Hot Air Balloon Rides in
Rochester, New York

Soaring Sports Rochester is the best place in New York state to experience a hot air balloon ride. You will see the Rochester city skyline from a new perspective that will fill your mind with awe and wonder. There is no need to travel far away to have the hot air balloon experience you are wanting. Our full selection of rides includes Shared balloon rides as well as Private rides and tethered balloons. Are you ready to get started? You’ll be so glad you gave this adventure a try. You just hop on board Rochester Balloon Rides and soar.

Rochester Balloon Rides – Fly away into a whimsical adventure!

Hot Air Balloon Rides in
Rochester, New York

Hot Air Balloon Rides in
Rochester, New York
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Balloon Rides With
Soaring Sports Rochester

Do you live in or around the Rochester, New York area? Do you want to experience an adventure of a lifetime? Consider giving a hot air balloon ride with us a try. Our most popular option to get started is a Shared balloon ride. We also offer Private balloon rides and much more! You are going to love how everything looks from the skies as you float along through the clouds! Soaring Sports Rochester has the hot air balloon rides you really should try.

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Soaring Sports Rochester is the best place in New York state to experience a hot air balloon ride. You will see the Rochester city skyline from a new perspective that will fill your mind with awe and wonder. There is no need to travel far away to have the hot air balloon experience you are wanting. Our full selection of rides includes Shared balloon rides as well as Private rides and tethered balloons. Are you ready to get started? You’ll be so glad you gave this adventure a try. You just hop on board the balloon and soar.

Rochester Balloon Rides - Balloon Rides near Rochester, New York

Shared Balloon Rides

If you want to get started on a hot air balloon ride, a Shared balloon ride is our most popular way to soar through the clouds on your hot air balloon adventure. This option is great because it is accessible to many people and also quite affordable. You can experience a soar through the New York state skies right away!

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Private Balloon Rides in Rochester, New York

Private Balloon Rides

Are you looking for a romantic getaway? Do you want a more personalized hot air balloon experience? If so, we offer a Private balloon ride that is the perfect way to soar into romance. What could be more romantic than riding through the clouds together? Private balloon rides make the perfect anniversary or date activity. Show your loved one how much you care with a Private balloon ride. You will be so glad you did!

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Balloon Ride Gift Certificates - Rochester, New York

Gift Certificates

Do you know someone who has always wanted to experience flight up close and personal? Is there someone in your life who needs a little adventure? Consider giving them a special gift with one of our gift certificates. These gift certificates are perfect for many occasions, such as birthdays or holidays. Your family member or friend is going to remember this present for years to come. Why not give someone special something special?

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Tethered Balloon Rides - Rochester, New York

Tethered Balloon Rides

Are you in charge of planning a large party or event? Are you struggling to find the perfect activity to wow your guests? With Soaring Sports Rochester, you can add a Tethered balloon ride to your next get-together. Your guests will be thrilled to have the fly on a short ride in a hot air balloon. People of all ages can enjoy this exciting activity. Make a Tethered balloon ride part of your next party.

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The Soaring Sports Rochester
Hot Air Balloon Experience

Rochester, New York, sits on the shores of Lake Ontario. This beautiful and diverse city is located in the western part of New York state. The waterfront views make this city especially stunning, along with its history and culture. If you love metropolitan areas and beautiful lakes, then Rochester is the place for you. Consider experiencing the city in a whole new light on a hot air balloon adventure. You will see Rochester from a new perspective that broadens your mind and makes you happy to live in or visit this thriving city.

With Soaring Sports Rochester, you will have the best-of-the-best hot air balloon experience right in New York state. You don’t need to take a train, a plane, or a car to have the adventure you’ve been waiting for. You can make your dreams come true, right out of Rochester.

Did you know that a hot air balloon ride is a great adventure for people of all ages? These rides are the perfect way to try out flying in a way that is more incredible and exciting than just taking a flight on a commercial airline. You don’t need any pilot’s training or experience to hop on a hot air balloon ride.

If you want to try a new adventure, then a hot air balloon ride could be just what you’re looking for. If you just like to experience beauty and relaxation, you’ll get this too. People with all types of interests can enjoy this unique journey. The skies are full of majesty and wonder; the world below will look so different as you float hundreds of feet in the air.

Do you crave doing something outside of the box? Are you tired of the same old routine? Then what are you waiting for! You can try something exciting today by taking a hot air balloon ride with Soaring Sports Rochester.

Rochester, New York Hot Air Balloon Rides
Balloon Rides in Rochester, New York

The Beauty of the Lilac City

Sometimes referred to as the Lilac City, Rochester is the third largest city in the state of New York. While not as well known as New York City, this place has something special to offer. Since it sits on the shores of Lake Ontario, the views of the water are beautiful and breathtaking. The downtown area is right on the water and features bridges and views that can’t be beat. It is picturesque as well as being a bustling center of activity. The Genesee River also runs by the city and is what made Rochester one of the very first boomtowns in America at the start of colonization.

If you have kids and are looking for an activity for the whole family, there are a couple of great and unique things to try in Rochester. You can go to The Strong National Museum of Play that has exhibits about play and toys. This is an exciting place for people of all ages to let their inner child out. There is also the Seabreeze Amusement Park, a historic park that encourages kids and adults to enjoy themselves. If you like entertainment as well as animals, the Seneca Park Zoo will not disappoint.

The Rochester Museum and Science House is perfect for people who love to learn and always want to broaden their minds. And, history lovers should not miss the Susan B. Anthony House. There are many other historical sites in Rochester too, such as the George Eastman Museum.

After you have seen some of the sites and experienced the local flavor, you could see Rochester from the skies on a hot air balloon adventure with Soaring Sports. This is a unique and awe-inspiring way to see this historic, busy, and beautiful city. You will be able to see Lake Ontario, the Genesee River, and the downtown area from hundreds of feet above as you float along comfortably on a magical hot air balloon ride. This is the perfect way to appreciate Rochester whether you are a long-term resident or just passing through. Why not do an activity that you will remember for years to come?

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Hot Air Balloon Rides near Rochester, New York

Float through the Rochester Skies!

Do you love to try new things? Are you the type of person who likes to work hard and play hard? Do you dream of adventure? If this sounds like you, a hot air balloon ride could be just the ticket. With all the responsibilities of adulthood, it can be hard to get away and do the things you really want to do. The stresses of life can add up and make it feel like nothing is fun. If you are in need of doing something a little outside of the box, why not take life by the horns and have an adventure?

Maybe now that you are an adult you feel like you aren’t having the adventures you always dreamed about. Well, you can make those adventures a reality! You have the power to try something exciting and take to the skies! You will feel invigorated as you take off on a hot air balloon ride. This will give you a new perspective and could be just what you need to feel excited about life again.

Riding in a hot air balloon is a unique experience. It will make you feel both daring and relaxed. You will be up high in the air, able to see for miles around you with little between you and the ground below. But, at the same time, it can be a very calming experience as you view the beauty of the world comfortably while in the hot air balloon basket. Our skilled pilots will take care of everything and take you along for the ride; you will be safe in their capable hands. People of all ages can try this; older children are welcome to come along, so you can make hot air ballooning a family event.

We offer Shared balloon rides at Soaring Sports Rochester. This is our most popular option to start hot air ballooning. These rides can fit different groups, usually of around 4-12 people, so you can make this a fun family or friend activity. Whether you want to try something exciting with a group of friends or to bond as a family, a Shared balloon ride could be what you are looking for. It is easy to schedule a time with us! Just let us know how many people are in your group and then pick a time slot that works for you. You may have to share the basket with other people who have booked for the same time, but this will be an opportunity to make new friends.

We make your safety our top priority. Each of our hot air balloons is designed and tested with safety in mind, so when you are with us, you know we have done everything possible to make your experience as safe and enjoyable as it can be. Some of our hot air balloon baskets even come with special features such as padded walls. But all of them will provide you with a comfortable and exciting ride through the skies above Rochester.

While you wait to get afloat, you will be able to see the interesting process of the balloon inflating. This gives you the opportunity to ask the hot air balloon pilot questions. All of our pilots are knowledgeable, friendly and happy to help. Please dress in layered clothing that fits the season. It will actually get warmer in the basket as the balloon rises and the burner keeps the compartment heated. And, in most cases, motion sickness isn’t likely to be a problem as the balloon doesn’t register much movement; it moves with the wind not against it.

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Private Balloon Rides in Rochester, New York

Go for a Romantic Adventure in Rochester!

Are you struggling to find the most romantic getaway to take your sweetheart on? Do you want to find just the right way to show them how much they mean to you without having to travel far or spend your life savings? If so, Soaring Sports Rochester has the perfect solution for you. With our Private balloon rides, you can soar away together into the clouds as a couple and share a romantic journey! You can plan one of these hot air balloon rides for a romantic weekend or romantic day in the middle of your hectic lives.

A Private balloon ride is a more personalized option than our Shared balloon rides. It will just be the two of you and your professional hot air balloon pilot. You will enjoy Lake Ontario and the Genesee River below you. The skies will be a mosaic of beautiful colors, and you will be able to relax and enjoy time together as a couple.

Are you thinking of asking your love to marry you? Have you been trying to figure out the perfect way to pop the question? We have you covered! Becoming engaged while floating through the stunning skies is not something many people have done. This is the perfect way to make your engagement special, and it will be a memory the two of you can share and look back on fondly throughout your relationship. Getting engaged on a hot air balloon ride is an amazing, unique story you can tell your family and friends. They will definitely be envious as well as happy for you!

If you are planning on getting married, consider having your ceremony while on a Soaring Sports Rochester Private balloon ride. This is the perfect wedding experience for couples who want a small, intimate wedding that is beautiful and special. You will take the wedding officiator up with you and tie the knot as the sunset lights the world and fills you with wonder at the beauty of it all.

Our Private balloon rides conclude with a romantic champagne toast. This is a great way to toast to each other and your relationship as well as to celebrate the wonderful experience you just had together. You will be smiling and holding hands as you sip champagne and float gently back to the earth. If you are searching for the perfect way to experience togetherness, a Private balloon ride with Soaring Sports Rochester is the most romantic activity. You could celebrate an anniversary, a birthday, or even get engaged as you fly through the skies. This is sure to take your loved one’s breath away!

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Rochester, New York Tethered Hot Air Balloon Rides

Throw an event to remember!

If you are like most people, you enjoy getting together with your family and friends and having fun! Whether you are a big party person or not, it is always good to take time out of your stressful life to celebrate and enjoy time with people you care about. If you are in charge of planning an event or get-together, you might be struggling to find the perfect activity to make your party stand out. You may be wondering what you can do to make your get-together unique and leave your guests with a great memory. Don’t worry, Soaring Sports Rochester has what you need!

For large groups of people, we offer Tethered balloon rides. These rides are perfect for many types of events. You could book one of our Tethered balloon rides for:

  • A family reunion
  • A company party
  • A neighborhood party
  • A church group
  • A high school reunion
  • A big party of any kind
  • A graduation celebration
  • And much more!

You don’t want to do the same old thing, perhaps a picnic with some recorded music. You want to have something at your event that will give your guests a rare opportunity they wouldn’t have otherwise. A hot air balloon ride is something not very many people have experienced; if they try it at your party, they will be really excited.

In a Tethered balloon ride, the hot air balloon ride is connected to the ground by wires or straps. The balloon will remain connected to the ground throughout the ride. A few people will get into the basket at a time. The balloon pilot will raise the balloon between 25 – 100 feet into the air. After about five minutes, the pilot will bring the balloon back to the ground, and more people can get on and take a turn. Around 100 people can take a ride on the hot air balloon ride in the space of just a couple of hours.

Keep in mind that weather is always a factor in hot air ballooning. This is to ensure everyone’s safety. No thunderstorms can be within 50 miles of the tethering location, and winds will need to be under 5 miles per hour. The hot air balloon pilot will determine if it is safe enough to proceed. Hot air balloon rides are best experienced within a couple hours of sunset or sunrise. This is when the weather is calmest and when the sky looks the most beautiful! If you want to throw the bash of the year, add a Tethered balloon ride from Soaring Sports Rochester to your event! Your guests are going to be thrilled, and you are going to feel pretty cool knowing you put on one of the most exciting parties ever!

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Rochester, New York Balloon Ride Gift Certificates

Give someone you care about an amazing gift!

Can you remember the last time you had to choose a present for someone you care about? Maybe it was for a spouse or for a friend. It can often be hard to find the perfect gift that is going to show the people in your life that you really do care about them. Some people are especially hard to buy for.

Things like sweaters, boots, and socks can be nice gifts, and sometimes people do want those things. But, for the most part, things are used and then forgotten about. They often just become part of the detritus of our daily lives and don’t make a lasting impact. If you want to give someone something that will stand out in their mind, consider giving a gift of an experience instead. People tend to truly remember and treasure trips, experiences, and adventures.

A gift certificate to Soaring Sports Rochester is the perfect gift for the person who would love something unique. This is the present that will take their breath away and excite them. A hot air balloon ride will give them an adventure they might not have even realized they needed. Give one of these gift certificates for a birthday, holiday, anniversary, or just as a special thank you or token of appreciation.

People of different ages can enjoy a hot air balloon ride. A gift certificate for a soar through the clouds is perfect for the person you know who craves adventure but hasn’t had much chance to experience it. This is also the perfect gift for a friend or family member who loves flying and anything related to it.

Your loved one will experience a whimsical adventure as they float a above the Rochester skyline. They will be happy you gave them the opportunity to try this experience. How many people are awesome enough to think about giving someone a gift of a hot air balloon ride? You could be one of those thoughtful, smart people who goes outside of the box when giving a present.

Soaring Sports Rochester’s gift certificates are easy to use. Here are some things to keep in mind about our gift certificates:

  • They can be used for two years after the date they are bought. This gives lots of time for your loved one to use them at a convenient time for them.
  • They can be used at over 100 locations all across the country in our extensive network.
  • They are for either the Shared balloon ride or for a Private ride.
  • We have customer service agents available by phone every day of the week to answer questions.

So, why not give someone the perfect present that will bring a huge smile to their face?

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With Soaring Sports Rochester, you will receive the best service from a friendly team of professionals. We want to make your experience the best! Our customer service agents are available by phone seven days a week to answer your questions and book your ride. We offer a full gamut of hot air balloon services. The most popular way to get started is with our Shared balloon ride, but we also offer Private balloon rides and Tethered balloon rides. And for the perfect gift idea, give someone you care about a gift certificate to a hot air balloon adventure! If you’re ready for something new, give a whimsical hot air balloon ride a try!

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