Washington’s most amazing hot air balloon rides are in Seattle!

Seattle is known for many iconic things like coffee, the Space Needle and Pike Place. Now you get to know it for hot air balloons too! Soaring Sports provides reservations for Seattle Hot Air Balloon Rides you won’t get anywhere else in Washington! This is the opportunity of your life that you can’t pass up! With beautiful views of the evergreens, skyline and the famous Mount Rainier, you’re looking at the perfect place to contact for balloon rides. We offer everything you could ever want for a great outdoors experience. Plus, your safety is always a priority. Let the experts show you all the fun you’ve been missing!

Seattle Hot Air Balloon Rides – There’s no aerial voyage like this!

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Elevate your life with a hot air balloon ride!
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If you’re looking for a real change of scenery, you’ve come to the right place! Seattle hot air balloon rides offer the chance to see the world from an aerial perspective. Never see life the same way again! Our customer service has all the knowledge and information to help you choose the balloon ride for you! We’re confident you’ll enjoy flying in a balloon. The Emerald City is a unique place with lots to do. Add a Seattle hot air balloon ride to make your next visit spectacular. The skies are waiting for you. Call us to book your trip now!

Soaring Sports lets you choose the Seattle hot air balloon ride for you!

Seattle Balloon Rides - Balloon Rides near Seattle, Washington

Shared Balloon Rides

The most popular introduction to balloon rides begins here! Shared balloons take you on an incredible journey through the skies. You and others who book the same flight will enjoy the amazing sights hundreds of feet below you. Be sure to bring your camera! You don’t want to miss out on the incredible photo opportunities you’ll have. Share this life-changing balloon experience with everyone you know! Check out more information on Shared balloon rides!

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Seattle Balloon Rides - Private Balloon Rides in Seattle, Washington

Private Balloon Rides

For the intimate experience you want without all the crowds, book a Private balloon ride. These rides are perfect for romantic occasions, including popping the question! It’s just you and your loved one soaring above the horizon. Enjoy the time of your life seeing views that make this the Emerald City. Then, end your amazing experience with a champagne toast. What could be better than that? Learn more about why you’ll want to book a Private balloon ride!

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Seattle Balloon Rides - Balloon Ride Gift Certificates - Seattle, Washington

Gift Certificates

No one says no to a great gift. Make someone say “yes” with excitement when you give a Seattle hot air balloon ride gift certificate! This is the golden ticket to seeing the world like never before! Your recipient is sure to thank you many times over for this opportunity. It’s not every day someone receives the gift of flying in a hot air balloon. Be the one that gives the gift full of fun and adventure. Learn more about our gift certificates!

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The balloon ride experience

Why call us for your Seattle Hot Air Balloon Ride?

Have you ever experienced the time of your life in a hot air balloon? Have you ever felt the calm wind surrounding you, and taken in the clean air? Admired the vibrant colors of the balloon carrying you through the sky? Or reveled in spending valuable time with friends and family that you’ll cherish forever?

If you answered no to any of these of questions, then Soaring Sports invites you on the ultimate trip in a Seattle hot air balloon! Once you’ve taken a balloon ride, you’ll never look at life the same way again, and we mean that in a good way! So many people have their heads stuck in the clouds over what they want to do, but they don’t know how to get there or take action to do it. With balloon rides, you don’t have to dream or ask yourself questions about them anymore. We know who, what, when, where and how to make your soaring adventure happen!

Your safety is our first concern!

Safety will always be the priority when it comes to balloon rides. That’s why each balloon ride is executed by an exceptional staff who are certified to fly by the Federal Aviation Administration. Our customer service is always available to assist you with your questions and ensure your time is fantastic. We can’t wait to talk with you!

we offer a Full menu of ride services and options!

At Soaring Sports, we offer a complete selection of Seattle hot air balloon rides. Choose from a Shared, Private or Tethered ride that matches your occasion! When you want to bring friends and family along, ask our customer service about group discounts! This gets you on a balloon ride for less money! We also offer discounted balloon rides on holidays! For a gift that everyone is sure to love, we offer gift certificates for select balloon rides. You can definitely make someone’s day with this!

Seattle – The City of Innovation and More!

So what’s to love about being “sleepless in Seattle?” The Emerald City brings you sensational coffee, serene evergreens, Mount Rainier and two corporate giants in the United States. Plus, there are other famous companies and landmarks here.

No skyline in Seattle can be featured without the iconic Space Needle. This is one of the coolest landmarks you’ll ever see! The Space Needle has an observation deck at over 500 feet where you can see all of Seattle! You can’t get a view like this unless you’re in a hot air balloon! Dining is also available in the SkyCity restaurant inside the Space Needle. What’s cool about this restaurant? The entire place revolves in circle as you eat! No, you won’t feel as if you’re on a rollercoaster ride. However, the restaurant is moving, which makes it another great way to see Seattle while enjoying fresh seafood.

Speaking of food, another place you have to visit is Seattle’s famous Pike Place. This is the downtown market that features everything from newly caught salmon to fresh flowers, and of course, coffee! You could spend all day shopping, eating and sightseeing here. We could highlight many shops, bakeries and stores, but it’s best you make the trip to Pike Place yourself! Whether you want fresh coffee, homemade cheese or you’re looking for fresh produce on your next grocery trip, you can get it all at Pike Place and in the surrounding individual shops.

Seattle Balloon Rides - Seattle, Washington
Seattle Balloon Rides - Seattle, Washington

Seattle is home to other famous companies you’re probably familiar with today. Starbucks, Red Robin and Nordstrom all began in Seattle. The retail giant Amazon is headquartered here, as is Microsoft.

Check out the Museum of Pop Culture, also known as MoPop, that features contemporary pop culture exhibits. You will find everything from music to science fiction. Even if you don’t go inside the MoPop building, the outside of this amazing structure is worth a look! It features over 21,000 colorful aluminum and stainless steel shingles you won’t see anywhere else.

The Emerald City has its share of cloudy days, but when the sun is out, there is no sight that matches Mount Rainier. This incredible mountain can be seen all around Seattle due to its massive size. In fact, it’s the highest mountain in Washington and still considered to be an active volcano! What’s the best way to see Mount Rainier and all of Seattle? From none other than a Seattle hot air balloon!

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Seattle Balloon Rides - Hot Air Balloon Rides near Seattle, Washington

Share a Balloon Ride!

You’re someone looking for more thrills, more adventure and more chances to travel. You want outdoor activities that include your friends and family and give you the opportunity to meet new people. Scenery is important. You have to love what you see on this trip. The city has to have a good vibe too, and you know Seattle is it. So what can satisfy your desire for fun and excitement? What can allow you to travel through Seattle that’s different from a car, boat or plane? Your answer is a Seattle hot air balloon. It’s one the most amazing ways to see any city. However, not just any hot air balloon will work for the experience you want. What you’re looking for is a Shared balloon ride.

Shared Balloon rides are the most popular way to experience a hot air balloon. You, your friends and family are going to enjoy seeing the Emerald City from an aerial view. With a Shared balloon ride, you’ll also be flying with other passengers who booked the same flight. This is a great chance to meet new people like you who want to reach heights as high as the Space Needle or higher!

Just imagine what you could see! View the lush evergreens below you. Set your sights on the Seattle skyline. Take in the amazement of Mount Rainier. Spot cars and highways that look so small below you. You can also enjoy your effortless float through the sky. The possibilities of what you’ll see in a Shared balloon ride are endless.

There’s more to learn about the shared balloon rides that make them awesome. You’ll be taking the ultimate adventure with the best hot air balloon pilots. They’re all certified through the Federal Aviation Administration, the top organization for hot air balloon certifications. You can be sure everyone on the balloon staff is friendly, knowledgeable and your go-to resource for everything about hot air balloons! They want to make sure your ride is fantastic and, more importantly, safe. We know weather in Seattle can get a little rainy at times, so your pilot will make sure you only fly in the best conditions. You’ll have an array of flight times when you book your Shared ride. Usually, it’s best to take a balloon flight within a few hours of sunrise or within a few hours of sunset. This is to ensure you have calm winds, a major safety factor for all balloon flights. Midday flights can work too, especially if it means a better chance of sun in Seattle.

Your entire flight experience lasts for about three hours. This includes time to set up the balloon, one hour of flight time, and landing the balloon. You’ll see the balloon staff inflate the balloon to prepare for liftoff and deflate it once the ride is over. During your flight you’ll soar, with your pilot guiding the navigation and by the gentle grace of the wind. This memorable ride isn’t complete without pictures, so you must bring your camera! You wouldn’t want to miss out on showing your loved ones what fun you had. Show them amazing photos they’ll have to see to believe! Share your pictures on social media too to reach a wider audience. Inspire others to want to take a Shared balloon ride!

A Shared balloon ride is an incredible time you have to experience yourself. The professionals are there to make sure you enjoy every moment. If you’re nervous about flying in a hot air balloon for the first time, that’s okay. It’s actually quite normal, and we’ve worked with other passengers who’ve felt the same way. Though you’re hundreds of feet in the air, the balloon stays stable throughout the entire flight. They only fly in the best weather conditions, so the balloon isn’t rocking or swaying. This is actually one of the smoothest rides you’ll ever experience. Trust in an expert Seattle hot air balloon ride staff and once you lift off, your fears will float away.

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Seattle Balloon Rides - Private Balloon Rides in Seattle, Washington

Become Speechless in Seattle with Private Balloon Rides!

When you’re in Seattle, you can have a romantic outing dining in the SkyCity restaurant of the Space Needle or take a stroll along Lake Washington. You’re sure to see lovely skyline views and landscapes that make up the Emerald City. However, if you want to see more of Seattle in ways that can take you even higher than the Space Needle, you’ve got to ride in a hot air balloon! This is truly the best way to elevate the romance. It’s unique, fun and, most of all, gives you the intimate time you want with your loved one. Not every type of balloon ride can deliver this type of enjoyment. Let your love life take off Private balloon rides! These rides allow you to be swept into the clouds as you treasure the beautiful scenery below.

Private balloon rides are a great opportunity to propose. Ask that important person in your life the question of a lifetime hundreds of feet in the air! After all it took to find the perfect love and the perfect ring, a perfect balloon ride is what you need to seal the deal. Hear “yes” in a Seattle hot air balloon, and it will surely change your life forever! These rides are also an exciting alternative to the typical dinner date night. Leave the kids or cares at home. Shake things up in your love life by riding in a hot air balloon! Show someone you love how much you care. Imagine the awe on your loved one’s face as you both are amazed by what you see on our balloon rides! You’re going to love the accolades you receive from making this romantic time a reality.

When you take a Private ride, you’re getting more than just unmatched views of the area. You’re getting a special team of balloon ride experts who ensure every moment is fantastic. Your pilot for your balloon ride is certified to fly through the Federal Aviation Administration, the top governing body for pilot certifications. You can be sure your pilot knows everything from inflating the balloon to navigation in the sky to landing! All of the hot air balloon baskets are thoroughly padded with high walls so you’re safe during your flight.

We know weather can be a concern when it comes to choosing a hot air balloon for a special occasion. All pilots make sure you fly only in the best weather. For the romantic setting you’re looking for, it’s best to schedule your Private balloon ride within a few hours of sunset. This is when the wind is usually at its calmest. If weather becomes a safety hazard on the day of your flight, our customer service would be happy to reschedule your Private ride for you.

The entire Private balloon experience is about three hours. You’ll get to see your pilot set up the balloon before your board to fly. Then, you’ll gracefully lift off into the air. When we say you fly gracefully in the air, you really do! For one hour, you float effortlessly through the sky. With little to no wind, there’s no sensation of swaying or rocking in the basket. It’s almost unbelievable how smooth and peaceful the ride is! Catch a sunny day in Seattle and gaze over the horizon seeing the majesty of Mount Rainier. You may even be able to point out the Space Needle from afar! As your Private ride ends, your pilot will gently land your balloon. Then, to cap off the incredible experience, you and your loved one will be treated to a champagne toast! The romance can’t get any better than that!

You’ve got nothing to lose when you choose a Private balloon ride, except your fears or worries! What you’ll gain is a renewed perspective on life that can only be shared with the one you love in the sky. Your time with your loved one shouldn’t be spent with anyone else. That’s why our Private rides are designed for special moments for people like you. Now is the time to call to take your romance to new heights! Make unforgettable memories that last forever in a Private balloon ride!

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Seattle Balloon Rides - Seattle, Washington Tethered Hot Air Balloon Rides

Upgrade Your Entertainment with a Tethered Balloon Ride!

You’re planning for your next big event, and you want to wow your guests. This event could reach up to 100 people, so you need some kind of entertainment that can accommodate everyone. You want to give all of your guests a chance to participate, not just have someone else make up all the fun. What’s the solution to what you’re looking for? A Tethered balloon ride! This is the perfect showcase for your next party, reunion, wedding and more! With these balloon rides, you’ll never worry about a dull moment at your next event.

What are Tethered balloon rides? These hot air balloons are bound or tethered to three or four posts that keep the balloon from flying away. These posts can include trees, large vehicles or fence posts. Tethered balloons are the safest way to fly due to them being tied to the ground. Like the other hot air balloons, their baskets still have the same padded high walls to ensure that guests are safe. Tethered balloons are also a great option if you or your guests are anxious of heights. The balloons can “fly” anywhere from 25 to 100 feet, which is much closer to the ground than typical balloon rides.

When you book your Tethered balloon ride with us, you choose the place you want to tether. Just make sure there is at least 300 by 300 feet of open space. This space should be clear of trees, tall posts or other obstructing objects. These recommendations are in place to ensure there is enough room to safely inflate, fly and land the balloon. It’ll also provide plenty of space for your guests to ride and watch the Tethered balloon ride. Given the amount of nature in and around Seattle, there should be adequate locations to hold your balloon rides. You can also contact our customer service who can help you choose a great place to tether.

A Tethered balloon ride can fly up to 100 people in two hours! Your pilot takes several passengers up to the designated height for about five minutes. It’s a shorter amount of time in the air compared to other balloon rides, so you’ll want to take in every moment! Bring your camera to take pictures. You’re sure to see wonderful views of the trees or other scenery, based on where you have your Tethered ride. Then you’ll come back down to earth. It’s that simple and makes for a great time!

At Soaring Sports, we only work with the best, certified Seattle hot air balloon pilots and staff to work with you. The pilots are certified to fly through the Federal Aviation Administration, so they have received the top certification in the country for flying balloons. The pilots are also knowledgeable about the best times and weather conditions to fly a balloon. Whether you want to ride in the morning, midday or at sunset, the ideal weather is always when the wind is calm, usually blowing around five miles per hour or less. This is to ensure your Tethered balloon ride is as smooth and seamless as possible.

If you’re unsure if the weather will affect your Tethered balloon ride, your pilot will always make the final decision. We can also reschedule the balloon ride if the weather prevents the event from happening. Know that you’re working with people who have extensive experience with hot air balloons. They’re always available to answer your questions and address any concerns.

What kind of party do you want to have? What fun can a Tethered balloon ride provide for you? Imagine you and your guests having the time of your lives! We’re confident a Tethered balloon ride will be an enjoyable part of your biggest events! Smiles, wows, pictures and compliments from your guests are sure to come your way. There’s no need to wait. You won’t always have opportunities like this to entertain. Experience Seattle hot air balloons like never before with a Tethered balloon ride! Contact our customer service so they can help you set up the main event everyone will want to attend!

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Seattle Balloon Rides - Seattle, Washington Balloon Ride Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates: the Ticket to the Sky!

If you’re looking for a gift that gives more amazement than anyone could ever imagine, you’re in the right place! Soaring Sports offers balloon ride gift certificates that are going to impress any recipient! This is sure to encourage anyone who’s stuck in the “different day, same stuff routine” to try something new!

What makes our gift certificates special? You can choose between a Shared or Private balloon ride. The Shared balloon rides allow your recipient to share a balloon with other passengers who also want to see amazing aerial views. If you choose a Private balloon ride, your recipient gets an intimate experience. Unlike the Shared ride, the recipient can choose who else rides in this balloon. Whichever balloon ride you pick, taking pictures is a must! Tell your recipient to bring a camera to capture all the sights of the Emerald City. Evergreens, the skyline and Mount Rainier can’t be missed!

When you purchase your gift certificate, your recipient is taken care of by an exceptional balloon ride staff. All of the pilots are certified by the Federal Aviation Administration, which is the best certification a pilot can receive to fly a hot air balloon. The balloon baskets are safe, with padding and high walls to keep your recipient secure during flight.

Let’s take you through the process of the Shared and Private balloon rides. This entire Seattle hot air balloon adventure lasts about three hours. The balloon ride staff will show your recipient how the balloon is inflated before takeoff. Then, the ride of a lifetime will begin. For one hour, your recipient soars hundreds of feet in the sky. It’s one the smoothest, seamless rides to experience. This is the time to take in the peaceful atmosphere, the vibrancy of the balloon and sights you won’t find anywhere else! After the flight is over, the pilot will gracefully land the balloon back to earth. It’s the kind of voyage your recipient won’t forget!

Here’s more information about our Soaring Sports gift certificates. Your recipient will have two years to use the gift certificate from the date it was purchased. This is plenty of time to take advantage of a balloon ride. You can transfer the gift certificate from person to person. The certificate can be used at over 100 hot air balloon locations in the US, though you may be liable for a fee if you transfer to another balloon ride location. Contact our customer service, and they’ll give you more information about any possible transfer fees.

Do you have questions about our gift certificates? We want to talk to you! Give our customer service a call. They’re available seven days a week to answer your questions and help you purchase the right gift certificate for your recipient. Gift certificates are great for birthdays, holidays or just because. Be the one to make someone’s day, or even life, with this generous gift! This is a purchase you’ll be glad you made!

Reserve A Soaring Sports Gift Certificate

Seattle hot air balloon ride gift certificates are available directly through SoaringSports.com! Be sure to call our team to make sure there aren't any current deals or discounts running!

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Seattle Balloon Rides - Seattle, Washington

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If you’re already visiting Seattle for the Space Needle, Pike Place or to view Mount Rainier, you’ve got to add a Seattle hot air balloon ride to your trip! Balloon Rides are the number one way to see the Emerald City. Whether you choose a Shared, Private or Tethered ride, you’ll get quality, certified pilots and staff who will make your time safe and fun! Our customer service is waiting to book your aerial adventure. Take friends and family along with you or buy a gift certificate for someone to enjoy soaring effortlessly. When you’re looking for a new, exciting way to see the world, a balloon ride is it! Contact us today!

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