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Get your feet off the ground and add a check to the bucket list. Experience the uniquely beautiful perspectives of Providence, RI, and the Narragansett Bay area. An unforgettable adventure awaits you; and licensed expert balloon pilots and ground crew make sure that your flight is safe and enjoyable. Whether you’re looking for Tethered hot air balloon rides at your upcoming event, a Group ride for you and several friends, or a more intimate Private hot air balloon ride for you and a special someone, Soaring Sports is the place to book your Providence Hot Air Balloon Ride adventure.

Providence Hot Air Balloon Rides – Get Your Head in the Clouds!

Ready to Fly and have an amazing adventure?

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Book Your Unforgettable Hot Air Balloon Ride over Providence, RI
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Book Your Unforgettable Hot Air Balloon Ride over Providence, RI
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Get your feet off the ground and add a check to the bucket list. Experience the uniquely beautiful perspectives of Providence, RI, and the Narragansett Bay area. An unforgettable adventure awaits you; and our licensed expert balloon pilots and ground crew make sure that your flight is safe and enjoyable. Whether you’re looking for Tethered hot air balloon rides at your upcoming event, a Group ride for you and several friends, or a more intimate Private hot air balloon ride for you and a special someone, Providence, RI is the place to book your adventure.

Ready to Fly and have an amazing adventure?
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Have you dreamed of floating like a cloud on the breeze? Are you looking for that perfect gift for someone? What better gift than an incredible experience and a memory that will last a lifetime? Even those who are afraid of heights find the Hot Air Balloon Rides very stable, with barely any sensation of movement, and the experience one that they will remember and treasure forever. The experience of a lifetime for you or someone you love is at your fingertips. Call now for detailed information on Providence hot air balloon rides and package options available through Soaring Sports.

Providence Balloon Rides - Balloon Rides near Providence, Rhode Island

Shared Balloon Rides

Ready to take to the skies, floating on the breeze, soaring like the birds? Are you ready for one of the most thrilling and breathtaking flight experiences? Soaring Sports partners are ready to take you on a flight you will never forget. Shared Balloon Rides offer a more affordable opportunity for several passengers to experience the magical experience of a Providence hot air balloon ride together. Everyone should experience a balloon ride during their life; and this is your opportunity.

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Providence Balloon Rides - Private Balloon Rides in Providence, Rhode Island

Private Balloon Rides

Looking for something a little cozier, something romantic for you and that special someone? Looking for the perfect place to pop the question or to share an amazing experience with the one you love? Imagine looking down at the reflection of your balloon on the waters of Narragansett Bay. Maybe this isn’t your first ride and you’re looking to get your balloon pilot rating. can accommodate you with Private Balloon Rides in the Providence, RI area.

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Providence Balloon Rides - Balloon Ride Gift Certificates - Providence, Rhode Island

Gift Certificates

What better gift can you give someone than a wonderful memory? Our lives are so cluttered these days; do you really want to give another thing to add to the pile? Imaging the newlyweds who you care so much for floating on the breeze sharing an unforgettable moment together. Give that graduate a different perspective on the world as they spread their own wings to conquer it. Contact for information on the various opportunities and gift certificate packages available for the perfect gift.

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Have an Unforgettable Experience Among the Clouds!

Have you ever watched an eagle or a hawk as it floats effortlessly on the breeze? Have you wondered how it feels or sees the ever-changing landscape passing silently below? Have you dreamed of flying? Here is your chance to satisfy your desire and make a memory that will last a lifetime. Book you own Providence hot air balloon adventure. We offer a variety of hot air ballooning services: more than any other provider in the Providence area, with group and holiday discounts available. And don’t forget our Gift Certificates to give a truly remarkable gift to someone you love.

Your safety is our first concern

Providence Rhode IslandSafety is the first priority of balloon pilots and their ground crew. Each flight requires a high degree of skill and knowledge of ballooning, as well as current weather and atmospheric conditions. You can rest assured that our partner’s friendly and knowledgeable staff are well prepared, properly licensed and certified, and they are ready to take you on the ride of a lifetime.

A hot air balloon ride is a unique and unforgettable experience

Providence Rhode IslandYou can see Providence, RI, Narragansett Bay and the vast Atlantic Ocean from a vantage point that you will never forget. And despite wide-held expectations, your hot air balloon ride will be remarkably warm and comfortable. The burners used to heat the balloon (or “envelope” as it’s known to experienced ballooners) keep the air in the basket (or “gondola”) nice and warm. And no matter how high you get, there is no chill from the breeze when you’re moving along with it. In the skilled hands of an experienced pilot and ground crew, even our customers who say they are afraid of heights, without exception, disembark from their flight saying that their nervousness and anxiety had quickly vanished.

You will float through the air from treetop level to thousands of feet high; it just depends on the winds at various altitudes and good old Mother Nature. Generally, our partners fly twice a day: shortly after dawn and two hours before sunset, because those are the best times to fly. However, if the pilot determines that it’s not safe to fly, they don’t fly. Again, we find ourselves at the mercy of Mother Nature; but it’s simpler and safer to reschedule your flight than to land a balloon in adverse weather.

See the Shore as Never Before Floating High Above Providence, RI and Narragansett Bay!

Providence, Rhode Island, sits at the mouth of the Providence River, where it meets Narragansett Bay before flowing into the mighty Atlantic Ocean. The river flows through the middle of downtown Providence, with paved river walks, the Waterplace Park Amphitheater and other parks and stopping-off places lining the riverbanks, providing dining and entertainment options to residents and visitors. With roughly four hundred miles of coastline and more than 100 beaches, Rhode Island provides the perfect backdrop for your Hot Air Ballooning adventure.

Like Rome, Providence was founded on seven hills, and it was among these seven hills that our country was born. Rhode Island was the first colony to declare its independence from King George of England. When you book your Providence hot air balloon flight through Soaring Sports, Constitution Hill, College Hill, Federal Hill and other historical sites will make up the ever-changing scenery, without which you wouldn’t even know you were moving.

Providence Balloon Rides - Providence, Rhode Island
Providence Balloon Rides - Providence, Rhode Island

While you’re in Providence, check out the award winning WaterFire sculpture on the banks of the Providence River, the elaborately landscaped, 427-acre Roger Williams Park, or the Providence Children’s Museum. Take a historic tour through the first colony to declare its independence from Great Britain or check out one of the performing arts or food festivals. As you can see, there’s plenty to do with your feet on the ground.

A balloon ride in Providence, RI, offers an exceptional opportunity to view the eastern seaboard in a way that everyone should. The Narragansett Bay is hundreds of square miles of unrivaled beauty. Spot whales or schools of dolphin in the water below as you float in the sky unnoticed with the clouds (except that you are warm and comfortable). Contact Soaring Sports to schedule your Providence hot air balloon ride in one of the most beautiful spots on the east coast.

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Providence Balloon Rides - Hot Air Balloon Rides near Providence, Rhode Island

Experience an Unforgettable Flight with Family and Friends!

Hot air balloons were the first successful, human carrying flight technology. The first untethered hot air balloon flight took place in Paris, France, on November 21, 1783. That was nearly a century before the Wright brothers took to the air at Kitty Hawk, US. Since that first flight, people all over the globe have floated in the skies for many reasons. Beginning with the American Civil War, militaries around the world began using balloons extensively because they provide an economic, quiet and stable platform for observation. Because of their low cost and stability relative to other means of flight, hot air balloons are also used for scientific research.

The recreational use of hot air balloons has steadily grown over the years as well. The equipment has improved over the years, but the basic technology remains the same: the balloon (or “envelope”), burners to heat the air and a basket (or “gondola”) where the passengers ride. And balloons can accommodate up to 12 people, so bring your family’s friends along too! Perhaps the greatest thing about a Shared Balloon Ride, other than the fact that it’s our most affordable option, is the sharing!

Contrary to many expectations, the balloon ride is extremely stable with very little sense of motion. If the scenery wasn’t constantly changing under your feet, you would hardly know you were moving. Rather than holding on for dear life, all passengers are quickly and completely comfortable and at ease. This leaves them free to enjoy the breathtaking views of “Little Rhodie”, Providence, RI, and the four hundred stunning miles of shoreline along Narragansett Bay and the Eastern Seaboard. And the icing on the cake: the hot air from the balloon keeps the gondola warm, even at very high altitudes – there’s no chill from the wind because you’re floating along with it. You’ll want to wear layers so you can put on or remove items as you prefer.

A hot air balloon ride is unlike any other form of flight. Imagine yourself floating low over the treetops and high among the clouds, chasing the winds. Unlike an airplane or a helicopter, which have to struggle to get into the air, with their noisy engines spitting out pollution. A balloon effortlessly rises into the sky in perfect silence. Even the birds have to work harder to reach the sky. Only the occasional “whoosh” of the burners and the conversation with your company will fill the beautiful silence that exists on the breeze.

The entire process from inflation until you disembark will take approximately 3-4 hours. It will take 30 minutes to inflate the balloon and conduct preflight safety checks. The flight generally lasts an hour, depending on Mother Nature. After landing, the ground crew will take you back to your vehicle.

It takes a high degree of skill and experience, as well as research and knowledge of current aviation weather charts and local atmospheric conditions to pilot a hot air balloon. Your pilot is an expert with a great deal of experience and is licensed by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) as a Commercial Hot Air Balloon Pilot. The balloons and equipment provided by our partners are regularly inspected and serviced in accordance with FAA regulations and have current Airworthiness Certificates.

Safety is foremost in the minds of pilots and ground crew members. If your pilot thinks it is unsafe to fly due to weather conditions that day, you don’t fly. However, we will happily reschedule you for the next available flight; and that is much easier than replacing a balloon or, most importantly, the safety of its occupants.

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Providence Balloon Rides - Private Balloon Rides in Providence, Rhode Island

A Romantic Adventure in the Clouds!

Maybe you’re looking for something a little more intimate. Alone with that special someone, sharing your lofty perch, strengthening the bond between you as you create an unforgettable, shared memory. The absolute peace and tranquility of a Private Hot Air Balloon Ride sets the perfect stage for a romantic encounter that both of you will cherish forever.

As with the first successful human-carrying flight in 1783, the most romantic hot air balloon ride took place in the skies above Paris, France. It was 1808, and two French gentlemen found themselves vying for the affections of Mademoiselle Tirevit, a beautiful and celebrated opera dancer. With each seeking her hand, and Mademoiselle Tirevit playing them off one another, their honor was at stake. Such circumstances, at the time, were often settled with a duel; but these French gentlemen, being creative individuals themselves, could not resolve their dispute with any mere duel. They each took to the skies in a hot air balloon with their Second, loaded blunderbusses and exchanged fire. At the conclusion of the first volley, one of the gentlemen (along with his Second) lay dead on a Parisian rooftop with their balloon severely damaged and deflated. The other pair landed safely. Neither man got the girl, but it’s hard to argue for a more romantic (or a less intelligent) reason for a hot air balloon ride. You won’t be doing any mid-air dueling, but you can still impress your loved one by sharing a balloon ride with them.

A Private Balloon Ride is similar to the Shared Ride described in that section, as far as the experience is concerned. But you don’t have to share the basket with others. It’s just you and your loved one, floating over the Rhode Island coastline. Imagine almost being close enough to pick leaves from the treetops as you slowly drift among them, or looking down at the reflection of your balloon and the glints of early morning sunlight bouncing off the deep blue waters of Narragansett Bay. Experience an unforgettable sunrise together as you watch the sun climb slowly into the sky over the vast Atlantic Ocean. Maybe this is the perfect opportunity to “pop the question”, or maybe you’ve been there and done that (or have no intention at all of doing such a thing) and just want to strengthen the bond between yourself and the one you love by experiencing the exhilaration of your aerial adventure without the distraction of a group. Either way, you’ll find a Private Balloon Ride to be the perfect way to spend time together, and the pilot will likely conclude your flight with a champagne toast. What better way to cap off your day? We promise that it will be one of the best decisions of your life.

Private Balloon Rides are perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, marriage proposals or other special occasions. But you really don’t need an occasion for creating a special memory with someone you love.

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Providence Balloon Rides - Providence, Rhode Island Tethered Hot Air Balloon Rides

Bring Tethered Balloon Rides to the Party!

How do you make your party or special event epic and unforgettable? How about offering your guests a little adventure. Let the experts bring the fun. We can add excitement to any large gathering: business or corporate events, family picnics or reunions, wedding receptions; wherever your large group gathers to have a good time. Whatever your event, it will be spectacular!

A Tethered Balloon Ride is one where the pilot and ground crew come to your designated location. Once there, they will inflate the balloon and tether it to the ground in accordance with FAA-approved methods and materials, allowing the flight to reach only a modest altitude—50 to 100 feet. The pilot will take groups of your guests up for a short flight lasting three to five minutes and then bring them back down, and repeat the process. Hundreds of people can easily be flown in a typical two-hour session, and anyone healthy enough to get in and out of the basket can participate. And you can be certain that your guests will talk about your party or special event for the rest of their lives.

Tethered Balloon Rides are the safest way to enjoy the thrill of effortless flight. They can also serve as a great fundraising tool if your event has charitable purpose. Raise funds by charging your guests for their rides, and they typically don’t mind when they know it’s going to a good cause. That way, you can cover the cost of having the balloon and make a little extra to support your charity.

The balloon is tethered to the ground using ropes that have a very high tensile strength and are attached to an anchor. Operation of the balloon requires a minimum of three anchors. A Tethered hot air balloon ride is still classified as a flight operation and, as such, are made in accordance with all local and FAA flight regulations.

In order to accommodate the setup and flights, your venue needs to have a clear area approximately 300 ft. by 300 ft. The area needs to be free of trees, power lines, towers, antennas or anything else that could pose a flight safety risk for your guests or for the balloon crew, or anything that could damage the balloon or equipment. As with any hot air balloon experience, you are at the mercy of Mother Nature. Tethered Balloon Rides require exceptionally nice weather to be safe. The winds must be very slow or nonexistent; even mild winds can make handling a tethered balloon nearly impossible and unsafe. It’s best to schedule your event, or at least the balloon ride portion, for early in the morning or the last few hours before dusk. The winds are calmest during those parts of the day, and increase the likelihood of a successful event. The pilot will have the final say on whether the weather conditions are suitable for safe operation; and your pilot reserves the right to cancel any flight at any time if he feels the safety of passengers or equipment are in jeopardy. Just call Soaring Sports to talk about the fees and how we handle them in the event of cancellation due to weather or any other flight conditions that prevent safe operation of the balloon.

Give Soaring Sports a call at 1-855-266-7627 with any questions about Tethered Balloon Rides and a pilot can come out and assess your site for its suitability.

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Providence Balloon Rides - Providence, Rhode Island Balloon Ride Gift Certificates

Give a Gift They Will Never Forget!

Is your house cluttered with all the useless gifts you’ve received or all the useful gifts that you just don’t use? Have you ever thrown or given away a gift you received from someone you care about? Or worse, have you re-gifted? Our lives are cluttered with so much stuff—stuff that weighs us down. But our minds never get cluttered with too many good memories. Why add to the pile of unused stuff that your friend or loved one is accumulating? Give them an experience and a memory that will last a lifetime and remember, no two balloon flights are the same. Give your loved ones multiple Gift Certificates from Soaring Sports so they can relive the experience again. They will be forever grateful.

A Providence hot air balloon ride gives you a new perspective on the world and increases your appreciation of nature and the breathtaking beauty of our planet. What better gift can you give to a young graduate or to newlyweds before they move on to face the world? And what self-respecting bucket list is complete without the inclusion of a hot air balloon ride? It makes a perfect gift for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, graduations, Valentine’s Day. It’s the perfect gift for all occasions or for no special reason at all. An adventure that makes everyone happy.

Soaring Sports offers Gift Certificates for Shared or Private balloon rides, so there are options that allow you to tailor your gift for the recipient or your wallet. Your Gift Certificate is good for two years for the date of purchase. In addition to RI, the certificates are accepted at over 100 different hot air balloon ride providers in cities across the United States at our partner location. There’s probably a Soaring Sports, Providence hot air balloon ride partner nearby, so you can give the experience to just about anybody. Our Gift Certificates are also freely transferable from person to person. We provide Customer Service seven days a week and will be happy to answer your questions about booking your Providence hot air balloon ride or about ballooning generally. Our friendly and helpful Customer Service staff members will be glad to assist you. Just give us a call or send us an email and we’ll do our best to help!

Call Soaring Sports at 1-855-266-7627 and give the perfect gift to that special somebody in your life. They will appreciate you for it!

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Providence Balloon Rides - Providence, Rhode Island

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Whether you’re looking for a Shared Ride, an intimate Private Ride or you’re having a party or special event and want to make it unforgettable with Tethered Balloon Rides for your guests, our licensed, affiliate pilots and ground crew are ready to make your experience safe and exciting. Call us now for information on the Providence hot air balloon Ride options. Tell as what you’re looking for, and we’ll set you up with the option that’s right for you, and get you on your way to an adventure you’ll never forget.

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