The Ultimate in R&R is With a

Bed and Breakfast Package

Next time you are looking to get away for a while, why not combine a hot air balloon ride with a relaxing bed and breakfast stay? Be pampered like you couldn’t imagine and enjoy a beautiful balloon ride either bright an early or before a catered dinner!

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The Ultimate in R&R is With a

Bed and Breakfast Package

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Upgrade your Balloon Ride to a Full Vacation

The zen like feeling a hot air balloon ride offers can be supremely relaxing. Combining this delightful experience with one of our bed and breakfast packages will create the most memorable vacation of your life. Here at Soaring Sports, we know how to make the most out of our balloon rides and help you extend the blissful feelings of your hot air balloon ride beyond the float. Choose from any of our bed and breakfast packages to experience what it feels like to be royalty as one of our drivers escorts you between your hot air balloon ride and comfortable dwelling. No matter which one of our bed and breakfast packages you choose, we will make sure to find the perfect place for you to continue your stress free vacation. We are ready to start planning the major parts of your next vacation, so let us know which one of our bed and breakfast packages you prefer today at 1-855-266-7627!

Going up in a hot air balloon can be uplifting. The emotion that these rides generate within each of our passengers is borderline bliss and many of our patrons repeatedly return to have that feeling once more. We have discovered over the years that making the entire flight last beyond the ride itself aids our frequent flyers in making the stress free linger that much longer. When you are talking to our team, be sure to let us know that you are ready to make your tranquil experience last the whole day by adding one of our bed and breakfast packages into the mix.

At the end of your ride, knowing that you do not have to go home just yet can be almost as uplifting as the balloon ride itself. You would be sorely missing out if you skip the chance to make your hot air balloon ride a holiday like get away, rather than an isolated event. Any of our bed and breakfast packages combine well with any of our hot air balloon ride options.

We offer an amazing way for you to extend that special day with your cherished partner into a delightful 24-hour experience. Combine one of our bed and breakfast packages with one of our private hot air balloon rides. This exclusive flight will reserve a hot air balloon basket for you and that special someone. Which means that you will be able to make the entire experience private, minus the hot air balloon pilot. They will be controlling the hot air balloon’s elevation, leaving you with plenty of time to enjoy the spectacular views from your unique vantage point in the sky. If you would like to mark the occasion with some bubbly, be sure to ask about our champagne package!

Get Ready for The Ultimate R&R

This relaxing getaway is a great way to have an intimate weekend with someone you love or, as a well-deserved treat for yourself. Your ballooning adventure starts when you are picked up from your lodging, to head to the launch site. You will also be briefed on what to expect on your hot air balloon ride, then you’re off to have an amazing time in the skies.

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A Room with a View from a Balloon

Once you and your companion have submerged yourself into the clouds above, the shared tranquil feelings may leave you seeking a way to extend those feelings a bit longer. Fortunately, you have thought about this and prepared accordingly, with one of our bed and breakfast packages. Be sure to pick the one that will highlight all of the tender care you have put into planning this mini one day vacation.

For those of us who are seeking a way to celebrate socially with a large group of friends and family members, fret not! We have the perfect bed and breakfast packages available for you as well. After all, everyone deserves the chance to go on a mini getaway. Even if it only lasts for one day. When you call to reserve your shared hot air balloon ride, let one of our representatives know how many people will be joining you on your 24-hour vacation. This will help us figure out which bed and breakfast package is right for you.

Share your tranquil float above the trees with those you hold dear to your heart for a memorable vacation that is not over loaded with stress. Once you let us know what your plans are, we take the liberty of making your reservations. This will help to make your hot air balloon ride completely stress free as we escort you from hot air balloon ride location to your dwelling. All of your party will be able to make the journey with you from start to end, if you let us know all of the details when you call us at 1-855-266-7627.

Perhaps you are seeking a way to bond with your fellow employees, or a way to entertain potential clients when they into town. By pairing one of our hot air balloon rides with any of our bed and breakfast packages, your fellow peers may think that you are a total genius. Our corporate hot air balloon rides offer you with a way to advertise, show your potential clients a great time and get to know your fellow employees at the same time.

The thought and attention to detail that you provide by procuring this package for your next business meeting is sure to please. Everyone involved, even your boss, will love the results of this delightful hot air balloon experience when it is paired with any of our bed and breakfast packages. To get started on preparing for the next business outing, contact us today! We will help to alleviate most of the stress involved in planning the entertainment. Plus, we will help you to figure out which of the bed and breakfast packages we offer is the best.

There is No Better Time to Reserve Than Now

Are you looking for the perfect relaxing holiday? Did you have a lot on your plate recently and now you need to tune out the world and find your inner peace again? Look no further! A relaxing stay in a cozy bed and breakfast, complete with a magnificent hot air balloon ride is just what you need to connect with your senses again. Call our associates at 1-855-266-7627, tell us your specific needs and let us take care of the rest. We’ll book the perfect bed and breakfast near the location you choose where you can let go of all the stress in your life and relax. Then, your driver will turn up and take you to the launch site of your hot air balloon ride. Soar among the clouds, look at the world from a new perspective and find your inner peace in the tranquility of the sky.
Connect with nature, breathe, and relax as you drift among chirping birds. If you want to make the most of your experience, why not book a champagne flight and enjoy a glass of deliciously bubbly champagne while marveling at the landscape below! Forget about all your troubles and ride into the sunset in your hot air balloon! Contact Soaring Sports today by giving us a call at 1-855-266-7627 and start planning your ultimate relaxing bed and breakfast package! Coupling a relaxing bed and breakfast stay with a tranquil balloon flight in the sky is surely one of the best ways to tune in with nature again. For an even more memorable experience, Soaring Sports offers champagne balloon rides to step your experience up a notch … just request this during booking. Indulge in the moment while sipping champagne as the balloon skirts across the skies.