Donald Trump Hates Fake News; SoaringSports Hates Fake Reviews!

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A significant portion of the Soaring Sports Staff happen to be avid fans of r/quityourbullshit, and it just occurred to use that we could use their help to get rid of these fake reviews for our business.

Another episode of ‘Quit Your Bullshit’ premiers at this very moment when Angel Benson, Aaron Lewis and Chandra Love, employees and/or owners of a hot air balloon service local to Topeka, Kansas decided to falsely degrade several competitive companies including yours truly.

The three amigos started to leave reviews on Google Map Listings for various competitors in the area and abroad on 6/15/2017, making false claims and stories to deter potential customers from enjoying a genuine experience from a genuine company. Angel Benson stated, on the Google Map Listing for Kansas City Hot Air Balloon Rides, “We made the mistake and went with this company for our balloon ride. It was a point of sale and no refunds were given. They over charged us and we never got our ride. Call a local balloon company!”

Before attempting to contact the customer to try to ameliorate any problem we thought had occurred, we decided to click on his Google account which revealed the other map listings he has reviewed. While he gave his competitor a fake one star review, he also decided to, ignorantly enough, review his own business (Kansas Balloon Rides in Topeka, KS) with a glowing comment and a hot five stars.

We decided to investigate the negative reviews by his friends Chandra Love and Aaron Newman, who not only poorly reviewed Kansas City Hot Air Balloon Rides, but a number of other competitors including Soaring Sports. And once again, two more glowing reviews for Kansas Balloon Rides.

Please disregard any reviews made by these people or any other sketchy accounts. In fact, help us in our effort to silence these concealed liars by flagging their reviews. Flagging the review helps Google filter out false reviews from the truth. This, in turn, helps consumers get a more accurate understanding of our business and the way we operate.

A sample screenshot of the most recent review is listed below along with links to other Google map listings with false reviews. Check out the additional screenshots for the process of flagging a fake review.



Update: Several of the reviews have already been removed by Google thanks to your help; you can view and report the remaining fake reviews at this LINK!

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