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Don’t you think it’s time to gain a new perspective on life while adding a dose of excitement? An elite team of impassioned ballooning experts want nothing more than to take you to new heights and change your life forever. At Soaring Sports Savannah, we offer the best possible ballooning options to suit your adventurous side and pave the way for the ride of a lifetime. We offer Shared balloon rides, Private rides, and Tethered rides. Every option is safe, fun, inspiring, and exhilarating. Come fly with the pros and they’ll show you the world from a new point of view with Balloon Rides!

Savannah Balloon Rides – What could be better?

Breeze through the skies

Dial 1-855-266-7627 Now! Savannah provides the best Balloon rides in Savannah, Georgia!
Call 1-855-266-7627 Now! Savannah provides the best Balloon rides in Savannah, Georgia!
Call 1-855-266-7627 Now!

Don’t you think it’s time to gain a new perspective on life while adding a dose of excitement? Our elite team of impassioned ballooning experts want nothing more than to take you to new heights and change your life forever. At Savannah, we provide the best possible ballooning options to suit your adventurous side and pave the way for the ride of a lifetime. We offer Shared balloon rides, Private rides, and Tethered rides. Every option is safe, fun, inspiring, and exhilarating. Come fly with us and we’ll show you the world from a new point of view!

Breeze through the skies
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Hot air ballooning is a magnificent and unique way to spend time with your friends and family while elevating your expectations. We would love to give you the chance to create exciting new memories that will last forever. At Soaring Sports Savannah, we know that nothing compares to the transcendence of floating through the sky in a hot air balloon. Let us share with you that sensational experience that’s equal parts safe, serene, surreal, and spine tingling. Please call with any questions you have and book your ride today!

Savannah Balloon Rides - Balloon Rides near Savannah, Georgia

Shared Balloon Rides

Are you all about having a wondrous and thrilling time with a hearty helping of camaraderie? If you answered yes, then a Shared Balloon Ride is the best option for that breathtaking group activity you’ve always wanted. With shared balloon rides you’ll get the opportunity to bond, mix, and mingle with friends, family, and fellow adventurers like yourself.

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Savannah Balloon Rides - Private Balloon Rides in Savannah, Georgia

Private Balloon Rides

Have you and your significant other been searching for new and romantic date night ideas? Do you want to have your own private party high in the sky? Taking a Private Balloon Ride is the ultimate way to treat that special someone to an unforgettable experience or to celebrate any occasion with friends and family in soaring fashion.

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Savannah Balloon Rides - Balloon Ride Gift Certificates - Savannah, Georgia

Gift Certificates

Take your gift-giving skills to the next level with a Soaring Sports Savannah gift certificate. With our gift certificates, you can give friends and loved ones a gift they’ll never forget. Don’t just stick to the same old boring gift ideas. Give the gift of uplifting awe and excitement that you know your loved ones or friends will undoubtedly and infinitely cherish.

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Hot Air Ballooning in Savannah, Georgia

Why call us for your Hot Air Balloon Ride?

If you’ve been doing some serious soul searching and feel like you’re long overdue for a life-changing experience that’s both thrilling and inspiring, then Soaring Sports Savannah has you covered. We believe there’s absolutely no experience that can rival the visceral beauty and excitement of gliding through the sky in a hot air balloon. Ballooning is truly breathtaking and full of wonder. It’s so mind-blowing that you’d be living an incomplete life if you never experience the perfect balance of soothing awe and invigorating adventure that ballooning has to offer.

Friendly and knowledgeable experts are here for you

The pilot will make it their mission to wow you while keeping you safe. All highly trained pilots make it a priority to ensure you’re given a sense of security so that you can enjoy every exquisite moment of your ride without worry. Just think of the pilots as all-knowing gurus who guide you on your thrilling and magical journey through the sky. We offer the most options for balloon rides, so you get the full breadth of the magnificence and splendor you’re guaranteed when you take a ride with a ballooning expert.

we offer a Full menu of ride services and options

Soaring Sports Savannah provides you, your friends and family with group and holiday discounts so that you can softly soar through the sky at an affordable price. We also offer gift certificates for you to give gifts that will change the lives of your friends and loved ones forever. You know that riding effortlessly through the wide-open sky is exactly the sort of experience you’ve been craving. Come and take a ride that delivers equal doses of adrenaline and awe. We guarantee that taking a balloon ride will transform your life in ways you never thought possible!

Experience Savannah from new heights

Nothing compares to the unique and beautiful city of Savannah, GA. Established in 1773, Savannah is known for its rich history, brilliant architecture, lush and verdant landscape. It’s also known as “America’s most haunted city”.

Savannah’s historic district is absolutely one of the best places to learn about American history. When you take a tour through the historic district, you’ll see important and famous landmarks from both the American Revolution and the Civil War. Savannah is also home to historic cemeteries such as Laurel Grove cemetery where the graves of many confederate soldiers and slaves can be found. Downtown Savannah— located within the historic district—still strongly resembles and adheres to James Oglethorpe’s original town plan for the city. Savannah is truly a blast from the past, with a special charm that is still intact even in an increasingly modern world.

Savannah Balloon Rides - Balloon Rides near Savannah, Georgia
Savannah Balloon Rides - Balloon Rides near Savannah, Georgia

The architecture of Savannah is both stunning and charming. You’ll marvel at the unique cobblestone streets and the widely varied architectural styles. Savannah’s architecture features everything from Victorian to Gothic Revival, Greek Revival, Georgian, and many more unique styles. If you’re in the mood, you can take a tour of Savannah whose main focus is the magnificent architecture of this great city.

Savannah’s scenery is nothing short of spectacular. Our city is filled with lush greenery and trees that cover our quaint streets. We’re also right on the coast so you even get amazing beachside views at our renowned beach, Tybee Island. Why not see it all at once from above? There’s nothing like seeing Savannah from 2000 feet in the air!

Of course, Savannah wouldn’t be the special place that it is without the supernatural and spectral vibes that permeate the city. One of our main attractions is our ghost tours. There are several options for ghost tours so that every visitor can take a tour that best fits their interests. Savannah’s most famous ghost tour is the 6th Sense World tour. The 6th Sense World tour goes above and beyond your typical ghost tour. While strolling the spooky streets and cemeteries, you’ll learn about everything to do with poltergeists, haunted hotels, exorcisms, and spooky spirits. The 6th Sense World tour has been featured on “Wheel of Fortune”, “Scariest Places on Earth”, “The Travel Channel”, “Georgia Traveler”, and even in the L.A. Times.

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Savannah Balloon Rides - Hot Air Balloon Rides near Savannah, Georgia

Bond with others while ballooning

Can you think of a better place than a hot air balloon to form closer connections with your friends and family, all while making new and everlasting connections with others at the same time? Neither can we! When you take a Shared Balloon Ride you have the pleasure of sharing the astonishing, thrilling, and wondrous experience of ballooning with others. This is an amazing chance to get to truly know yourself, your friends, your family, and friendly new thrill-seeking faces, all while floating through the air at stunning and mind-blowing heights. We strongly believe that effortlessly drifting through the sky and taking in gorgeous and breathtaking views should be a communal experience. At Soaring Sports Savannah, we know that ballooning is the ultimate way to create deep and meaningful unbreakable bonds with others.

Shared balloon rides are the most popular and least expensive ballooning option. If you want to get the most for your money and meet some friendly adventurers, then a Shared balloon is clearly the option for you.

The size of the basket depends on the number of passengers, but the balloons can have up to 15 passengers riding at one time. If you’re concerned about personal space, there’s no need to fret. Regardless of the size of the basket, everyone has the same amount of space so that they can enjoy the magnificent ride with utmost comfort. We firmly believe there’s no need to cramp the most magnificent of transcendental experiences that anyone can have. Each basket features padded walls on all sides to keep you safe.

The balloon ride will last approximately one hour. We know you’ll want to stay high in the sky longer but the pilot needs to accommodate every thrill seeker. The entirety of your time spent for this experience on the day of your ride will be roughly 2.5 to 3 hours. That’s about how long it takes to experience the ultimate journey that is ballooning, in addition to transportation to and from the launch and landing locations. You also have to take into account the amount of time that it takes to set up and lay the groundwork for your insanely life-changing voyage.

Community and camaraderie are at the heart of the Shared Balloon Rides. There’s no better place to find yourself while bonding with others high in the sky than the magical city of Savannah. Who wouldn’t want to create meaningful and everlasting connections while softly floating over the rich greenery, the beautiful beaches, and the spectacular architecture of Savannah? You could even tell ghost stories while you’re drifting over “America’s most haunted city”. Just think of it like a giant bonfire to bond around in the sky. There’s no better place to commune and connect than the beautiful skies of Savannah. It’s an experience that you, your friends and family, and your new ballooning buddies will never forget.

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Savannah Balloon Rides - Private Balloon Rides in Savannah, Georgia

Enjoy close company in the skies

If you’re looking for exciting new ways to elevate your date nights, then look no further. With the Private Rides, we give you the chance to treat that special someone to a journey like no other. We know that feeling of wonder and weightlessness you get when you spend time with your loved one. We can’t think of a better way to take that beautiful weightlessness to new heights than taking a ride in a hot air balloon.

At Soaring Sports Savannah, we want to help give you and your significant other the most magical and romantic night of your lives. Togetherness and human connection is essential to the ballooning experience, and nothing brings us greater joy than knowing we’ve helped you get closer to your loved one. When you’re soaring through the clouds of Savannah during a beautiful sunrise or a magnificent sunset with your better half in a hot air balloon, you can’t help but feel all the sparks in the air. Maybe you want to celebrate your anniversary, or casually cruise through the skies, or maybe it’s time to pop the question and make that marriage proposal. You can even make a toast to the unbreakable and everlasting bond with complimentary champagne. Your significant other will just melt for you as you treat them to the splendor of the Savannah skies. There’s nothing like holding the one you love close while seeing the beautiful city of Savannah from above the clouds. Savannah is filled with rich history, and there’s no reason why a balloon ride can’t add a little more. Make history with your loved one while we help you both create a unique feeling that belongs only to the two of you. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to change your life with that special someone by your side. At Savannah, we promise to offer you and your loved one a night that you will deeply cherish for the rest of your lives.

Private Balloon Rides are also great for having a small get-together with all of your closest friends and family members. Whether you’re getting together with the family, looking to chill out with your buddies, or have an exciting ladies night out, the pilot will make sure that you can take the good times to peak levels. Private rides are a wonderful way to celebrate a birthday or any special occasion. A hot air balloon is a great and unique place to throw your bachelorette or bachelor party. Maybe you’d love to celebrate the wondrous joys of bringing the gift of new life into this beautiful world by giving your baby shower a transcendental twist. Whatever the occasion, taking a ride will make that occasion all more special.

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Savannah Balloon Rides - Savannah, Georgia Tethered Hot Air Balloon Rides

Bring the thrill to you with Tethered Rides

If you’re trying to think of an exhilarating way to liven up your next big event, then Tethered Balloon Rides are, without a doubt, the way to go. We make it easy with our Tethered rides as we bring the ride to you. This is a great option for corporate events, wedding parties, or large family reunions. A Tethered ride is the safest option to ride in a hot air balloon.

When taking a Tethered ride, your balloon will be safely tethered to the ground using straps with incredible strength. The balloon flies to heights from anywhere between 25 and 100 feet, so it’s a great ballooning option for those who have a fear of heights but are willing to try something new and face those fears. The height of the ride is dependent on a multitude of factors including wind, location, terrain, and where we set up the balloon. We recommend booking your Tethered ride in an area that is no smaller than 300 by 300 feet. The best time of day to journey into the skies is roughly within two hours of sunrise or sunset as those are the times when the wind is at its calmest.

Depending on the weight of the balloon’s occupants, the balloon can hold up to 2 to 4 people. The rides are short. We want everyone to get the rush that can only be found in the sky, so each person will be flying for only a few minutes. Anywhere between 50 and 75 guests can all get a chance to fly high in one hour. If your event will have 150 guests or more, then we recommend that you book two balloons for the occasion.

What makes Tethered Rides so special is the emphasis on calm. While there’s nothing like soaring through the clouds at 2000 feet, we understand that some people may be leaning towards just the serene side of ballooning. It’s not like 2000 feet is the exact height needed to feel the radiant transcendence of floating in a hot air balloon.

What’s even more special is the ballooning bond that we’re so fond of. If you’re booking a Tethered ride for a corporate event, it’s a great way to get to know some of your co-workers and fellow colleagues. How can there be a better way to bond at a family reunion? We want to bring you that unbelievable joy that accompanies reconnecting with family members you haven’t seen in ages, and we can’t think of a better way to bring the joy than enabling you to take an unforgettable ride together.

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Savannah Balloon Rides - Savannah, Georgia Balloon Ride Gift Certificates

Gift the gift of a lifetime

Don’t you think a transformative, thrilling, and life-changing experience is the perfect gift? We do! At Soaring Sports Savannah, we have gift certificates available for purchase so that you can give the gift of exhilarating transcendence to your friends, family, and loved ones. Our gift certificates are ideal for family members and friends who are always itching for the opportunity to try something new.

You can purchase gift certificates for both Shared and Private balloon rides. Whether you want to give your friend or family member the chance to meet new people or the chance to soar with close company, we can help take care of it. We know that every wonder-hunting adventurer is unique, so we make sure to cater to everyone’s tastes.

Our gift certificates are valid for up to two years from the date of purchase. At Soaring Sports Savannah, we fully understand that it can sometimes take a lot of mental preparation to gear up for the most spectacular and life-altering journey imaginable. Not everybody is ready to rise into the skies right away, and your friend or family member might want to think it over for a while. There’s nothing wrong with that! We want those who want to fly to be absolutely confident when they decide to go ballooning.

Gift certificates can be used at over 100 other US locations in our hot air ballooning provider partner network. This lets your friend or family member soar over any city their heart desires. Ballooning is a beautiful experience anywhere, and we want to make sure everyone gets the maximum enjoyment from their ride.

Gift certificates are also fully transferable in the event that your friend or family member isn’t up for a hot air balloon ride. Facing the unknown can be daunting and not everybody is ready for the task. We’re sure that an adventurous spirit like you knows plenty of others who would take that next step to truly discover themselves while floating serenely through the clouds. We know you won’t have trouble finding someone who’s ready to rise to the occasion!

Our customer service representatives are available seven days a week to answer any questions you may have regarding our Soaring Sports Savannah gift certificate.

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There’s no better place to book your hot air balloon ride than through Soaring Sports Savannah. We want nothing more than to give you a life-changing experience that’s created through bonding, beauty, and blowing your mind. Nothing can match the wonder of flying over the unparalleled beauty of the amazing city of Savannah. We know that when you ride in a balloon, your experience will be nothing short of breathtaking. We want to help give you memories that you, your friends, family, and loved ones will remember for years to come. It’s time to transcend your boundaries and break out into the wide-open sky. We look forward to hearing from you!

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