Bring the Balloon to You with

Tethered Balloon Rides

We all know that planning a special activity for events like weddings, birthday parties, graduations, or company celebrations can be a handful. Not only are tethered hot air balloon rides a unique way to celebrate, but they are easy to reserve with Soaring Sports, as well!

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Bring the Balloon to You with

Tethered Balloon Rides

We all know that planning a special activity for events like weddings, birthday parties, graduations, or company celebrations can be a handful. Not only are tethered hot air balloon rides a unique way to celebrate, but they are easy to reserve with Soaring Sports, as well!

Call 1-855-266-7627 and Bring the Balloon Ride to You!

Ramp up your event with Tethered Balloon Rides!

No matter where you spot them, floating across the horizon or tethered to the ground at a festival, hot air balloons never cease to cause a stir. We definitely get why too. They are brightly colored sources of fun and entertainment for all. However, beyond the fantasy of gliding above the landscape by means of a skyward vessel to engage in sightseeing, they can also serve to be a valuable means of advertisement. Amazing, right?
Soaring Sports can facilitate providing exposure of your company name, logo or service by marketing on our hot air balloons. All it takes from you is a simple phone call to get the ball rolling on this incredible opportunity!

For example, if you happen to be in charge of event coordination for a corporate function, you have a couple options at your disposal. You can take advantage of one of our balloons for the purpose of attracting prospective clientele who may glimpse its vibrant form from the roadside, or you can have your business name or logo emblazoned across the front of it on a banner. In fact, you can even take it to the level of next gen awesomeness by having the literal shape of the balloon’s envelope be a design of your choosing. There’s no doubt that will make heads turn. And, added bonus, not only will the balloon be marketing your brand but there will be an extraordinary amount of media attention garnered by this opportunity, too.

There’s little doubt that once video of your balloon extravaganza makes it’s way across various social media sites, awareness of your brand and/or services will be at the forefront of everyone’s minds. You’re business will instantaneously go from anonymity to celebrity with the amount of public interest that will follow. This puts you in an unprecedented position to take advantage of using our balloons to help you to gain interest in a new product of your own being launched. Just imagine how much attention can be generated, along with income, from an opportunity like this.

Soaring Sports is not limited to serving the needs of corporations. We also cater to individuals by providing service for personal affairs, like birthdays and weddings. Again, you have the choice of personalizing the tethered balloon, as per your requirements, or select a simple one from our collection. Our balloons are guaranteed crowd pleasers!

All you need to kick your party or event up a notch is to call us, reserve the balloon, provide the location and voila, we deliver! It is preferable that your location contain a grassy area where the balloon can easily be inflated. There should be no obstacles around, such as cables and trees. We will additionally need it to be permissible for our vehicles that we may need to transport equipment in or tether the balloon to be allowed to drive upon the lawn of the location. With the intent of ensuring that your event site meet the necessary criteria, we provide a complementary site assessment. And, on the day of the event, we will be responsible for the balloon management including set up, so you can tend to more important matters.

A tethered balloon is a great option for charitable events and fundraisers, as well. When you make arrangements to have one of our colorful balloons in attendance, you are bound to attract a large crowd and make it a hit. Your event will be buzzing with the anticipation of the crowd participants vying for a chance to ride in a hot air balloon. Once again, the purpose of the balloon at your event is to your discretion, but think about how incredible it would be to trade rides for a contribution to a charity of your choice. Tethered hot air balloon rides will definitely get people to spread the word about your event as everyone will love the opportunity to ride in one.

Simple, isn’t it? Although a tethered hot air balloon is an all around hit with the media, prospective customers and a crowd favorite, there is however one caveat that can serve to wreak havoc on your balloon related ambitions. Hot air balloons at events are at the mercy of no one with the one exception of the weather. This activity is completely weather dependent. In the event that weather may be a concern for your subsequent event, we make it a point to keep abreast of impending weather situations as they develop. As we are very conscientious about safety, we make sure to check the weather often. We scrutinize closely the weather information from local authorities before and on the day of your event to ensure smooth activity. In case there is a slight mishap in weather conditions, regrettably, we will not be able to carry out the activity as controlling the balloon may become difficult, making it risky for everyone. If this occurs, we are happy to make every attempt to reschedule your amazing ballooning experience for a more opportune day in the future.

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Non-stop fun with our Tethered Balloons!

Whatever your requirements for having a tethered balloon at your event, we can fulfill them all! Just say the word! We can produce a customized balloon per your advertising requisites. You can have anything printed on it. Envision your logo soaring across the expanse of the sky! We can also make the additions of providing photography services and champagne toasts at the time of your tethered balloon event. In some instances, various sizes in baskets are available. The inclusion of a tethered balloon is exactly what you need to provide your event with an infusion of WOW! Not only will your participants be impressed by your event, they will also remember it for years to come! Whether it is a fair or festival you have arranged or maybe a charitable function, having a tethered balloon on location will make it the main attraction and the place to be. People will literally flock to your event! Providing entertainment for your event is a huge priority for the host or hostess. Especially if it’s for a public service or a community wide event. If it is a charitable event you are hosting, we can help to supply not only exposure but entertainment in spades with our tethered balloons. Balloons serve to make events more exciting and interesting which helps to elicit donations when holding charitable events. You could always ask for donations in exchange for rides or perhaps raffle off balloon flights or hold an auction. Regardless, generating the donations will help you to reach your pledge goals for your select charity or cause. Anything in the name of good, right?

Or you could have one at your wedding or any other special occasion. Make your big day even better with a tethered balloon on location. You could not have a better, more unique attraction that would make your day unforgettable, not just for you but for the attendees as well. Oh the excitement it will generate! We also cater to corporate events and can arrange a completely customized tethered balloon on your location. We can have a banner printed just for your event, comprising of your company logo or any other artwork you want. In this day and age, that kind of exposure is priceless. You can only imagine how impressive it will look with your logo towering over the whole city. And the best part is that printing is a one time expenditure and you can store the banner for future use as well! If that isn’t super convenient, we don’t know what is!

If we have succeeded in inspiring you to reserve a tethered balloon for your event, the only thing left for you to do is to call up Soaring Sports and let us know your requirements. Once that is done you can sit back and relax while we arrange the whole thing for you. It’s just that easy! Make your event complete with a tethered balloon. For reservations, dial 1-855-266-7627!

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Did you find our website interesting? If so, you must visit our blog to find out more about tethered balloons! Our blog will give you detailed information about the activity and pique your interest further. It will tell you exactly what the whole tethered balloon thing is about. The history of balloon rides and how it actually started,; how tethered balloon rides are arranged; the factors that we have to consider to get the activity started; the safety precautions we need to undertake prior to getting started, these are just a few key points you can read about there.

On our blog you will also find out about other tethered events we have covered.You can read testimonials from other tethered balloon customers to hear how much they enjoyed and loved our service. The response has always been fantastic. Read about these events and get to know how we can make your event magical too. Most articles come with the addition of images, so you can get an idea of what we can provide and how we manage the activity at the location.

You can learn so much about the experiences people had with our services. The procedure to book us is super smooth and essentially goes as follows: You can give us a call or drop in to learn about the packages we offer, following which, you book your balloon ride and pay the deposit. On the event day, we confirm the weather conditions and if those are good, we proceed with the plan. You are bound to want to take a balloon ride with Soaring Sports after going through our blog!

We at Soaring Sports are here to make your event memorable. Whatever the occasion, we can arrange a tethered balloon ride for you. We are available seven days a week, so you can contact us as per your convenience. Besides making your event special, we also offer gift certificates that you can purchase for your loved ones or friends. Certain discounts are also available and we can provide more information about the discounts and scheduling when you contact our friendly customer care representatives.