Soaring Sports St. Petersburg offers a variety of balloon rides to fit your needs in Florida

The team here at Soaring Sports St. Petersburg is comprised of experts with years of experience in hot air ballooning. Our experts are here to make your experience exciting, fun, and unforgettable. Our experts are available to answer any questions and help you experience the thrill of sailing in great blue skies of Florida. Let us help you experience the element of air like you’ve never experienced it before with St. Petersburg Balloon Rides!

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Soar Over St Petersburg, Florida
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Soar Over St Petersburg, Florida
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The team here at Soaring Sports Balloon Rides St. Petersburg is comprised of experts with years of experience in hot air ballooning. Our experts are here to make your experience exciting, fun, and unforgettable. Our experts are available to answer any questions and help you experience the thrill of sailing in great blue skies of Florida. Let us help you experience the element of air like you’ve never experienced it before!

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Taking a hot air balloon ride is a great experience and something you can cherish for all eternity. It is something that can become part of a bonding experience with loved ones. If you have any questions, concerns or doubts, our experts are here to answer any questions and ease your worries. Come join us for an experience of a lifetime. Welcome all, big or small. Let’s float away in the skies of St. Petersburg.

Soaring Sports St. Petersburg has the balloon ride options you want

St. Petersburg Balloon Rides - Balloon Rides near St. Petersburg, Florida

Shared Balloon Rides

Need a buddy to hold your hand as you take to the skies for the very first time? Have no fear! Shared balloon rides are here! Share a basket with two to eight people who want to make memories in the sky. Whether they are your friends, your family, your lover or simply strangers who, like you, want to enjoy the view, this experience can be bonding. Come one, come all. With shared balloon rides, the more the merrier!

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St. Petersburg Balloon Rides - Private Balloon Rides in St. Petersburg, Florida

Private Balloon Rides

Want to sail the skies exclusively amongst friends? Well, look no further. We offer private balloon rides for you and your guests. If being in a balloon in the sky with strangers doesn’t suit you, a private balloon ride will offer you the comfort you want and the same rate of experience as a shared balloon ride.


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St. Petersburg Balloon Rides - Balloon Ride Gift Certificates - St. Petersburg, Florida

Gift Certificates

We offer you the opportunity to share the balloon ride experience with others by offering gift certificates. We have a variety of gift certificates available, with some of our most popular ones being those for shared balloon rides. Each certificate is valid for two years, transferrable and accepted at a variety of locations.


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Balloon rides over St. Pete

Why us for your Hot Air Balloon Ride?

S St. Petersburg is all about providing a safe, fun, memorable experience. We want you to be talking about your balloon ride like it’s a memory you are highly fond of. Our highly trained experts are available to answer any questions you may have and are there to provide a safe experience, making you feel ever-so-thankful that you made the choice to take your balloon ride in the skies of St. Petersburg. We offer a variety of choices and selections when it comes to your balloon ride experience. In fact, we have the most options available in this area. We have service experts on standby waiting to help you plan and coordinate your ballooning expedition.

Friendly and knowledgeable experts are here for you

Whether it be a solo ride or a ride with multiple people, our team is prepared to fine tune your experience to suit your wants and needs. We even offer group discounts to further maximize your experience. The great thing about St. Petersburg is its beautiful weather all year round. Even in the fall and winter, you can have a spectacular experience. We offer holiday discounts, so whether the holiday occurs during summer, spring, fall or winter, in St. Petersburg the weather often cuts you a fair deal, so why not utilize our holiday deals, regardless of season.

Your safety is our first concern

Our experts are known sticklers for safety. This is part of the experience here at Soaring Sports St. Petersburg. Our experts enjoy seeing different faces from different places and want those same faces to show up again and again. To ensure this happens, our experts make safety the #1 priority when offering patrons the experience of ballooning in the St. Petersburg skies. We offer highly trained and knowledgeable experts that will not leave you disappointed. We also offer you gift certificates to share with others or keep for yourself. These are available in many options to suit your gifting needs.

Visiting St. Petersburg, Florida

St. Petersburg is one of the best places to experience balloon riding. With its warm skies and beautiful scenery, St. Petersburg is a choice location for many leisure activities. The gem of St. Petersburg is its award-winning beaches. The city is surrounded by miles and miles of beautiful waterfront scenery that offers a plethora of fun-filled activities for all ages. The city has a record of being sunny for approximately 768 days straight — Not surprising being that it is located between Tampa Bay and the Gulf of Mexico. Beside the warm weather, St. Petersburg’s prestigious downtown area is home to the famous works of Salvador Dali and has a museum in his namesake for your viewing. Also in the heart of downtown is the Locale Market. They offer an assortment of artisanal foods that will satisfy your tastes buds like you can’t imagine. If you enjoy fishing, Skyway Fishing Pier State Park is one you will enjoy visiting to get your catch of the day. It is known as the world’s longest fishing pier and it is open 24 hours a day, all year round. It is also well lit if you want to get some night fishing in.

St. Petersburg Balloon Rides - St. Petersburg, Florida
St. Petersburg Balloon Rides - St. Petersburg, Florida

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St. Petersburg Balloon Rides - Hot Air Balloon Rides near St. Petersburg, Florida

Join the Fun With Shared Balloon Rides!

Shared balloon rides are often shared with you and other patrons with whom you may not know. This gives individuals the opportunity to take flight without wait. If you bring enough guests with you on your venture, your basket may just contain members of your party. Our shared balloon rides usually have about four to ten passengers per basket. The balloon ride can last for about an hour depending on the weather. With your shared balloon ride, you receive choices of a variety of cheeses and a choice of premium champagne or juice for your toast with the crew. Champagne is only for guests 21 or older. We have juice and soft drinks available for our guests 21 and younger.

Post flight, you receive a commemorative flight certificate. When planning to take part in a shared balloon ride, plan on being on site about three hours. The ride is one hour and the other two hours involve balloon set up and travel to and from the launch site. This is also an opportunity for you to see how the balloons are set up and the process that occurs post launch. You get to see how our experienced experts put to work their expertise and their effort in setup to make sure you will have a safe balloon ride.

During your shared balloon ride in the skies of St. Petersburg, you will have plenty of opportunities to take pictures with the breathtaking view of the skies as your background. Besides being experts in balloon rides, our team of experts is great at capturing a memorable picture at your request, so remember to bring along your camera. You will want to capture as many pictures as you can. Your shared balloon ride will be something to cherish and remember. Our guests often mingle and network with one another during their shared balloon ride, although they may not know each other. A shared balloon ride brings togetherness and an opportunity to meet new people and share a bonding experience with others whom you may not know. Experience the thrills, the scenery, the breathtaking views and the warm air that St. Petersburg has to offer with a shared balloon ride.

Shared balloon rides are thrilling and exciting, whether you take the ride alone or in a basket with other patrons you may not know, it’s an experience you can cherish and share with others for a lifetime.

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St. Petersburg Balloon Rides - Private Balloon Rides in St. Petersburg, Florida

Private Balloon Rides Are Truly Special!

Private balloon rides are similar to shared balloon rides. In a nutshell, it is the same thing but the difference between the two is private balloon rides are often reserved for parties of 2 or more. They are often reserved for a special moment between lovers, friends and family. Our private balloon rides are taken to personalize the moment or the experience without the presence of strangers. Our staff loves helping to make these moments special and come to life as much as we can with as little intrusion as possible. Our expert’s number one priority is that you enjoy your ride, and safety and welfare remains intact.

Planning on proposing to the one you love and you do not have a grand gesture in mind? Look no further. A private balloon ride may be just what you need to seal the deal and your lovers experience.

Take his or her breath away with the views from the sunny skies of St. Petersburg. Give your lover an experience they will remember for a lifetime. Request one of our experts to snap a few pictures of you and your lover so you will have a keepsake you both can cherish for a lifetime. Let one of our private balloon rides become part of your love story. Although the private balloon rides make grand romantic gestures, they also make great bonding experiences for family and friends. We all get busy in our lives and it’s so hard to take time out to smell the roses and enjoy one another. Our private balloon rides are easily scheduled around your time, so your family and friends can coordinate and come out and share a fun-filled ride in the skies.

Take energetic photos to share with the friends and family who were not there to join you in your fun. Life can get busy and you never know when you will get another opportunity to bond with your loved ones. Don’t let another five years go by without making any new memories with the ones you love. A private balloon ride offers you that very opportunity to do just that — create memories and enjoy a moment in time in the skies with the ones you love.

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St. Petersburg Balloon Rides - St. Petersburg Tethered Hot Air Balloon Rides

Everybody Can Enjoy a Tethered Balloon Ride!

If you want to have a hot air balloon experience, but fear the elevation or need to develop a level of comfort for the heights a balloon ride takes, a tethered balloon ride is a good way to go. A tethered balloon ride is when the hot air balloon is tied to the ground with strong ropes. Three to four ropes keep the balloon from flying away. This method can cater to a large group of individuals at one time. This is also a good ride for small children who may pose a challenge in heights. Many families with small children often opt to try out tethered balloon rides with their children to gage their level of comfort with balloon riding. Depending on the weather, tethered balloon rides are performed year round by highly trained and skilled experts.

These experts will determine if safe weather conditions exist. Pilots will often not permit take off when a storm is present with 50 miles of the launch location or if winds are stronger than 5mph. This is not only for the pilot’s safety, but for the safety of our patrons and the general public. Safety is paramount in all we do. When we perform tethered take offs, you can be assured that the area of launch is free of any powerlines, trees, or anything that could hinder the safety of the launch and the general public. If elevation is a concern, do not fret. Tethered flights often occur between 25 feet and 100 feet. Depending on factors, such as the elements of the land and weather, the number of passengers and the pilot’s overall determination, the height can vary.

Here at Soaring Sports St. Petersburg, safety is always first and foremost going to be number one. You do not need to be physically fit to take a tethered balloon ride, but know your limitations and if you feel you have a condition that you are worried will be complicated by a tethered balloon ride, consult with a medical professional prior to taking a ride. For the most part, if you are able to enter and exit the balloon without issue, our staff is available to help you experience the ride of a lifetime. We want to make sure our patrons and the general public are safe. Although this ride does not take flight like our traditional balloon rides, we still require parent/guardian permission for patrons under 18 years of age.

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St. Petersburg Balloon Rides - St. Petersburg Balloon Ride Gift Certificates

The Ultimate Gift Certificate is for a Balloon Ride!

Here at Soaring Sports St. Petersburg, we offer a variety of options to share the balloon riding experience with others by offering gift certificates.

We have the best variety of options for gift certificates in this area, available to the general public. One of our most popular gift certificate purchases is for shared balloon rides. When a shared balloon ride with the general public is not the route you wish to take, or you want to personalize the experience for someone you are gifting a certificate to, no need to fret.

We offer private/exclusive balloon rides. Want to propose to your significant other in the future? Our private/exclusive balloon ride gift certificates can help you seal the deal once you decide on the perfect time. Our staff is ready and willing to help you utilize your gift certificate to make such a moment memorable. These types of gift certificates are perfect for having a private experience among friends and family. Not from the area or do not know when you’ll be back in the area? No worries. Our gift certificates can be redeemed at over 100 hot air balloon ride providers, in addition to the one near this city. Our staff can help you locate other providers for your ballooning experience.

Our gift certificates are valid for two years after the initial purchase date. Finding yourself short for time in getting a gift for a special someone, but you have a purchased balloon ride gift certificate laying around? The certificates are fully transferable from person to person, although some locations may have applicable transfer fees. Our friendly group of experts is available seven days a week to assist with your purchase, questions, comments or concerns.

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