Soaring Sports: The Catskills Fall Foliage Hot Air Balloon Ride

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Soaring Sports books exciting fall foliage hot air balloon rides over The Catskills in New York, which fly passengers directly above one of New York‘s most wondrous landscapes. The perfect getaway for couples or families, fall foliage hot balloon rides are a great way to take stunning photographs while soaring high The Catskills.

The Catskill Mountains in New York are part of the Appalachian Mountains and Catskill Park, a 700,000-acre protected forest preserve. The area has been eroded over millenia into sharp relief by watercourses. The Catskills also form the northeastern end of the Allegheny Plateau and a favorite holiday destination among New Yorkers. The region has countless resorts, as well as attractions in towns such as Phoenicia and Woodstock.

Soaring Sports organizes hot air balloon rides that allow visitors a bird’s-eye view of this stunning natural preserve. The Catskill Mountains are also known for their hiking trails, ski resorts, lakes, and rivers. The area, which stretches all the way to the Appalachian Mountains and rises from the Hudson Valley, features 98 peaks, the highest being Slide Mountain, which stands 4,180 feet above sea level. Also, Panther Mountain is believed to be the site of a meteor landing that occurred 375 million years ago.

The Catskills Fall Foliage Hot Air Balloon Ride

The Catskills Fall Foliage Hot Air Balloon Ride

Accommodations and Hotel Transfers

Soaring Sports agents are also available to schedule hotel accommodations and transfers to The Catskills. The following hotels in The Catskills are popular among upscale visitors:

  • Mohonk Mountain House in New Paltz, Catskills
  • Spruceton Inn in Catskills
  • Scribner’s Catskill Lodge in Catskills
  • The North Branch Inn in Catskills
  • Emerson Resort & Spa in Catskills
  • Hotel Dylan in Woodstock, Catskills
  • Woodstock Way in Woodstock, Catskills
  • The Arnold House in Shandelee Mountain, Catskills
  • The Graham & Co. in Phoenicia, Catskills

Schedule a Hot Air Balloon Ride Over The Catskills

If you would like to book a Fall Foliage Hot Air Balloon Ride over The Catskills in New York, contact Soaring Sports and one of our expert customer service agents will help you make your travel plans. Soaring Sports, a global leader in booking hot air balloon rides, can also provide assistance with hotel reservations or car service to and from the airport in New York.

Call Soaring Sports at 1-855-266-7627 to Book a Premium Fall Foliage Hot Air Balloon Ride over the Catskills in New York Today!

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