha, Nebraska Balloon Ride Gift Certificates

Give friends and family the gift that takes them to higher heights

At Soaring Sports Omaha, we have the perfect gift idea. Our gift certificates can be purchased easily over the phone when you speak with our representatives. When you’re at a loss as to what to give friends and family for various holidays or to the person who has everything, really impress them by presenting one of our gift certificates for balloon flights. How awesome would it be to send loved ones on a balloon flight high above the stunning landscape that can only be seen 2,000 feet above Nebraska? They will have a chance to receive the very best in experience, scenery, and professionalism when they take a balloon ride.

All you need to do is give us a call to order one of our amazing hot air balloon gift certificates now.

They also come with some amazing perks, take a peek below:

  • Can be redeemed at over 100 affiliated locations nationwide
  • Have a validity period of up to two years after the date of purchase
  • Are transferable to other individuals or locations ( transferring locations may incur fees)
  • Can be purchased toward usage for shared or private flights
  • Our customer care agents are available seven days a week to help facilitate your purchase or answer any questions you have about this incredible offer and/ or discounts

Be sure to let the customer care representative know which type of gift certificate to sell to you.

Hot Air Balloon Ride Certificates are the perfect way to make a gift-giving statement for a multitude of occasions:

  • Birthdays
  • Anniversaries
  • Retirements / Promotions
  • Graduations
  • Bridesmaid and Groomsman Gifts
  • Employee Appreciation
  • Just because….

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Hot air balloon ride gift certificates are available directly through! Be sure to call our team to make sure there aren't any current deals or discounts running!

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Omaha Balloon Rides - Omaha, Nebraska

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Soaring Sports Omaha can help you to see the skies of this great midwestern city. Shared hot air balloon rides, private rides, and tethered rides are infamously beautiful methods of taking flight, and all you need to do to take part in this amazing adventure is give us a call. Bring your own camera. Plan a trip by yourself or with a group. The pilots turn the fans up, fill the envelopes, and the hot air balloons are off into the great skies of the state of Nebraska. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us seven days a week. All aboard for a hot air balloon ride today.

Soaring Sports Omaha proudly services Omaha, Nebraska, as well as these surrounding cities:
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