Take a high flying Milwaukee hot air balloon ride over Wisconsin!

If you can’t contain the urge to seek a high-flying thrill, look no further than Soaring Sports. With every option of Milwaukee Hot Air Balloon Rides imaginable, we guarantee that young and old, first time fliers and veterans alike, will all find something to enjoy! A friendly crew is fully equipped to make your dreams come true, from booking to landing, all in the great state of Wisconsin!

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Take a high flying balloon ride in Milwaukee, Wisconsin!
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Take a high flying balloon ride in Milwaukee, Wisconsin!
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If you can’t contain the urge to seek a high-flying thrill, look no further than Soaringsports.com Milwaukee. With every option of balloon rides imaginable, we guarantee that young and old, first time fliers and veterans alike, will all find something to enjoy! Our friendly crew is fully equipped to make your dreams come true, from booking to landing, all in the great state of Wisconsin!

To experience the Midwest in style
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Every Milwaukee hot air balloon ride option under the sun!

We believe Milwaukee is a wonderful city. That’s why we offer Milwaukee hot air balloon rides to locals! If you’re not convinced, just give our expert staff a call and they can answer all of your questions about hot air ballooning, the city, and more! We can’t wait for you to book your trip so we can prove why we’re the best in the Midwest!

Milwaukee Balloon Rides - Balloon Rides near Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Shared Hot Air Balloon Rides

If you’re prepared to fly and make new friends, a Shared Balloon Ride is the way to go! This popular and affordable option reserves a flight for your group, as well as others interested in soaring the same day. Depending on the number of passengers, the crew will have pre-selected the perfect basket to allow both safety and comfort. From there you’re off on your journey to enjoy the views and the company.

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Milwaukee Balloon Rides - Private Balloon Rides in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Private Hot Air Balloon Rides

For those looking to fully escape with their loved ones, Soaring Sports is pleased to offer Private Balloon Rides year round! With the same glorious landscape and experienced pilot, the only difference you’ll notice is the smaller, cozy basket for your personal adventure that’s typically for two. Complete with a complimentary post-landing champagne toast, this is the perfect choice for a special occasion that you and your loved one will never forget!

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Milwaukee Balloon Rides - Tethered Balloon Rides - Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Tethered Hot Air Balloon Rides

Not all Milwaukee hot air balloon rides have to be journeys fueled by the wind a couple of thousand feet in the air. A slightly different experience, Tethered Balloon Rides offer a glimpse into hot air ballooning with a mini, controlled flight at lower altitude securely anchored to the ground. Tethered rides are perfect for corporate events, charity fundraisers, and any other special occasion that calls for a lasting memory!

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Milwaukee Balloon Rides - Balloon Ride Gift Certificates - Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Balloon Ride Gift Certificates

For the extremely popular Shared and Private hot air balloon rides, Soaring Sports offers gift certificates that are sure to impress recipients of any age! What could be a better gift than the thrill of a lifetime paired with scenes to reminisce about for years to come? Be sure to visit our gift certificates page for more details on options that our friendly crew is happy to assist you with!

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The Milwaukee Hot air balloon ride Experience

Ever spot a bird passing by and think how magnificent it would be the see the world from its perspective, gliding effortlessly along? Short of growing wings yourself, Milwaukee hot air balloon rides are the best thing in relaxing air recreation that gives you views like you’ve never imagined, much less thought you would get to see! Maybe it was also a soaring bird that inspired the French Montgolfier brothers to invent the very first hot air balloon. With nothing but a silk balloon, now called the envelope, a wicker basket, and some smoke, the earliest hot air balloon was born. In the following 200 years, hot air ballooning has evolved to be a well known and sought after experience. From festivals to proposals, all the way to cross-country races, hot air balloons fill the sky more than one might think, with hundreds taking their inaugural journey each year.

Soaring Sports wants the privilege of offering you that perfect balloon journey you have been pining after. With an expert crew, you’re guaranteed safe travels from start to finish, whether you’re on a Private, Shared or Tethered ride. Floating at thousands of feet can also be the surprise of a lifetime for that special someone with a gift certificate, not to mention you’ll have a stash of bonus points for years to come! You’ll get the ultimate hands-on experience from aiding in the inflation of the balloon, through learning how the balloon works in action in the sky, all the way to landing and deflation. And there’s no better place than the largest city in Wisconsin to view a diverse natural and urban landscape! With an attractive city, gorgeous landmarks, and a friendly crew, you and your loved ones are sure to skyrocket this vacation to the top of the list!

The Gorgeous Milwaukee Coastline

Ever hear that you can’t have your cake and eat it too? Well, that is definitely not the case when it comes to hot air balloon rides in Milwaukee, Wisconsin! Known as a great place on a great lake, the sprawling city lies on the shore of Lake Michigan, the sixth-largest freshwater lake in the world! It’s impossible to accurately describe just how beautiful 307 miles of water rolling beneath you can be as you ascend. The stark contrast in skyscrapers leading right to the shore creates a picturesque sight worthy of a postcard.

Nature surrounding the city welcomes you on foot as well! Walk along the bluffs of the lake, or traverse the shores of the Menomonee, Kinnickinnic, and Milwaukee rivers in a sturdy kayak on a clear afternoon. If you really want to feel the power of the wind, catch a ride on a sailboat from the harbor – just be sure to bring your life jacket!

The “genuine American city” isn’t just spectacular from the air. Milwaukee has experienced a tremendous upswing in recent decades, now boasting an array of attractions, arts, cultural neighborhoods, and annual festivals. City goers can check out a walking tour for a personalized expedition through the Milwaukee streets. For craft beer lovers, visiting the historic brewery in Miller Valley is a must!

No matter when you visit, the city of festivals is bound to have boisterous activities to attend. On a weekly basis, you can hear jazz in the park from miles around. Bringing children along or just a science lover yourself? Then you have to make pit stop at Discovery World, a state of the art, hands-on science museum lovable by kids of all ages!

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Milwaukee Balloon Rides - Hot Air Balloon Rides near Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Milwaukee Hot Air Ballooning with Buddies

Grab your friends and your cameras because a Shared Balloon Ride is something everyone should enjoy at least once! If you’re not afraid to join up with an awesome group of equally enthused passengers, then a Shared ride promises to be a day of awe and laughter. By far the most popular and affordable package, a Shared ride allows open reservations on a particular day. Depending on how many want to fly that day, the crew will supply a safe and sturdy basket and the group is almost ready for take-off!

Following an informative orientation, adrenaline begins to build as you depart for the launch site. Excitement heightens as you exit the bus to see the massive and colorful envelope spread out on the ground before you! Now’s the time to start snapping those photos because you won’t want to forget a minute of this experience! Daring guests can get hands-on and aid the crew in the inflation and set-up process. The envelope naturally holds a lot of air and you want the crew to perform all safety checks, so expect to spend around 30 minutes at the launch site before liftoff. Before stepping into the basket, make sure to grab the right attire. Thanks to Lake Michigan, Milwaukee has some hot, sticky summers and frigid, windy winters with daily conditions that can change suddenly. Depending on when you visit, dress accordingly in layers!

Once at full altitude, you can expect to see the steep bluffs creating the outline of the great lake’s shape, a mix of vibrant moss and sand as the water meets the shore. A stronger breeze makes the top of the water appear dusted with snow piles as the waves break over themselves. Recently built skyscrapers stand up to the vastness of Lake Michigan, a testament to the growing economy of the city. No other city offers such an array of imagery during a single Milwaukee hot air balloon ride! Now do you see why we suggest you bring a backup memory card for your camera?

As the jet streams drive you on and you near the end of your trip, the pilot will begin to assess the area for a landing spot. Thanks to his many flights and knowledge of the area, he spots one quickly and prepares you for a soft landing. You may have to crouch or sit in the basket for a softer landing, so no need to fret if you’re asked to change position! After touchdown, it’s time to get hands-on again as the pilot releases the hot air slowly from the envelope. If you’re lucky enough to have photo storage space remaining, take more shots to hang over the mantle! All good things must come to an end, however, and the crew will pleasantly escort you back to the launch site with your newly made friends, where we’re happy to help you book your next trip on the spot!

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Milwaukee Balloon Rides - Private Balloon Rides in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Private Balloon Rides – Basket for two, Please

Looking to wow your partner on an upcoming milestone anniversary? Want to show just how much you care by surprising that special someone? A Private Hot Ait Balloon Ride is the personal romantic getaway that doesn’t require you to travel far and wide. She’ll be sure to get swept away when you sneak a kiss as the Milwaukee suns lowers, filling the sky with a collage of colors.

The intimate experience begins like any other – on the ground with a friendly staff. After you’ve been taught everything you need to know, you’ll be escorted to the launch site where you and your partner will assist the crew in the half-hour balloon inflation process. Don’t worry that it’s just the two of you. The crew will gladly serve as your photographer, so you don’t have to miss a minute. Just know they’re professional pilots, not photographers! From there it’s time to lift your love to the sky. Not so fast! Before hopping into the basket, be sure to have all the clothing you may need. While Lake Michigan is a huge piece of Milwaukee’s splendor, it also leads to rapidly changing weather that tends to be humid and warm in summers, yet breezy and cold in the winters.

Just picture the look on her face when you get down on bended knee, professing your love right as you hit 2,000 feet. That’s a proposal story for a lifetime, not to mention a guaranteed and emphatic “YES”! You hold each other close for the rest of the journey, reveling in both the next chapter in your lives and the landscape playing out beneath you. All too suddenly, it’s time for the pilot to gauge a clear landing zone and drop you back to reality. If you think it went by too quickly, we’re here to help you book another trip!

If you’re already engaged, you can even get married in a hot air balloon! With the Pinterest wedding trends running amok these days, why not make your own spectacular mark by exchanging your vows in the clouds. It doesn’t get more personal than the two lovebirds with only the officiant, separated from everything but each other. Once the “I do’s” are done, land and be met by family, friends, and celebration!

Soaring Sports accepts nothing less than offering you a top-notch experience to your full satisfaction for any special occasion ride. From complimentary in-air snacks through a sparkling champagne toast post-flight, we believe it’s all in the details. Combine that level of customer service with all this city has to offer and you’ll look no further for your romantic balloon destination.

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Milwaukee Balloon Rides - Milwaukee, Wisconsin Tethered Hot Air Balloon Rides

Tethered Balloon Ride – Get Roped In

Events are deceptively difficult to plan. Finding a date is only the beginning of the process. From there, you have to consider invitations, food, location, games, and so much more! Not to mention it seems like every theme or attraction has already been done what seems to be a thousand times. What on earth are you going to do to make your event or party stand out? Book a Tethered Balloon Ride, of course! It promises to be the talk of the town for quite some time!

A Tethered hot air balloon is the perfect staple for any outdoor event ranging from family reunions all the way through corporate parties or advertising. Fastened to the ground at anchor points using heavy-duty rope, the balloon is inflated in a stationary position where it will land and take off multiple times during a given event period, hovering at a lower altitude than your typical balloon ride. All of these differences equal many more rides in a short amount of time for your party. For employers looking for a team bonding experience or simply to reward employees for hard work, tell us when and where you need the balloon to be, and easily become the nation’s favorite boss! We’re happy to do a weekend flight, or you could go the extra step and give your group the day off to fully enjoy the balloon experience!

If you’re looking to top last year’s fundraising record for your favorite charity, increase attendance by promoting a tethered balloon ride! Then, charge passengers a small fee to offset the rental cost. With so much intrigue garnered by hot air balloons, there are no limits to how much you can raise! However, we do ask you to pay a minimum fee on the rare occurrence attendance is too low.

Tethered flights are also ideal for outdoor family events or birthday parties! Your kid will be the most popular guy in 6th grade after he shoots his friends 100 feet into the air, and then gives them cake and ice cream! Entice relatives you haven’t seen in a while to hit the next event when they learn they can literally take flight with their family! As long as you have an open space, the possibilities are truly endless! Not convinced or not sure where to start with such an idea? Soaring Sports’ team has unmatched knowledge of all hot air ballooning event aspects to make your life a breeze. Plus, there’s no better place than Wisconsin to take the leap! We promise we’ve dealt with events of all shapes and size and can guide you every step of the way.

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Milwaukee Balloon Rides - Milwaukee, Wisconsin Balloon Ride Gift Certificates

Milwaukee Hot Air Balloon Gifts – If you can’t do it, give it!

The practice of spending countless hours scouring malls and online boutiques for that perfect gift are few and far between. Now are the days of cash in Hallmark cards or prepaid Visa gift cards. But what if you’re still looking for something a little more personal, but don’t want the risk of your present going to waste? Contact a friendly team member at Soaring Sports to find out all of the details of our gift certificate options!

Redeemable for either a Private or a Shared flight, a Milwaukee hot air balloon ride is sure to be the gift that’s never topped! We also want to make planning the trip as stress free as possible, so our gift certificates are good for two years from the date of purchase, allowing ample time to make travel arrangements. This also gives the recipient a cushion to research the varying weather of Milwaukee to choose their weather-preferred time of year. Additionally, we understand it’s not always possible to make it out to beautiful Wisconsin, so our gift certificates are redeemable at any of over 100 partner locations. Some transfers may carry a small fee, but it’s totally worth it to get the ultimate location.

What if you buy a gift certificate only to realize your loved one is terrified of heights? No worries! Gift cards are also transferable from person to person, so you can ensure someone will get the utmost enjoyment from the ride of a lifetime. At Soaring Sports, we’re not just about booking rides. We are about creating ultimate experiences and friendships with our customers that we hope return for years to come! So give our customer service representatives, who are on call seven days a week, the chance to explain why we are the best at what we do!

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Milwaukee Balloon Rides - Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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