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Our experienced team specializes in arranging exciting Hot Air Balloon adventures! We’re a company of skilled staffers dedicated to conveying the joys of ballooning while ensuring customer satisfaction. Whether you’re a seasoned ballooner or a newbie, you can find exhilaration in the River City. Our partners employ state-of-the art training methods and use only the latest technology in balloon equipment. Featuring Shared, Private, or Tethered graceful rides over the breathtaking views, join the professionals for an once-in-a-lifetime experience with Balloon Rides.

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Richmond, Virginia’s
Premier Hot Air

Richmond, Virginia’s Premier Hot Air Adventure!
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Discover Virginia from a new vantage point!

Soar in the sky! Needing the perfect romantic anniversary gift or a fun birthday present? Discover how easy it is to relax in a hot air balloon floating above the treetops of Richmond. We offer several balloons, ranging in size, ready to take you on an exhilarating adventure. The pilot can drift over the James River and the coastal plains, and you might catch a glimpse of the majestic Blue Ridge Mountains.

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Our experienced team specializes in creating exciting Hot Air Balloon adventures! We’re a company of skilled staffers dedicated to conveying the joys of ballooning while ensuring passenger safety. Whether you’re a seasoned ballooner or a newbie, you will find exhilaration in the River City. We employ state-of-the art training methods and use only the latest technology in balloon equipment. Featuring Shared, Private, or Tethered graceful rides over the breathtaking Richmond views, join us for an once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Richmond Balloon Rides - Balloon Rides near Richmond, Virginia

Shared Balloon Rides

Ready to share the stunning adventure with a group of your closest friends or co-workers? Or perhaps your bridal party? Whatever your group is, your Shared Balloon Ride adventure awaits. Floating quietly over streams, meadows, treetops, and ponds, you will have a sense of unparalleled wonder. We guarantee this is the best picnic spot around.

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Richmond Balloon Rides - Private Balloon Rides in Richmond, Virginia

Private Balloon Rides

If you’re ready for a Private and Exclusive balloon ride, we’re at your service. A Private Balloon Ride ensures privacy and intimacy for two or more guests. You and your guests will become enchanted by the breathtaking aerial adventure in the sky. Rides always end with a romantic champagne toast. Schedule your Private balloon ride today!

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Richmond Balloon Rides - Balloon Ride Gift Certificates - Richmond, Virginia

Gift Certificates

Give the gift of flight! A Hot Air Balloon ride is a gift whose memory will never fade. Gift certificates are the perfect gift for that special someone, your parents, a friend or even your boss! Giving the gift of flight is giving lasting memories and a sense of adventure.

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Richmond Balloon Rides - Tethered Balloon Rides - Richmond, Virginia

Tethered Balloon Rides

The last option is Tethered Balloon Rides, and these allow for a much shorter ride at a specific location. During a Tethered balloon ride, the balloon is securely anchored to the ground, and the licensed pilot takes passengers up to a height of about 50 feet. This is a great option for folks who aren’t ready for the full 3.5-hour, full hot air balloon adventure.

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Your Premier Hot Air Balloon Experience!

We can set you up with the premier hot air balloon destination! At Soaring Sports Richmond, we’re a team of ballooning experts (it’s a thing, trust is) dedicated to sharing the thrill and grace of hot air ballooning. We’re also committed to safety. All of our affiliate pilots are FAA-Certified Commercial pilots. We offer Shared, Private, and Tethered rides over breathtaking views, so contact us for an once-in-a-lifetime experience. We offer exciting, and memorable flights in Virginia. Hop in the basket with our affiliate pilots and enjoy a breathtaking aerial adventure! We invite you to discover this unparalleled view of The River City.

The magic of hot air balloon rides are the ease they offer. The feeling of safely gliding above the treetops is just incredible; you will get a unique view of the geography and will feel completely feel safe and secure. And did you know that the hot air balloon is one of the oldest forms of aviation? They’ve been around since 1783!

We also love how no hot air balloon ride is the same, as air currents and the wind change daily and the pilots maximize safety each ride. We invite you to discover this special magic ride. You won’t be disappointed; rather, you will be truly delighted.

Many of us spend much of our lives in front of computer screens and sitting in front of desks. Give yourself a break from the daily grind by taking a relaxing and awe-inspiring hot air balloon ride. You will be surrounded by sky and breezes, and will feel enveloped in a sense of awe. Some folks need a spa day or a visit to a yoga studio. We say call us – it is just the therapy you need! There is no greater way to clear your head than by enjoying a safe hot air balloon ride.

We have gift certificates and group and holiday discounts available.

Richmond Balloon Rides - Richmond, Virginia Hot Air Balloon Rides
Richmond Balloon Rides - Balloon Rides in Richmond, Virginia

Richmond, We’re Here!

Richmond, VA, is the perfect city for your hot air balloon ride! You will discover incredible views of the River City and watch the majestic James River flowing beneath you. And on a clear day, you might be able to see Chesapeake Bay and the Blue Ridge Mountains. Passengers are surprised when they notice all the wildlife along the James River. You might just see a bald eagle, otters, a Great Blue Heron or even a 6-foot sturgeon swimming. Guests will also see the tall trees and thick forests of Richmond from a new vantage point, allowing for a deeper appreciation of our natural areas.

We are built to appreciate nature, and our balloon rides allow our staff and guests to feel the awe and splendor of the beauty of our natural surroundings. And because the Richmond climate is warm year-round, hot air ballooning is perfect anytime. It’s a year-round, any day of the week, sport. We recommend ballooning just after sunrise and just before sunset, but we can accommodate any schedule.

We hope you join us for this special ride. We love Richmond and we’re passionate about spreading the love of Richmond from up above. Have you watched a concert at Brown’s Island from the sky? Or listened to the Jazz Festival away from the crowds? Join us in the skies for an unparalleled experience. It’s unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.

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Richmond Balloon Rides - Hot Air Balloon Rides near Richmond, Virginia

Premier Shared Balloon Rides!

A Shared Hot Air Balloon Ride is the ultimate bonding experience! Whether it’s an office team-building event or your bridal party celebration, sharing a hot air balloon ride ensures lasting, shared memories. We believe that the balloon rides are a life-changing experience. From the anticipation and excitement as you arrive at headquarters, to seeing the giant balloon, to the wonder and awe that only happens during the ride, to the extreme nirvana felt post-ride, your emotions are amplified when shared with others.

Shared balloon rides are the most popular ride because they are the incredible fun. They’re perfect for families or anniversary parties – everyone loves a hot air balloon ride. Even your grandmother! The pilot will fly between 1,200 and 3,000 feet and guarantee a sensation like you’ve never felt before. When you reserve your shared flight, please let us know the number of guests. We will then match your party with the proper balloon as the balloon baskets are sized according to the number of passengers. And each guest will have plenty of room. The ride baskets are all up to code and designed for safety. We’re proud to offer the full spectrum of shared balloon rides and understand that there’s a reason why these shared balloon rides are the most popular. Holding up to eight people, this option allows for plenty of group excitement, now and in the future.

You’ll all have something in common to talk about around the dinner table for years to come. Even better, if you have photos to show as well.

At Soaring Sports Richmond, we love Shared Balloon Rides because the shared bonding experience will last a lifetime. For birthday parties, corporate events, team building exercises and even college reunions, a Shared balloon ride will add fun, excitement, and sheer wonder. One aspect to note about the Shared balloon rides (and all the other rides too) is that the flights are weather permitting. Your flight may not run due to wind speed, turbulence, ground conditions, or any other unsafe conditions assessed by the team. Your safety is the number one priority. We know it’s a downer to not fly exactly when you want to, but we’ll reschedule right away if the pilot can’t take you on your reserved day if weather doesn’t allow.

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Richmond Balloon Rides - Private Balloon Rides in Richmond, Virginia

The Best Date Around: A Private Balloon Ride!

If you’re ready for a Private and Exclusive Balloon Ride, we can help with that. Guests who want more privacy and intimacy will enjoy a basket specifically designed for two or more people. Who says romance is dead? With a Private hot air balloon ride, you will whisk your significant other for as close to a magic carpet ride as you can get. Need a night away from the kids? Take to the sky and be reminded of what truly matters in life: love.

You and your guest will enjoy an incredibly intimate setting with a spectacular view. You will float away in love! Unfortunately, we can’t find you a date. Once you do that, we’ll take care of everything else we can.

All pilots must have a current Lighter Than Air pilot’s license geared especially for balloons. The license is issued by the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA), and graduates have taken many hours of instruction followed by passing a written test as well as a flight test with an FAA examiner. It’s an extensive process, and we’re committed to working with the best of the best. Unlike airplanes, hot air balloon pilots don’t actually steer balloons. A balloon drifts in the same direction and at the same speed as the wind. It is the pilot’s job to find the proper altitude and wind direction. Balloons will travel as fast as the wind goes and the rides are weather dependent. If the wind is over 8 miles per hour at ground level, they don’t inflate balloons due to safety concerns.

You should dress appropriately for the weather for your maximum enjoyment of the ride. We recommend that you wear long pants with sneakers and boots. They don’t allow guests to fly with sandals or open-toes shoes. In the cooler months, wear multiple layers and bring a windbreaker, as temperatures drop as the balloon rises. You will be moving and climbing in and out the basket, so, above all, wear clothes you can move in comfortably. We recommend that you don’t wear long jewelry or long skirts or any designer clothing. Bring a hat and a pair of sunglasses. And of course, don’t forget your camera!

But that’s the boring stuff. The fun stuff is imagining a romantic private balloon ride followed by a champagne toast. If you’re feeling bored by dinner and a movie, call Soaring Sports Richmond today to schedule your Private Hot Air Balloon Ride!

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Richmond Balloon Rides - Richmond, Virginia Tethered Hot Air Balloon Rides

The Safest Balloon Ride Around

Tethered Balloon Rides are the third option. These rides provide a shorter ride at a specific location. During a Tethered balloon ride, the balloon is securely anchored to the ground and the licensed pilot takes passengers above the ground to a height of about 50 feet. This is a great option for folks who aren’t ready for the full 3.5-hour hot air balloon experience.

A tethered balloon is tied to the ground with three or four very strong ropes that keep the balloon in place. This allows the team to “fly” a group of people at one location, such as at a party or sports event. A tethered ride is very dependent on wind, so the pilots will only inflate the balloon at 5 mph or less winds. This is a very carefully planned event, perfect for everyone of all ages. Lasting about 2 hours, they can tether in an open area at least 250 feet by 250 feet, and clear of trees, power lines, poles, bushes, and, obviously, houses. Tethered rides lift two to four people at a time.

You will often find a tethered hot air balloon ride at a hot air balloon festival, but they are now a popular way to liven up a wedding, corporate event, family reunion, or summer camp party. This is a great option for anyone who is a little scared of flying or heights, or who might experience motion sickness.

Please note that a Tethered balloon ride demands very good weather. Winds needs to be less than 5 mph and the air should be very dry. We tether in the early morning or in the late evening for optimal conditions. Summer is the ideal season to plan a Tethered balloon ride event.

As cool as tethering a balloon in your backyard sounds, keep in mind that the size of the clear area needs to be as large as a baseball or football field, ideally mowed. It definitely needs to be cleared of any children, cars, gardens, or anything else that is not safe for landing.

Lastly, please note that a tethered balloon ride is not an opportunity for adults to be inebriated. As with all balloon rides, safety is the priority. They keep the balloon tethered to the ground abiding by FAA standards, and ensure all procedures are met during the ride. A dangerous ride is not fun for anyone. A safe Tethered ride takes a few people each time, and in a two-hour window, more than a hundred people can enjoy this wonderful option.

We want everyone to experience the joy of a hot air balloon so we encourage you to try this gentle option. We’re sure you’ll be hooked. Schedule your Tethered Balloon Ride today!

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Richmond Balloon Rides - Richmond, Virginia Balloon Ride Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates: Give the gift of flight!

Chocolate and roses, you’ve got nothing on a Gift Certificate for a Hot Air Balloon ride. Giving the gift of flight is giving an experience that will be remembered forever. Perfect for birthdays, holidays, weddings, anniversaries, or even an apology gift, a hot air balloon ride is truly a gift that will keep on giving.

We offer gift certificates for Shared Balloon Rides and for Private Balloon Rides. All certificates are valid for two years from the date of purchase. And if you don’t live near Richmond, you’ll be able to redeem your gift certificate at more than 100 other affiliate hot air ballooning centers in the US. However, transferring locations might involve a small additional charge. You can also transfer gift certificates from person to person, at no extra cost.

We believe that the best gifts are those of experience rather than things. Our lives are full of things and in our consumer world, give someone an adventure full of emotions. That’s what endures.

Here are more reasons why gift certificates make a terrific gift:

  • There are no hidden fees. You’ll purchase the cost of the balloon ride. Nothing more.
  • No time pressures! Our gift certificates last up to two years. We understand that unexpected things happen, and we want to allow plenty of time for folks to use their gift certificate.
  • When you’re ready to purchase a gift certificate, our customer service team is ready to assist you seven days a week.
  • It’s a perfect last-minute gift. Who wants to stand in line in department stores? Or spend too much money for expedited shipping. Ordering a gift certificate is simple and easy.
  • The gift certificates are gifts of flexibility, security, and adventure. Sending cash is not okay anymore. Sending a gift certificate is safe and reliable – and a totally awesome gift.

In our digital world, emotional gifts of experiences are becoming rare. Honor someone special and brighten their day by giving the gift of a truly memorable hot air balloon ride. Nothing will compare. We’re here seven days a week to process your gift certificate. Call Soaring Sports Richmond today!

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Sometimes words fail us and you’ll understand this after flying. The beauty of Richmond can be wonderfully overwhelming as you float above effortlessly. The air is gentle and the silence evokes mystery and leaves customers in awe, every time. It’s time to soar in safety. We are ready to take your breath away, in a good way, of course. “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.”- Helen Keller.

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