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Need some sun and serenity in your life? You’ve come to the right place. Soaring Sports offers the best options available for taking a peaceful and exciting trip up, grazing the clouds. Fort Lauderdale is filled with amazing sights to see in a whole new view from your very own floating cabin. Let us arrange your Balloon Ride in the horizon of the Sunshine State.

Unreal Hot Air Balloon Rides in Florida! – Sunshine and Soaring Rides!

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Balloon Rides in Sunny Skies
at Soaring Sports
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Balloon Rides in Sunny Skies at Soaring Sports Fort Lauderdale!
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Need some sun and serenity in your life? You’ve come to the right place. Soaring Sports Fort Lauderdale has the best options available for taking a peaceful and exciting trip up, grazing the clouds. Fort Lauderdale is filled with amazing sights to see in a whole new view from your very own floating cabin. Let us host your ride in the horizons of the Sunshine State.

Sunshine and Soaring Rides!
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Explore these Balloon Ride Options over Florida!

Breathtaking visions from a basket of fun. Maneuver through the clouds in a ride full of action with a soothing feel. We can get you into a new, fun activity with a Hot Air Balloon Ride packages. Booking your ride is fast and easy. Call our experts for details on ride options that will fit whatever it is you are looking for. Going solo or taking a balloon ride with friends has never been this easy and electrifying. Contact us at 1-855-266-7627 today to reserve your ride.

Fort Lauderdale Balloon Rides - Balloon Rides near Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Shared Hot Air Balloon Rides

Get an affordable ride over South Florida with the Shared Balloon Rides. This option is an easy and popular way to see the sights without making a huge dent in your wallet. These shared rides offer a chance for you to ride with people you’ve never met or with just your friends and family. The shared ride is a favorite choice for first-time riders or those who have enjoyed balloon rides before.

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Fort Lauderdale Balloon Rides - Private Balloon Rides in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Private Hot Air Balloon Rides

Keep the Florida sky and its wonders to yourself with an exclusive ride. Soaring Sports offers privacy on a Hot Air Balloon Ride for you and another to enjoy without the company of others. Unlike the Shared Balloon Ride, you will have your very own basket to soar with the wind while looking down upon the landscapes that make this city so great. The views are all yours in the Private Hot Air Balloon Rides.

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Fort Lauderdale Balloon Rides - Tethered Balloon Rides - Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Tethered Hot Air Balloon Rides

Liven up your private or public event with a Tethered Balloon Ride. No other company provides higher quality balloon rides in safer baskets that are tethered to the ground. We offer packages to fit any size event you might be hosting. Don’t limit your celebration to the ground, take it up in the sky and get your event noticed with our Tethered Balloon Ride. These vibrant balloons will gain the attention of amused spectators from all around.

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Fort Lauderdale Balloon Rides - Balloon Ride Gift Certificates - Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Balloon Ride Gift Certificates

Need a memorable gift idea? Then why not purchase a Hot Air Balloon Ride in a gift certificate for your friend or loved one? There’s no better gift to give than an afternoon or evening in the sky, soaring over the palm trees and beautiful green grassland that Fort Lauderdale has to offer. These rides give a taste of South Florida you can savor from above. Make a lasting impression by purchasing a gift certificate for someone today! Learn More.

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Let’s Go For a Ride…Hot Air Balloon Style

Trust Soaring Sports partners to take you on the ride of your life! The Hot Air Balloon Rides guarantee a great time with a ride through the clouds in comfort and security. See the wind kissing the ocean waves from these relaxing balloon baskets. With this package options, we offer you choices to fit any occasion or even if you just want to try something new! Float with the birds above the beaches and deep blue seas of South Florida.

Our partners have trained experts on staff to take you from getting information to getting up in the skies to enjoy a beautiful perspective. We all love the resorts, beaches, and tourist attractions from the ground, but why not take a trip that will let you relish this glorious city from above! Get into a new activity on your family vacation or explore your home city in a way you’ve never done before. Whatever the case, we will offer you a lifetime experience with memories and stories to share for years to come.

Worried about the cost? DON’T BE! We offer group discounts and holiday specials so you can take advantage of taking part in this one-of-a-kind voyage. It’s a small price to pay to float through a sea of clouds, be a little closer to the beautiful sun, and get a literal overview of one of the best vacation spots in the country. Soaring Sports Fort Lauderdale wants to help make your holidays even better with our discounted specials that will put your mind at ease as you’re booking your reservation. And don’t forget about our gift certificates! Your lucky recipient won’t have any excuse not to jump into a basket and lift off for the ride of a lifetime!

Fort Lauderdale – Venice of America

Ever wondered what Florida’s beautiful palm trees looked like from above? Elevate in a hot air balloon and you can see these unique trees, as well as other fabulous flora of the “Venice of America”, as never before! Fort Lauderdale, part of Miami’s metropolitan area, features a tropical rainforest climate hosting wondrous beaches and river fronts. In a Hot Air Balloon Ride, you will be able to take in a majestic view of ships and yachts sailing to and from Port Everglades and the New River located in the downtown area of Florida’s southeastern coast.

During your ride, you will enjoy the feel of the warm climate that South Florida is known for. Perfect for a day at Fort Lauderdale Beach or Pompano Beach after your balloon ride over the shores. Sunrise Boulevard is bustling with the Floridian feel of downtown, with buildings decorating the city’s skyline featuring the massive, 42-story Las Olas River House.

Each ofthese Hot Air Balloon Rides will give a different view of the city contingent on the wind’s flow and direction. This is great because taking a second ride will not be like your usual roller coaster where you know what’s to be expected.

So much to see while gliding over the multiple destinations of Fort Lauderdale with a team of ballooning professionals. Our affiliate pilots will make sure you see all that this city has to offer by piloting with the wind, ensuring your ride is filled with spectacular views of plazas, coastlines, and events! You might see crowds flocking to the BB&T Center to catch the latest sports event, the International Boat Show, or the Florida Renaissance Festival. Take in an aerial view to get the full feel of these annual events that make Fort Lauderdale the perfect tourist location and are why locals never want to leave!

Fort Lauderdale Balloon Rides - Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Fort Lauderdale Balloon Rides - Fort Lauderdale, Florida

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Fort Lauderdale Balloon Rides - Hot Air Balloon Rides near Fort Lauderdale, Florida

One Sizes Fit All in Shared Balloon Rides

Whether it’s just you or you’re going up in the air with your crew, our partners can accommodate up to 10 people in their crowd-pleasing rides throughout the sky! The facility is the best in the area with Shared Balloon Ride options. This most popular package can take on you and/or your group to fulfill your air seeking needs over the waters and landscapes that create the city of Fort Lauderdale. Feel the spirit of the city while riding along with strangers. Make a new friend as you share in the sights, pointing out the terrific views from sky level. Invite your friends in town to come take a new look at South Florida. Don’t show them the usual beaches and downtown, take them on a new ride to experience a new view. A Hot Air Balloon Ride with a top-rated facility will make a friendly gathering one grand moment to remember.

For approximately one hour, you and the other riders will be taken up on a journey with an unexpected show that only a Hot Air Balloon Ride can give you. If your friends can’t make it or aren’t brave enough to make the trip with you, rest assured that you will feel safe and comfortable with a friendly staff and regular customers. You will experience a calming and breathtaking ride from beginning to end as you find peace and excitement sailing in the winds of Fort Lauderdale. Many of our customers take on the sky alone so don’t worry about the social atmosphere as all riders are there for one common goal: to enjoy a new experience in the sky!

When booking your Hot Air Balloon Ride, make sure you let us know the exact number of people with you to ensure that we can arrange the baskets and space available for all of you to take to the sky together! Our experts will be able to advise you of your accommodations and get your reservation just right! Feel free to ask any questions you may have regarding your ride. We can (and are more than happy to) answer them all.

A Shared Balloon Ride is a great way to get you started on your ballooning adventures. It’s the most affordable way as well! Reserve your spot in a basket today by calling 754-216-3360. Spaces tend to fill up fast so don’t delay!

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Fort Lauderdale Balloon Rides - Private Balloon Rides in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Don’t Play Well With Others? Private Rides Available!

Reserve a Private Balloon Ride for you and that special someone and enjoy an intimate ride through the clouds of the Southeastern skies. We offer this package for our customers who want to make a special occasion even more special—such as an anniversary, marriage proposal, birthday, or vacation—or just want to add a spark to their regular dating routine. Private Balloon Rides are for parties of two or more people who are ready to get in the air and fly, with the scenery of a beautiful Floridian city below. No matter the reason, you can book an exclusive hot air balloon basket all to yourselves to ensure your privacy.

Impress someone or get out of the doghouse by giving them a wind ride in a hot air balloon basket. Our affiliate, certified pilot will have your private cabin in the sky ready and secured for a comfy and romantic ride. No worries of being paired with others in the exclusive rides. Reserving your Private Hot Air Balloon Ride will guarantee your space for just the two of you!

After watching your personal colorful balloon inflate, it’s time to get to romancing in the clouds. There’s no better way to celebrate love than in one of our balloon rides flying over beaches, downtown Fort Lauderdale, and lush tropical waterfronts. Sailing over oceanside highways getting closer to that significant other will light a huge spark in your connection. Make your friends jealous by taking your sweetheart up in an unexpected and soothing flight, free from the turbulence as the wind does not affect the balance of a basket in the sky. Top off the romantic ride with the champagne toast at the end of your private journey. With all of these perks in these exclusive rides, you are well on your way to keeping the romance alive!

The Private Balloon Rides are not only for romantic couples; you can reserve a private basket for as many as 10 people. Enjoy a single ladies day out, sharing dating horror stories while enjoying the placid views like you’ve never seen before. Private rides are also great for family time in the sky. With the option of flying with only who you want, you won’t have to worry about vacation being interrupted by strangers.

For any occasion or group size, the exclusive Hot Air Balloon Rides will give you a piece of Florida that you can’t find at any tourist attraction or everyday sight-seeing activity. Elevate your view of Fort Lauderdale with privacy and excitement offered by Soaring Sports Fort Lauderdale.

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Fort Lauderdale Balloon Rides - Fort Lauderdale Tethered Hot Air Balloon Rides

Out of the Norm Events With a Tethered Balloon Ride

We wouldn’t offer our customers private rides without offering the ability to accommodate larger parties. Let Soaring Sports Fort Lauderdale show you that we offer everything you need to plan that perfect event. With the Tethered Balloon Ride, you will be able to throw that big event or company party and leave your guests in awe of your managerial skills. Tethered Balloon Rides consist of a balloon or series of balloons being securely anchored to the ground with a series of ropes. This way, all participants in your party can enjoy a ride.

Earn your “Boss Appreciation Day” gifts by taking your employees on a company Hot Air Balloon Ride. That next Monday at work will not be your usual drag-into-the-office Monday as employees and co-workers will still be on a high from their time on a thrilling ride overlooking the ocean and skyline views. Along with impressing your employees, it’ll give you a chance to market your business in the sky by placing your company name and/or logo outside of your basket for the spectators below to see. You can’t lose with this style of Hot Air Balloon Ride. Company events will never be the same as employees will jump to participate in a skyline ride!

Tethered rides are also great for major events to celebrate a new product launch, a birthday, or an anniversary. Give your parents the ultimate token of appreciation by setting up a tethered ride for a milestone wedding anniversary, where family and friends can shower them with love and congratulate them in a completely unique way. Hiring an event planner to throw one of their ordinary events that has been overdone cannot compare to the magic a tethered ride can bring to your event. Prepare your guests for an unforgettable time and amazing views from the tethered baskets adorned with these colorful balloons.

Bring the party or the company event to the sky! We, at Soaring Sports, hold the safety of our customers as top priority. We only work with skilled experts and certified pilots who are personable and more than capable of handling the tethered rides against the wind. All you have to do is make your reservation, send out your invites, and pick out that perfect outfit to wear for posing in pictures taken of you with the sky as your backdrop.

Speak with our representatives today to reserve a Tethered Balloon Ride for your next event. We are available seven days a week to help you make your event the best it can be.

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Fort Lauderdale Balloon Rides - Fort Lauderdale Balloon Ride Gift Certificates

Balloon Ride Gift Certificates Are Remembered Forever

Bring the joy of the sky to a loved one with a Hot Air Balloon Ride gift certificates. Yes! We offer you the chance to gift an exciting ride in a hot air balloon to that deserving someone. Just about anyone would greatly appreciate a calm and composed trip up in the sky. Presenting the token of a cool session in a colorful balloon ride will leave them loving you forever! (It might also boost your chances of receiving better gifts from them in the future.) But really, what else could match a Hot Air Balloon Ride over Fort Lauderdale? Whatever the occasion, our staff of experts can give your gift certificate recipient an amazing experience they were never expecting.

Not only do our gift certificates promise a great ride in the clouds, they come with some awesome benefits to the rider and the purchaser. Our gift certificates can be used at any of our more than 100 affiliate locations. They are good for up to two years from the date of purchase and can be easily transferred to another potential rider. Speaking with our reps will give you further details on how you can be someone’s favorite friend just because you stepped out of the comfort zone of gift giving!

Calm their fears of flying in a balloon ride by letting them know that you have purchased a flight with the safest facility in the area. Many visitors call back and give high recommendations so you can trust that the hot air balloon baskets will offer a unique floating adventure. You can let your giftee know it’s ok to look down since they’ll be secured by a highly experienced and friendly pilot who sincerely wants to provide a good time! Our balloon experts are available seven days a week to speak with customers about the types of gift certificates Soaring Sports has to offer.

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Fort Lauderdale Balloon Rides - Fort Lauderdale, Florida


An unforgettable time is what you can expect from a Hot Air Balloon Ride. Turn a boring vacation into an event of a lifetime with a one-of-a-kind experience of soaring with the winds of Florida. An expert ballooning staff will keep you informed of your ride before it happens as well as safe and sound while in the middle of the fun. Make spectators on the ground envious of you, stepping outside of your fear of heights by waving below and showing them that time in the sky is like no other! From our discounts and gift certificates to the actual flying time in the sky, you can’t beat what we have to offer in a Hot Air Balloon Ride.

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