Italian International Epiphany Hot Air Balloon Meeting features stalls, balloons and parades

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Every year participants take the opportunity to experience hot air balloons at the International Epiphany Hot Air Balloon meeting in Mondovi, in Piedmont Italy. The event will commence on the 5th and run through the 7th of January.

The annual event attracts spectators and participants from the thousands across Italy and worldwide. The entire community is involved in the commission of the event. At least 30 or more hot air balloons will fill the Italian skies and deliver an incomparable spectacle. The 30 or more balloons ascend at least two times daily throughout the course of the event. Generally, ascension occurs at 9:30 am and 2:00 pm daily.

The massive lift-off will take place at the launch location in Parco Europa which is situated within Via Manzoni. An emcee announces the flight path of the balloons and the projected landing location.

The event features a number of other attractions besides the hot air balloons like a parade through the center of the city featuring the balloon’s flight crews, stalls for food and to shop local wares and a launch for children to partake in hot air balloon flight.

The reason the Epiphany event is held yearly in this locations is due in most part to this being the location of the only Italian national aero club dedicated solely to hot air ballooning.

If you happen to be traveling to experience the event, there are numerous 4-star accommodations located throughout the Mondovi region at which to reserve a stay. These include local B&Bs and hotels as well as many other places like quaint cottages and renovated farmhouses for rent.

Travel to Mondovi may be arranged by air or train and there are a couple of regional airports located nearby. Inquire with travel agents to see what’s available.

If you happen to be engaged in Italian travel this week and are looking for something exciting and fun to do that really spotlights hot air balloons and this region, head down to the Epiphany hot air balloon meeting 2018. Hot air balloons, parades, great food, quaint Italian towns, a stunning landscape and fun for the kids, how can you go wrong?

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