Luxurious Kansas City hot air balloon rides offered by Soaring Sports!

If you are looking for a relaxing and amazing adventure across the beautiful skies of Missouri, look no further than Soaring Sports! We offer a vast array of options to choose from for those balloon ride enthusiasts, or those individuals looking for a brand new experience in serenity! These Kansas City Hot Air Balloon Rides are a premium service, and you will not regret the day you decided to come take a ride! So, call now and ride the waves of the gorgeous blue sky!

Kansas City Hot Air Balloon Rides – Soaring Sports!

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Luxurious balloon rides at Kansas City, Missouri!
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Luxurious balloon rides at Kansas City, Missouri!
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If you are looking for a relaxing and amazing adventure across the beautiful skies of Missouri, look no further than right here at Kansas City! We have a vast array of options to choose from for those balloon ride enthusiasts, or those individuals looking for a brand new experience in serenity! Our elegant rides are a premium service, and you will not regret the day you decided to come take a ride with us! So, call now and come ride the waves of the gorgeous blue sky!

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At Soaring Sports we offer the best options in Kansas City Hot Air Balloon Rides!

We offer amazing Kansas City hot air balloon rides here at Soaring Sports over the awe-inspiring landscape of Missouri. Come to us for all your Kansas City hot air balloon desires and take in the scenic view of beautiful KC! Feel free to call us at 1-855-266-7627 for all your questions in regard to the services we provide! We offer a wide variety of options for those who are looking to soar through the clouds in a balloon!

Kansas City Balloon Rides - Balloon Rides near Kansas City, Missouri

Shared Balloon Rides

The Shared Balloon Rides are the most popular option for those looking for a Kansas City hot air balloon adventure for the first time! This majestic journey can be undertaken with your group and others, usually ranging anywhere from 4-12 to people per ride! You and our other guests will be taken up in the air to enjoy all the splendor of Kansas City! This affordable option offers not only the beautiful landscape of Missouri, but the wondrous relaxation of a comforting ride.

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Kansas City Balloon Rides - Private Balloon Rides in Kansas City, Missouri

Private Balloon Rides

Take advantage of a Private Balloon Ride option to get that special someone a romantic gift that will be cherished forever! Woo your significant other in tremendous fashion with a spectacular private ride and take to the heavens in elegance! Anniversary, birthday, it doesn’t matter, this intimate setting in the skies of Kansas City is sure to impress any significant other! You will blow them away with this amazing package! Come learn more about the Private Balloon Rides!

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Kansas City Balloon Rides - Tethered Balloon Rides - Kansas City, Missouri

Tethered Balloon Rides

Want to make your party a hit? Need something special to make your fundraiser have that little extra something? If it is a unique experience you are looking to have at your gathering, look no further than right here! The Tethered Balloon Rides are an amazing opportunity to have an awesome attraction to make your party one to be remembered! Those who attend your event will be talking forever about the spectacular rides provided at your bash!

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Kansas City Balloon Rides - Balloon Ride Gift Certificates - Kansas City, Missouri

Gift Certificates

Looking to get a family member or friend a special gift that they cherish forever? Our gift certificates are the perfect present if you want to offer someone the chance to be mesmerized by the wondrous world of balloon rides! Give them the means and motivation to fly high in the sky, and take in the illustrious scenery of wondrous Missouri! Check out the gift certificate options we have available today!

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Kansas City Hot Air Balloon Rides

We are the leader in our industry, offering a plethora of options for you to customize and set up the perfect event with all the elements you want! Come sail through the air, up into the clouds, with our elite service and survey the world in luxurious grandeur! Take an aerial view of the tantalizing sights of Kansas City, Missouri in one of many well maintained hot air balloons! We offer a smorgasbord of services including: Tethered Rides, Private Rides and Shared Rides! Giving you the choice to pick the best options for yourself!

The balloon professionals are here to serve you and insure that you have a wonderful time enjoying the delights of these balloon rides! We have the experience and the know how to offer the safest and most secure ride possible while you take in all the serene beauty that Kansas City has to offer from your place in the clouds! Friendly, seasoned employees will make sure to facilitate your journey into the sky and insure that you have a relaxing, fun time while taking every precaution necessary to keep you safe! Excite your family, friends, or that special someone with an amazing Kansas City hot air balloon trip!

Don’t forget to plan your balloon ride in advance and to speak to our customer service agents to find out about all of the specials we have to offer. Not only do we provide unique group discounts, but if you are really looking to save money, ask about our holiday rates! Feel free to ask about our gift certificate options too! Come feel the wind against your face while thousands of feet above the earth, where all your balloon ride dreams come true!

Kansas City Balloon Rides - Kansas City, Missouri
Kansas City Balloon Rides - Kansas City, MO Hot Air Balloon Rides
Kansas City Balloon Rides - Kansas City, MO

Cruise through the clouds in Kansas City!

Kansas City is the home of the MLB team the Royals and the NFL Chiefs, but it is also one of the most scintillating cities with all of its natural and architectural beauty! Come explore the sweet, azure skies of Missouri in one of our regal hot air balloons, streaming through the clouds to take in all the wonders that Kansas City has to offer! This area is littered with historical sites and provides a gorgeous cityscape along with its natural landscape! The heavenly skies of Missouri offer a state of pure euphoria for anyone who wishes to glide through them in one of our balloons, so come peruse the breathtaking sights of the marvelous Kansas City!

The First Battle of Independence, The Second Battle of Independence and The Battle of Westport all took place during the Civil War era and in the state of Missouri! Depending upon where you are, you might be able to take your hot air balloon up to peruse these historical sites, and fly high above these battlegrounds to take in a piece of American history!

One of the other highlights of Kansas City comes in its unique architecture and its cityscape! The awesome Power and Light Building, located in the city, is heavily influenced by the Art Deco style and has a glowing beacon in the sky during the night! The Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts also has an almost alien appeal, a truly wondrous piece of art-work constructed near the Kansas City Convention Center.

So, whether you call it the “City of Fountains”, the “Paris of the Plains” or the “Heart of America”, Kansas City is the place for you to get your balloon ride fix! The fabulous scenery and vivid history of this wonderful city is waiting for you to take it all in.

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Kansas City Balloon Rides - Hot Air Balloon Rides near Kansas City, Missouri

enjoy a Shared Balloon Ride in Missouri!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to enjoy a Kansas City hot air balloon ride? Have you ever caught yourself gazing up at the sky as one of these remarkable transports has sailed through the air on a gorgeous day? Wondering what it would be like to feel the wind on your face, to stare dreamily down upon the rolling landscape of Kansas City? To be thousands of feet in the air in the relaxing sway of a wicker gondola? To sail through the atmosphere in a colorful and relaxing balloon? Well, you can stop dreaming! Your chance is finally here! Come balloon soon and have all your balloon ride desires met!

We are leading the way in the industry of balloon entertainment with the most talented professionals available in the field of aerial activities! Our affiliate experts will offer you a safe and friendly environment in which to experience your Shared Balloon Ride, and will be sure to provide you with a serene journey! Our staff will exceed all of your highest expectations with their professionalism and friendly personalities! You and your group will be beyond ecstatic the day you chose to fly!

What to Expect During Your Shared Hot Air Balloon Ride

You will want to get there early to take in every step of the balloon ride experience, starting with the inflation of your balloon. You will see the balloon’s canvas stretched out across the grass, laid out perfectly with the fan aligned up to blow air straight into the underside of the hot air balloon. Slowly, but surely, the balloon will ripple to life and take to the air! The ballooning material will puff up and lift toward the sky, and when it is about fifty percent completed your balloon pilot will light up the burner! This will push the air up into the balloon at a much quicker rate, and fill it up so that you will soon be able to take flight. This whole process can be a bit lengthy, but it is worth the wait, and is all a part of the balloon ride experience! Be sure to take pictures during the whole process and feel free to ask any questions from experts, so that you can explain the procedure to your friends and family later when you share your balloon ride adventure with them!

When the balloon is filled, you will be moments away from your grandiose journey! A talented staff will go through the final preparations and make sure that all the safety precautions are taken, and insure that all the equipment is prepped and ready to go! Once this is done you, and your group, along with the balloon crew will load up onto the spacious “gondola”, or basket, and the real adventure begins!

The burner will hiss as it belches fire and heat, up into the balloon’s girth! The basket will lift, and you will be in the sway of mother nature’s gracious breath! You’ll feel your movements drift to the touch of wind, the calming shifting of the balloon’s natural motion, and slowly you will ascend toward the enamoring visual of Missouri’s gorgeous alluring skies! Prepare for a feeling of pure ecstasy in a balloon!

Make Unforgettable Memories!

For about an hour you will get to enjoy all the wonderful imagery a balloon ride offers! Make sure to bring your camera to load up on all the pictures that you can; you won’t be able to take enough, that much is for sure! Experience the freedom from gravity! The freedom of all earthly plights and drown yourself in the moment of your boundless adventure.

Eventually, you’ll have to come back to earth! And the talented pilot will release some of the heat from your balloon as they return you to the landing zone! All dreams must come to an end eventually, and so will this mesmerizing trip through the skies of Missouri, but the memories will stay forever.

Do not miss out on the opportunity to have the experience of a lifetime! Call Soaring Sports to have your Kansas City hot air balloon ride dreams come to life!

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Kansas City Balloon Rides - Private Balloon Rides in Kansas City, Missouri

Enjoy the intimacy of a Private Balloon Ride!

Private Hot Air Balloon Ride Expectations

Are you looking for the perfect romantic moment? Do you want to exhilarate and impress someone special, or a group of your friends? Looking to celebrate a momentous occasion in style and privacy? Private Balloon Rides are the perfect option to fulfill any of these desires, and so many more! Take to the clouds and toast your love, friendship, any celebration! Everyone who partakes in one of these intimate adventures will remember this fabulous journey for the rest of their lives!

Plan your private affair with our customer service agents and reserve your very own Private Balloon Ride! You and your group will get to float through the skies at your own leisure, enjoying the freedom of the open air in the intimate setting of your choosing. Whether you are bringing a small group, or only one special person, you cannot go wrong with our elite balloon ride services! We will make sure to provide you with a moment of pure bliss that you will cherish forever with that special someone, or group of friends!

If you are looking for romance, why do something traditional and boring? Why not reach for the stars, literally! Make a grand gesture and take to the skies with the love of your life! Do something spectacular! What better way to celebrate a loved one’s birthday, a wedding anniversary, a first date or maybe you are looking for the perfect environment to pop that special question! Or, you can even set-up a wedding event in a glorious balloon! Be one of those people with a magnificent story about your one of a kind wedding!

Just imagine the serenity of the setting sun in the backdrop, the gorgeous cityscape of Kansas City coming to life, the gentle gust of Missouri air against your cheek as you embrace your loved one in a moment of pure bliss! If you are looking to blow someone away, to give a gift that will be remembered forever for that special someone, then a Private Balloon Ride is exactly what you are looking for! You and your guest, or guests, can marvel at the wonders of the Missouri landscape, and maybe catch the sunset from high above the ground! Finalize the moment with a toast of champagne to mark the event with a bit of bubbly!

Your wife, your lover, your friend, your family, whoever it is that you take up this endeavor with will be forever indebted to your forward thinking! You will enjoy the privacy of your own personal sky glide forever, treasuring the day for all time! Taking a ride in a Kansas City hot air balloon is definitely an activity that everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime!

Why choose Soaring Sports?

Private Balloon Rides are not only for two though, as a Private Balloon Ride can be the perfect event to share with a small group of close knit friends! Maybe your bowling team wants to do something unique for winning the local championship! Or if you want to show some visiting family members the time of their life, in a private setting! The balloons can accommodate a wide variety of group sizes, and promise the luxury of privacy! Only your group and our pilot will drift through the air to enjoy the sights far down below!

Also, do not forget that you can pick up our exclusive gift certificates to give as a gift to a friend or family member you know might have a hard time with romantic gestures! You can give them a hand by showing them the way to the heart of that lucky lady or lad that they are crushing on with a gift certificate to get their very own Private Balloon Ride!

So, if you are looking to experience the dreamy world of the gorgeous horizon and fluffy white clouds in the sky, with an intimate group, call us! We offer more options than anyone else! We can fulfill all your balloon ride needs! The best hot air balloon crew in all of Missouri that will provide a safe and secure trip across beautiful Missouri is at your fingertips.

Call us at 1-855-266-7627 to ask our representatives any questions and book your Private Balloon Ride today!

Kansas City Balloon Rides - Kansas City Tethered Hot Air Balloon Rides

Check out awesome Tethered Balloon rides!

What You Should Expect During a Tethered Balloon Ride

Planning a company picnic? A family reunion? Looking to advertise for a business? Graduation party? Are you wanting to make your event the highlight of the decade for your friends, family or employees? If so, the Tethered Balloon Ride services might be exactly what you are looking for! Take your shindig to the next level with this elite service, and blow away all the guests at your party with our amazing balloon rides! People will be talking about your gathering for years to come; nobody will forget the party with the hot air balloon, that is for sure!

Presuming your location has ample open ground and the weather is permitting on the day of your party, Tethered Balloon Rides will turn any ordinary bash into an epic occasion enjoyable for guests of all ages! Let your party-goers go sky-high in our tethered hot air balloon, taking on a bird’s eye view of the celebration happening down on the ground! It makes an amazing centerpiece to any celebration or get together, everyone will want to get a chance to hop in the gondola and shoot up to the clouds! Not only is it some spectacular fun, but a professional crew will ensure that every safety measure and precaution is taken to keep everyone safe and secure!

Make sure to let everyone know ahead of time that you are planning on having your very own Kansas City hot air balloon rides at your event! Put it in the e-mail, on flyers, on every invitation! Guests will want to get to the scene early to see the whole process of filling the balloon up before it makes for its first lift off. In addition, all the folks will want to race to get in line to be the first one to enjoy these premium services! Everyone will be bouncing in their shoes with anticipation to get a chance to hop on a ride! And they will be thrilled to feel the breeze against their face and gaze out across the beauty of the area.

Whether you are hosting a company party, a fundraiser, charity event or grand opening for a new business, no matter what the occasion, a Tethered Balloon Ride can make all the difference between an average party and a home run! Make an impact on everyone by giving them the opportunity to soar into the clouds and admire the remarkable landscape from several feet in the air! Imagine all the smiles you will bring to the faces of those who partake in a thrilling balloon ride!

Soaring Sports Guarantee!

The basket and balloon will be parked at your event and carefully monitored by our partnered staff, and they will ensure that everyone gets aboard safely. The expert crew will make sure that the weather is permissible before each and every lift off, taking every precaution necessary! Using the safest equipment available, the basket will be connected to the ground level before rising up high into the sky! One load at a time of your guests will be flown up high above to take in the beautiful scenery! Literally hundreds of people in a two-hour session can get the opportunity to fly a hundred feet above your event in a balloon! Everyone will get a kick out of waving down, and up, to their friends and family!

You can speak to our representatives about advertising too! Learn how to put your own signage up on one of these prismatic balloons, drawing the eyes of thousands of individuals just passing by, either showing off your company or letting them know what the celebration is all about! One thing that everyone knows is that if a hot air balloon is flying in the air, it is sure to catch people’s attention! You’ll not find a better opportunity to get your message to the world!

Make sure to consider purchasing some of our gift certificates too if you are having an open event or company picnic! Why not raffle off some amazing Private Balloon Ride certificates, or have them available for auction if you are having a fundraiser! There are plenty of opportunities to utilize these amazing services for your big event, make sure to speak to one of our customer representatives to have all your questions answered!

Call us today at 1-855-266-7627 to have Tethered Balloon Rides at your event!

Kansas City Balloon Rides - Kansas City Balloon Ride Gift Certificates

Exclusive Balloon Ride Gift Certificates!

Having trouble trying to decide what to get someone for a birthday? Do you have a friend who is in dire need of a little rest and relaxation? If you know someone who you want to impress with an out of this world present, look no further than one of our awesome gift certificates! Propel them to a state of pure euphoria with a gift that will be sure to leave a lasting impression! That special someone, friend or family member, will thank you a thousand times over for giving them the present of a lifetime! Everyone needs to get themselves into a Kansas City hot air balloon at some point while they walk this earth and why not give a meaningful gift that promises to be a sensational experience!

Be the one to give an unforgettable experience to one of your most favorite people! At Soaring Sports we offer superb services with the most well trained staff you can find! Our partner’s talented employees are sure to provide you a safe and secure trip for your loved ones, along with an exhilarating ride through Missouri skies!

We offer more options than anyone else in the industry! The recipient of our gift certificates will love you forever for sending them to us! So, get them a gift certificate today! Send them soaring through the heavens over the great state of Missouri! Or anywhere else for that matter, as our gift certificates are good at over one hundred of our affiliate locations across the country!

These awesome gift certificates make incredible prizes for a charity event! They can easily be the highlight of any fundraiser auction or the grand prize of a raffle! Taking a ride in a hot air balloon is definitely one of those things that should be on everyone’s bucket list! Once you have gotten the chance to scratch it off your list, you won’t be able to wait to go again! So, give someone the greatest gift imaginable and pick up your gift certificate today!

Our premium gift certificates are fully transferable from one person to another, and are also valid two years from the date of purchase! Our gift certificates are available for Shared Balloon Rides and Private Balloon Rides. So, make sure to speak to our customer service representatives to find out what gift certificates are the best choice for you. They are available seven days a week to answer any and all the questions you might have to ask.

Order Your Soaring Sports Gift Certificate

Kansas City hot air balloon ride gift certificates are available directly through! Be sure to call our team to make sure there aren't any current deals or discounts running!

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Kansas City Balloon Rides - Kansas City, Missouri

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Kansas City, MO

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There is no better place to satisfy all your Kansas City Hot Air Balloon Ride needs than here at Soaring Sports! We offer an elite service with more options than anywhere else! Our partner’s colorful balloons are here to take you sailing through the skies and offer you the gorgeous landscapes to take in and photograph to show off to all your friends! These elegant rides are the premium service in the Kansas City hot air balloon industry, and our partners are the best of the best! Therefore, if you are looking for a fun, friendly and safe adventure call today!

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