7 Tips for Your First Hot Air Balloon Adventure

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Crossing off a hot air balloon ride from the bucket list is a milestone anybody can smile about. If you are going on one for your first time, there are a few things you should keep in mind when planning your hot air balloon adventure. After all, you do want to make sure everything goes as good as it possibly can and to make the most out of the experience!


Anticipate the time. Murphy’s Law states everything takes longer than you think it will. Keep this in mind when getting up the day of your hot air balloon adventure. Make sure to give yourself plenty of time to get ready and set your alarm clock a little bit early. Also, plan your ride earlier on in your trip in case there is a delay because of the weather.


Anticipate the weather. When dealing with altitude, it is best to keep in mind the variance of the temperature. Plan for this by wearing layers of clothing. Bring extra sweatshirts and/or coats. What you will want to bring will depend on the weather, what season it is, and where you are flying at. It is best to bring layers and be prepared for changes in temperature.


Dress accordingly by bringing the right footwear. Besides taking into account whether, it is best to wear some shoes you will not mind getting a little dirty. Wear a closed toe shoe rather than sandals. Often times you are taking off and landing in a field. Wearing comfortable pants and shirts (again, preferably something you do not mind getting a little bit dirty) will ensure you are comfortable while enjoying your ride.


Bring your shades (even if you think you will not need them). When you are soaring over the sky the last thing you want is to be blinded by the sun. Make sure to wear your sunglasses for optimal visibility. Even if the day does not start out sunny, remember the weather can change. Bring your sunglasses regardless!


Strap all of your stuff to yourself. This includes glasses, cameras, phones, etc. If you drop something you will be unable to get it back, so it really is better to be safe than sorry! This will guarantee all of your belongings stay with you and no accidents will happen.


Plan a post celebratory beverage. Whether a craft beer or a little bubbly is your thing, it is good to top of your balloon riding experience with another fun activity to reflect on your day’s festivities. If beverages are not your thing, you can simply plan a nice meal afterwards.


As much as you want to plan your hot air balloon adventure, remember nothing will ever go completely as planned. Keep this in mind. Relax, look around and breathe it all in and enjoy it while you can! Remember that not worrying too much made your hot air balloon ride possible. This is an adventure worth enjoying.

Above all, have a wonderful time in your hot air balloon ride!

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