Soaring Sports arranges thrilling Indianapolis Hot Air Balloon Rides Over IN!

We offer the most options in Indiana. We know you want to see spectacular views and have an unmatched experience, and we are here to offer you with exactly that! Our team of experts and enthusiasts is here to answer any questions you might have. You’ll be floating through the skies over Indiana in no time! Explore Balloon Rides!

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Thrilling Hot Air Balloon Rides Over Indianapolis, IN!
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Thrilling Hot Air Balloon Rides Over Indianapolis, IN!
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We offer the most options in Indiana. We know you want to see spectacular views and have an unmatched experience, and we are here to provide you with exactly that! Our team of experts and enthusiasts is here to answer any questions you might have. You’ll be floating through the skies over Indianapolis in no time!

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Soaring Sports offers the Most Options and Opportunities

Hot air balloon rides are a unique and thrilling experience. They’re great for family, friends, or couples, and they make an equally exciting gift! We are here to offer you the best options, and our dedicated team is here to help you with any questions you might have. Call us today and head to the skies!

Balloon Rides near Indianapolis, Indiana

Shared Balloon Rides

Hot air balloon rides are an experience best shared, so grab your friends and family and float to the skies! Hot Air Balloons come in all shapes and sizes, so even a group of ten will fit comfortably with everyone getting their own personal space. This option allows you to share the beautiful experience of a hot air balloon ride with your loved ones!

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Private Balloon Rides in Indianapolis, Indiana

Private Balloon Rides

If you’re looking for a more secluded hot air balloon experience, a private balloon ride may be the choice for you. You’ll be able to reserve the entire basket for your group of two or more people instead of sharing it with others. These rides are typically relaxing, romantic, and include a champagne toast.

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Tethered Balloon Rides - Indianapolis, Indiana

Tethered Balloon Rides

Tethered balloon rides are laid back, short, and the best option for those afraid of heights. The balloon is tethered to the ground, floats up, and easily comes down to the same location. This lasts only for a few minutes and may be the most popular way of experiencing a hot air balloon ride. This type of ride is usually found at festivals and large gatherings.

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Balloon Ride Gift Certificates - Indianapolis, Indiana

Gift Certificates

If you know someone that loves unique experiences or is looking for a romantic present for someone special, consider getting them a gift certificate for a hot air balloon ride. This exceptional experience makes a great gift, and there are a variety of customization options available. Your loved ones will never forget the beautiful views and airy breezes.

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Hot Air Balloon Rides Over Indianapolis?
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See everything from above the beautiful landscape!

Soaring Sports offers the most options and services in Indiana. We’re here to offer you with an unforgettable experience, and our team of experts can answer any questions you might have. No matter what option works best for you, your hot air balloon ride over Indiana will have beautiful views, gentle breezes, and a great feeling of effortless flight. Our focus is always on your safety and your experience, so you can trust us to set you up with an amazing time.

We offer a variety of ride options. You can choose from a fun shared balloon with a big group, a secluded private basket, or a short tethered ride. All of the choices will give you an unforgettable, ethereal feeling of floating hundreds of feet above ground in a giant balloon. You’ll be able to share the experience with your friends and family no matter what you choose.

We also provide group and holiday discounts.
Consider giving the gift of the unique experience of a hot air balloon ride over Indiana. Whether you’re looking for a romantic gift or a friendly one, hot air balloon rides are sure to please. Our gift cards are also customizable, so you’ll be able to find the complete hot air balloon ride services and options for gifts as well.

Additionally, we also boast our partnered team of ballooning experts that are friendly and knowledgeable. Customer service is always available to answer all of your questions or clear up any doubts. Regardless of what kind of experience you’re looking for out of your hot air balloon ride, you’re sure to be able to find the perfect option here at Soaring Sports.

Indianapolis, Indiana Statehouse
Indianapolis Balloon Rides

No matter where you are, a hot air balloon ride is a beautiful experience, but Indiana has a unique charm not found anywhere else. Over Indianapolis, you’ll be able to see the gorgeous city skyline and, if you look farther ahead, you can see the beautiful rolling hills of the countryside. Indiana’s warm summers and mild springs also make it the perfect place to experience a hot air balloon ride. You can plan your trip around the various events going on in Indianapolis to make the most of your time in the air and on the ground.

If you prefer the milder temperature of springtime, consider planning your hot air balloon ride in April or May when temperatures may range from highs in the 70s and lows in the 40s. Meanwhile, summer lovers will enjoy June through August, when temperatures can reach average highs of 85 degrees. Fall may also be a lovely time to visit for the more mild temperatures as well as the colorful foliage and autumn festivals in the state.

Consider planning your trip around Indianapolis’s many events and festivals. No matter when you’d like to visit, there is sure to be something going on. In late April, celebrate the environment with the Earth Day Indiana festival. Wine lovers are sure to enjoy the Vintage Indiana Wine and Food Festival while music junkies will fit right in at the Independent Music and Art Festival in June. There are always a variety of cultural festivals throughout the year happening too, from Oktoberfest to the Irish and Italian festivals.

Indianapolis is also a hub of famous museums and historical sights open year-round. Children might enjoy the huge Children’s Museum of Indianapolis while history buffs can spend hours checking out the Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art. You’ll also be able to check out the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, the longest in the world, or catch a football game at the Colts stadium. There is something in Indianapolis for everyone, so make sure to take in the beautiful environment on the ground, not just the beautiful views in the sky.

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Hot Air Balloon Rides near Indianapolis, Indiana

Share a Ride With New Friends!

Soaring Sports offers shared balloon rides in Indiana for groups of different sizes. This option is great for those that want to bring friends or who want to go alone but don’t mind sharing the basket with other groups. Your group can be as large as ten people, so don’t leave anyone behind! This is our most popular option as it is more affordable and perfect for many groups.

A hot air balloon ride like this is a long but very rewarding process, so make sure to relax and take in everything around you. You’ll start at your chosen launch point with the entire group and be able to watch the balloon set up. Hot air balloons are huge and can be over 21 thousand cubic feet, so this is interesting to see.

You’ll take off from the launch point for about an hour long ride. Throughout the flight, immerse yourself in the breathtaking view over Indiana. Depending on where you’re launching from, you’ll be able to see rolling hills of farmland, the city skyline, or lush forests. The changing seasons also offer very different experiences. If you’re lucky enough to book a sunrise or sunset flight, you’ll also be able to see gorgeous cloud.

Remember, to bring your camera and take a lot of pictures to document this amazing experiment. You’ll be able to ask a crew member or others in the basket to take pictures of you as well.

What to Expect During Your Shared Hot Air Balloon Ride

The size of the basket will depend of the size of the group coming on the trip, but no matter what, everyone will have their own comfortable space. The baskets are padded and are equipped with various safety features, like high walls. We focus on the safety and experience of our customers, so all of the launch points featured on the site are completely certified and well-reviewed. At the end of the flight, you’ll be shuttled back to the launch site. Your flight will also likely include complimentary champagne, juice, or water as well as a light lunch, so you’ll be satisfied throughout the trip. Most launch points also offer small souvenirs like cups or flight certificates.

Make Unforgettable Memories!

If you want to experience the thrill and amazement of a hot air balloon flight and don’t mind sharing the basket with other groups, a shared balloon ride may be the option for you. This is perfect for singles, couples, families or just groups of friends wanting to do something unique together. You’ll be able to get an overhead view of Indiana from a massive balloon, and no matter when or where you go, this is sure to be an unparalleled experience for everyone on board.

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Private Balloon Rides in Indianapolis, Indiana

Share A Romantic Flight Over Indiana!

Hot air balloon rides are often hailed as a beautiful, romantic experience to share with your loved ones. If what you’re looking to get out of your balloon ride is a loving and secluded time, this might be the perfect option for you. Unlike the shared balloon ride, you won’t be sharing the basket with other groups, but you will have the entire balloon all to yourself and your group. Typically, these flights are reserved for two or more people to provide a personal experience.

Private Hot Air Balloon Ride Expectations

After meeting your pilot and crew, your experience will start with the setup of the hot air balloon. The balloons are huge, reaching tens of thousands of cubic feet, so the setup is a unique and fun process in and of itself. Here you’ll be able to get to know the crew as well as the ins and outs of hot air balloon rides.

Like any hot air balloon ride, the views from the flight will be truly unique. As you fly over Indiana, you’ll be able to see fields, forests, or even cities, and a slight breeze will be cooling you off. What can be more romantic than that? For an even more breathtaking experience, consider booking a sunrise or sunset flight to see the brilliant colors of the Indiana sky.

Remember to bring your camera to capture this beautiful experience. The crew on board will also be able to help you take pictures that will be cherished for years. You’ll spend an hour in the air taking in the natural outdoor beauty of Indiana. In totality, allow about three hours for the entire experience.

At the end of the flight, you’ll be shuttled back to the launch site. Most launch sites also offer complimentary drinks and a light lunch. Small souvenirs might also be available. Some launch sites offer glasses, flight certificates for framing, photos, or special offers. If your group is larger than two people, you still might be able to book a private balloon ride, but you might need to call ahead as there might be weight limits. If you have any questions, feel free to call our team of experts any day of the week.

Why choose

Private balloon rides are the perfect, romantic experience, and Indiana is an amazing place to do this. If you’re looking for a unique experience to share with your loved one, look no further than a beautiful, private hot air balloon ride.

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Indianapolis Tethered Hot Air Balloon Rides

Short But Sweet Tethered Balloon Rides!

Tethered balloon rides are shorter and less personal but also more affordable and easier to book. During these rides, the hot air balloon pilot comes to a specific location and tethers the balloon using a strong line connected to a few points on the ground. The pilot is then able to bring a group of people up from the ground for a few minutes. This way, the pilot does not need to steer and only goes up and down from one spot. They can also bring large groups of people on the ride within an hour or so. Because of how this version is structured, it is the perfect way to get to know whether you’d enjoy an untethered ride or to overcome any fear of one. Tethered balloons do not reach the high altitudes other balloons might, so they are perfect for people with a fear of flying. Since they are very low altitude, this type of ride is also the safest way to go on a hot air balloon ride.

What You Should Expect During a Tethered Balloon Ride

Tethered balloon rides are different in availability from other types of rides because they’re much easier to book. Sometimes a hot air balloon offering tethered rides can even be found at festivals or carnivals. For a unique wedding activity, you might even be able to book a tethered hot air balloon for the reception.

If you’re interested in booking a balloon for your event, consider that the cost of booking may be partially or completely deferred by charging a small fee to ride. Most companies require you to book the balloon for some minimum of time. This is especially useful for those looking for a tethered balloon for a festival or carnival. They’re also a great activity for kids since they don’t go very high. Tethered balloon rides are the easiest way to experience a hot air balloon ride, and they make the perfect addition to any large event. Guarantee!

At Soaring Sports, we offer only the best tethered hot air balloon experiences in the state. You’ll be able to book a tethered balloon for your event or gathering and have it for a few hours. This is great for events like weddings or carnivals because a lot of people are attending. We also offer a variety of options so you’ll be able to customize everything to your needs. Since our focus is completely on the safety and experience of hot air balloons, all of the balloons we offer are Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approved. All necessary safety procedures are followed, creating a comfortable, safe, and fun experience for all of your riders. If this is something you’d like to look further into, our team of experts is here to answer all of your questions.

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Indianapolis Balloon Ride Gift Certificates

Hot Air Balloon Ride Gift Certificates Make Dreams Come True

A Hot air balloon ride is a completely unique experience. There is nothing else quite like it. That is exactly what makes a balloon ride the perfect gift. If you know someone who loves the outdoors and thrilling or romantic experiences, consider getting them a gift certificate for a hot air balloon ride. They’ll be floating thousands of feet in the air and seeing the great extent of natural beauty. While most gift certificates are for shared balloon rides, we also offer one for a private hot air balloon ride, which would work perfectly as a surprise date gift. Guarantee!

At Soaring Sports, our gift certificates come with a lot of added perks. They are valid for two years from the purchase date, so you or the receiver of the gift has plenty of time to make plans to use it. They’re also accepted at over 100 affiliate hot air balloon ride providers all over the country, including the ones near Indianapolis. They are completely transferable from person to person. If you’d like to transfer locations, it is possible, but it may require a small fee. Whichever location you choose, they’ll be FAA certified and well-reviewed. No matter where you choose, your ride will be a once in a lifetime experience!

Remember, the best gifts are experiences not material things, and a hot air balloon ride may just be the pinnacle of that.  Your friends and loved ones are sure to remember the gift for years to come. You can even join them on their flight for a shared experience. Grab your cameras and set out to make beautiful memories!

Our team of ballooning experts is always here to help. Customer service is available seven days a week to answer your questions. If the person you’re giving the gift to has any questions, feel free to direct them to us as well.

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Hot air balloon rides are always an amazing experience, and Indiana’s beautiful weather makes it the perfect place for this. You’ll be able to see the full extent of natural beauty from a bird’s eye view. This unique experience can also be customized by you, so you can choose to have a friendly and social experience through a shared balloon ride, a romantic and secluded time with a private ride, or you can even book a tethered balloon for a large event. You can also give a gift certificate for a great present. Soaring Sports Indianapolis is always focused on your safety and experience. Our customer service is always here to answer your questions.

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