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We offer a variety of services, perfect to match any person’s desires. These include Shared balloon ride options, as well as Tethered rides and Private ride options. It is important that everybody can pick the one that is best for them. Our staff will make your experience great, regardless of the type of ride you choose. In addition, we have gift certificates for different needs and we encourage you to inquire about Miami Hot Air Balloon Rides.

Miami Hot Air Balloon Rides – what could be better?

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Fly above Miami in a
hot air balloon today!
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We offer a variety of services, perfect to match any person’s desires. These include Shared balloon ride options, as well as Tethered rides and Private ride options. It is important that everybody can pick the one that is best for them. Our staff will make your experience great, regardless of the type of ride you choose. In addition, we have gift certificates for different needs and we encourage you to inquire about them.

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If you want to know more about our gifting options and about riding over Florida for the experiences that make life awesome, we want to hear from you. We are happy to tell you more about what each package entails and to help you determine whether you should book a Private ride, a Shared one, or a tethered balloon. And if your friends are adventurous enough, surprise them with Miami hot air balloon gift certificates.

Miami Hot air balloon

Miami Balloon Rides - Balloon Rides near Miami, Florida

Shared Balloon Rides

The most popular option is the Shared balloon ride. You can come with a group or you can meet others who have decided to ride at the same time. The experience is great when shared with others. As you look out, you’ll understand why it’s such a magical experience. The ride is an hour long, in which time you’ll be flying and enjoying the sights from above.

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Miami Balloon Rides - Private Balloon Rides in Miami, Florida

Private Balloon Rides

If you’re looking to ride with someone special, look no further than the Private balloon ride. This balloon ride will be particularly special because it’s an intimate experience. You’ll be in paradise because champagne toasts and some snacks end the ride, making it more relaxing–and ramping up the quality of the adventure. You’ll be able to take pictures of the sights, because you’ll want to remember your trip in detail.

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Miami Balloon Rides - Balloon Ride Gift Certificates - Miami, Florida

Gift Certificates

Gift certificates are usually not personal–but if you give a gift card from Soaring Sports, we are sure that your loved ones will be delighted. Give them an experience that they will remember forever. If you come with them, it will make the day more special to them. We offer gift certificates for either Shared or Private balloon rides.

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Fly Above in
MIami Hot air Balloons

You truly don’t want to miss the opportunity to ride in a hot air balloon! The feeling of bliss will be unmatched by any previous experiences you’ve had. You can have this fun on your own, but it will be especially meaningful if you were to share this moment with someone you care about. If you’ve already been in a hot air balloon, you’ll know that it’s a great time you can’t miss again, with each opportunity you get.

On your next birthday, this could be a fantastic way to get together with friends and create everlasting memories. You could also surprise a friend and show how much you love them by purchasing a gift certificate that will give them an opportunity to ride high. And if you go with them, you’ll create memories together. If you live in Miami or you’ve been here before, it’s obvious why balloon rides here are particularly breathtaking: the ocean mixed with the high-rises that make Miami’s real estate famous — there are no words to describe this phenomenon.

Soaring Sports will make you want to hop on right now and experience the thrill of your life. We make it convenient for you, from the booking process all the way through to the landing. You simply let go and relax — our partners take care of all the logistical aspects of flying and keeping you safe! All of whom who will make your experience unforgettable are highly trained, so you can feel completely relaxed and let them take care of you.

As a plus, we offer group discounts. If you’re coming on a holiday, we offer special deals then, too. Don’t miss the opportunity to fly.

Miami Balloon Rides - Miami, Florida
Miami Balloon Rides - Miami, Florida

Miami: Perfection All Year Round

You’ve heard of Miami, you’ve probably met people from Miami, but if you’ve never been to Miami, make sure you book a flight here — pretty much all year round. The great thing about Miami is that the never-ending warm weather allows for excitement throughout each season. If you want to escape the bitter winters up north or you want to find out what all the fuss is about in the spring (Ultra Music Festival, for instance), you just might want to head on over and sip some margaritas poolside.

The nightlife is great and you have probably heard of LIV, an upscale nightclub in the heart of Miami Beach, located inside the Fontainebleau hotel. Latin culture is everywhere here and we assure you that Cuban coffee is as good as coffee gets. In Miami, you’ll learn about Peruvian, Mexican, Argentinean, and Venezuelan cuisine, and realize that each Latin American country adds its own flair to the table.

Miami Balloon Rides - Miami, Florida
Miami Balloon Rides - Miami, Florida

The beaches are beautiful — and if you stay on the beach, you’re just a few steps away from paradise. You can tan in the morning and then head on over to the shopping malls, including the mall in Aventura, one of the largest in America. There are also many other sights to see, including the Miami Beach Botanical Garden, located near the University of Miami, and the Miami Children’s Museum.

Every time you visit, one thing is certain: brunching in Miami is unlike any brunch experience you’ve had to date. For starters, the drive to brunch will be exciting in itself — with the beautiful sights, but also the spontaneous drivers and the many convertible sports cars. Many eating places for brunch offer unlimited bottomless mimosas, so if you find yourself wanting to make a reservation, make it days in advance — or prepare to wait hours to be seated. Worst-case scenario, you’ll be turned away from the many great restaurants that quickly become full upon opening on Sundays. There are great restaurants for all budgets, but splurging during this trip is highly recommended, especially in restaurants like Zuma, which is Japanese fusion — and perfect for brunch, too. Imagine seeing all this from thousands of feet up in the air!

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Miami Balloon Rides - Hot Air Balloon Rides near Miami, Florida

Go On a Shared Balloon Ride in Miami

Shared balloon rides last for an hour — an hour in which you’ll be up in the air, soaring through the sky, loving every moment of it. The procedures that come before and after take a bit longer; from prepping for the ride to sticking out the landing and getting ready to go home, you will be there for about three hours. But that isn’t all that you’ll be doing… our partners go all out to ensure that your experience doesn’t start and end with the ride. And, believe us, time will go by so fast that, by the end of the three hours, you’ll be booking another ride.

We encourage you to take advantage of the variety of options offered to those who fly. You can ask us for a banner that you can take along for the trip. You can use a banner for different purposes, such as advertising a business, but the possibilities are endless, so get creative. We’re giving you the fame you’ve always wanted or, at the very least, a great opportunity for exposure. When you look out and see the beauty of Miami, you’ll realize that the world is vast. And perhaps you will only see the horizon, and the surface of the water as opposed to what’s beneath it. But sometimes you just have to change your perspective in life. This ride will be perfect for that as well.

The Shared balloon ride is the most popular choice at Soaring Sports. Come and share that sentiment — the rush, the freedom, the excitement — with people you care about and with those that you’ll meet. Great people from everywhere come to fly with the best, so if you come alone, don’t fret; you’ll make new friends in no time.

Miami’s skyscrapers are beautiful and they contrast with the water, which makes for sensational pictures, so bring your good camera! You can marvel with the other passengers and speculate about which building you’d love to live in, because in Miami real estate is very important, especially to its economy. Soar through these skies and you’ll want to ride again, very soon.

Air-conditioned vans wait for you at the end of your trip to take you back to your destination. After landing, not only do you have the option to ride home, but you’ll also have the opportunity to have snacks with your group and sip on champagne. The pilot will likely provide you with certificates that verify that you soared with us. You might want to keep this; you will certainly be tempted to make this a regular indulgence. The certificate is frame-friendly, so you can keep it by your nightstand as a vivid memory.

It doesn’t matter what the occasion is, you know that you’re going to love a hot air balloon ride through the city of Miami. It’s no wonder that Miami is located in the Sunshine State, is it? So whether you go on a Miami hot air balloon ride in December (while the rest of the country is at home, keeping warm by the fire) or at the peak of summer, we’re excited to show you what we’re made of.

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Miami Balloon Rides - Private Balloon Rides in Miami, Florida

Privately Fly Through Miami

Private balloon rides are worthwhile as they provide intimacy and relaxation. Whether you go with your sister, a friend, or a significant other, it’s a ride that you will relive in your memory and want to repeat. If you’re planning a romantic reconciliation — maybe after a fight, a falling out, or you’ve simply grown apart — this is a perfect way to rev up the sparks. In any case, it’s the perfect opportunity to tell someone how you feel, to propose, or to reconnect with a family member. There are so many ways that a romantic Miami hot air balloon ride can go. More than anything, though, Miami is a gorgeous city, so that on its own should be enough to convince you to try it.

On a Private balloon ride, you have the entire balloon basket to yourself and the people you choose to take along. There are no strangers there, just you and your party – and the balloon pilot of course. It’s a cozy and intimate experience, with all the privacy you could ask for.

The Miami hot air balloon ride process takes about three hours, during which our partners are setting up, taking off, riding for an hour, and then taking you back down. After you’ve reached the ground, you have the opportunity to toast each other and the experience with some champagne. They also provide you with snacks and, if you choose, they can drive you back to your home or hotel, so enjoy the champagne (provided you’re over 21 years old, of course). The vans have air conditioning, which you’ll need after that awesome hour in the sun! The hour for which you’re up in the air is sure to fly by. With Miami’s jaw-dropping views, it’s no surprise tourists flock to the city throughout the entire year. If you live in Miami, you know what we’re talking about.

If you’re thinking about proposing to your loved one, you can take a banner on the balloon. This banner can say anything that you want it to say, so we recommend that you take us up on the opportunity! And to add to the fun, we always encourage the use of cameras on these balloon rides. If you’re on a Private balloon ride, it’s even more imperative — you’re going to want to show those shots to everyone you know so they can see just how exciting your life actually is while they’re just pretending that theirs is sensational. At the end of the ride, we offer a picture of your experience riding a hot air balloon — and you’re able to frame it once you get back home.

Private air balloon rides create the perfect environment to feel at ease, but completely enthusiastic at the same time. The sights leave you with a certain tranquility that you’ll lust over for years to come, while the connection that you’ll forge with the other person will transcend the experience entirely. You’ll have something to look back on together and bond over the magic of flying over Miami. Ride with the pros and you’ll call back for more after looking at the pictures from your trip. Although all balloon rides are fun, Private ones are definitely as peaceful as you want them to be.

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Miami Balloon Rides - Miami, Florida Tethered Hot Air Balloon Rides

Ultimate Tethered Balloon Rides

If this very headline makes you giddy with excitement, we think it’s safe to say that this is an experience you’re going to love. It really does seem like Tethered balloon rides are seen everywhere and are here to stay, for very good reasons. This is a great Miami hot air balloon ride for the whole family, though kids may only ride if they are with a parent or guardian.

The balloon is tethered to the ground by three or four very strong ropes so it doesn’t go anywhere, just up in the air. A Tethered balloon ride is a great alternative for those who do not love the idea of going to 2,000 feet up in the air. Going up 25 to 100 feet, the height is enough to be fun, but low enough to keep younger kids calm. Instead of going on Shared or Private balloon rides, a Tethered ride entails great fun, without the height factor.

Tethered balloon rides are great for events, including birthday parties. In a two-hour rental period, up to 100 people can ride in the balloon, as each trip lasts for about five minutes. We often suggest hiring tethered balloons close to sunrise or sunset. These are the best times as the wind is calmest then and the sky is just beautiful.

If you throw any type of event where you need to entertain more than just a handful of people, why not bring the tethered balloon to your venue? This is the perfect opportunity to show people a good time. If you’re with a smaller group, there’s no need to rent the balloon — though you can, as you’d all get to go numerous times on these short, fun-filled rides. We also offer you the opportunity to visit the location and ride. In fact, we’re located in a great spot, offering the best of Miami and the most gorgeous views. If you’re with your family or a group of friends, reserve enough time for you all to have a turn flying in the balloon.

The entire process, whether it’s getting you up there or making sure that the kids feel safe, is properly taken care of. It’s our duty at Soaring Sports to ensure that you are comfortable riding with our partners and they take safety precautions very seriously. They certainly discourage behavior that could be hazardous.

Feel free to ask the experienced team any questions before, after, or during the ride, but mostly just enjoy the ride. They will make this a relaxing experience for everyone on board, so leave the details up to them. The number of people in a balloon at any given time ranges from two to four, which keeps the ride safe and fun. In addition to the ride, we recommend that you take pictures — because it will be an affair to remember. As with all of these types of attractions, remember to bring a camera because in a city like Miami, you will regret it if you don’t.

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Miami Balloon Rides - Miami, Florida Balloon Ride Gift Certificates

Gifting Just Got Easy With Our Miami hot Air Balloon Gift Cards

Searching for a gift usually turns into a mission – but it doesn’t have to be. At Soaring Sports, we know how stressful this type of situation often is: you don’t know what to look for, and when you finally find something, it’s hard to know if that is going to make the cut and make the recipient happy. The next time the holiday season rolls around, or you need to buy someone a present, remember that we’re just a phone call away. We take the guesswork out, because no matter how well you know someone, there’s always that risk of falling short. Here at Soaring Sports, we have gift certificates for the Shared balloon rides, and also for the Private balloon ride. This should cover all of your gifting needs.

Here’s what’s awesome: the gift certificates is usable for two years from the date of purchase. During this time, the recipient can go to any of our affiliated locations in the US. The gift certificate is transferable, which is great under, for instance, unforeseen circumstances. And what’s even better is that we have over 100 affiliate locations across the nation. You’re sure to be thanked for this gift because it’s not common (though it should be), it’s certainly thoughtful, and the recipient will be able to savor such a special experience because of you. How about giving people a chance to have an adventure or giving presents just to say you’re grateful to have those people in your life. Reasons to give are endless — and so is this gift that will continue to give.

Here in Miami we recommend that guests bring cameras and prepare to beat the heat waves — though none of that will matter when the sun is shining down on you and you feel the breeze on your face as you look down at the water beneath you. If you can picture this, make a day out of it and buy a gift for a loved one so they can come along for the ride with you. The beauty of this city lies particularly in the contrast between luxury real estate and a laid-back ocean feel, so prepare to look down and see cool architecture all around you. We know how great this sounds, so why don’t you do yourself and a loved one the favor of booking this experience and getting them the gift that even their wildest dreams have not have conjured up? Our partners won’t disappoint — and neither will Miami, as your ultimate hot air ballooning destination.

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Soaring Sports is the ultimate spot to introduce adventure into your life! With the beauty of the city mixed with the thrill of Miami hot air ballooning, we will make your life an adventure with each booking that you make. Go on a Shared balloon with a group of friends, or on a Private ride with someone that’s special to you. Or bring your family in for a Tethered ride that’s just as fun! If this all sounds incredible, invite someone along and buy them a gift certificate as a token of your appreciation. We highly recommend you bring a camera to capture the moment!

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